Rewrite, rework, refine (Mindset Monday)

When I first began writing and reading my Mindset Book last winter, I first used it as an action plan kind of thing and a journal.

Then it got more specific and I began to write intentions and affirmations (ones that felt true to me and enough of a stretch without feeling completely ridonkulous).

Recently, I started a whole new book with some pretty hard core intentions that are super specific.


One has already come true in that book as did some of the things in the original book.

On our journey to what’s next, what’s now and what’s up we need to rewrite, rework and refine.

I actually didn’t know this!

I thought I’d write it and then just keep reading that until it all came true.


But what I realized is that for one, you just have to get started. Start writing stuff down however it comes to you.

You then can feel out each statement and tweak it.

I just realized last week that much of what I am writing down is not super specific and goodness knows, the Universe (or the Big U as I like to call it) LOVES specifics.

Previously, the vague declarations felt just right.

But now, as things have been really flowing, I have more clarity and wanted what I was reading to reprogram my brain to be in more alignment with this next phase. So I got clear!

Your clarity evokes serious Universal energy your way helping you flow in exactly the right direction.

But so many times there is no clarity until we start digging. Start leaning into what we want. Get our hands (and spirit) on how we want to feel.

So get writing.

Get some clarity.

Or just get it all out.

Then trim it down when the time feels right.

Rewrite, rework, refine…and of course REREAD (like all the time, I read my books twice a day).

Do it all this re-ing time or whenever you are inspired to do it.

And watch life unfold.

It actually IS that easy.




Be successful no matter what

Good day!!

It is Entrepreneurial Spirit Saturdays.

One of my favorite days during the Summer Blitz.

I never thought I had entrepreneurial spirit whatsoever.

And the idea of ‘success’ did not interest me and it was nothing I thought I could have.

I didn’t think someone like me could be successful.



Annoyingly extroverted.

Not pretty enough.

Not thin enough.

Not smart enough.

Not good at finishing things.

Not a rule follower.

An out-of-the-box thinker.

But the truth is I am a born leader with smarts and balls and a vision.

And I, just like all of us, CAN be successful even if we do not fit into any kind of traditional mold of what ‘success’ should look like.

So here is the deal.

You CAN be successful no matter what.

You do not have to be young, thin, pretty, have an amazing IQ, have a perfect plan, have a perfect relationship with everyone in your life, be nice and happy all the time.






Our society loves extremes and perfection (and then knocking it down).

You have to be one or the other.



Hot Mess

It’s such a bunch of horseshit.

You just have to be you.

Unapologetically you.

You know how you can be successful?

By honoring all the parts of yourself.

By moving forward with your dreams, knowing you will probably fail, trip, fall, make a gigantic fool of yourself at some point (my biggest fear).

You will piss someone off, if not a whole bunch of people (which means you are probably heading in the right direction). And not because you are being a douche (maybe you will be but this won’t really piss people off too much). What will piss people off is that you are moving forward and that means you will have boundaries and things you will need to do and that means you may not be able to please everyone.

How can you be such a selfish douche???

You are not.

You are dreaming big and getting shit done.

You know how you can be successful no matter what?

Be at peace with not being at peace.

You signed up for this crazy assed ride so you might as well enjoy the ride.

You may spend days on end crying.

Busting through self (or other) imposed limitations brings some shit UP.

Ask for help with healing this (NOT FIXING IT/YOU FOR FUCKS SAKE. YOU DO NOT NEED FIXING. HEALING IS DIFFERENT. OKAY?). There are healers out there that seriously help. This is one of mine.

So just because you have been crying, a bit unproductive and feeling like a big hot mess and good gravy is that a ZIT??


You can still help others.

You can still be a rock star.

You are a rock star.

Claim that shit and know, know in your heart of hearts that the road, the journey (the one you probably signed up for before you even were conceived) is messy, filled with uncertainty, twisty and turny and bumpy and at the end of the day whole gang of wild crazy fun.

Ready to have some fun???

I am and I hope you will join me for the ride and are ready to get messy and dirty.

And be successful no matter what.




Fitness Friday: I went to Mass this morning

Today is Fitness Friday!

The emphasis today is on fitness but not the fitness we always think of – body fitness.

And of course, without a doubt, that is important.

But what about mind fitness? We address that usually on Mindset Mondays 😀

Soul fitness? Spirit fitness?

How can we make sure our spirits and souls are fit as well.?

This is a hugely individual thing. It means different things to different people and what ones ‘fitness’ is around this varies hugely as well.

And I am here to encourage you to up your soul fitness – your way.

Here is a bit of my journey…

I live near a big, beautiful Catholic church.

photo (1)

I actually grew up here too so spent most of my life driving passed it.

For the past few years I have wanted to go inside.

I was baptized when I was a baby and would go to church with my Italian Grandmothers on occasion when I was little but that was about it for my religious experience.

About ten years ago, I wanted to grow my spirituality and find a place to do so.

Not that one needs a place. Our Divine is everywhere. Some folks feel spirituality in nature, at home, during yoga class, etc.

But I thought it would be great to find a place to go to every week to connect spiritually and that maybe it could become a ritual that even my kids could participate in.

So over the past ten years I have been doing a bit of searching.

Been to a few different kind of churches.

None really spoke to me all that much.

I walked by my local Catholic church the other day and saw that they had a morning mass.

‘I’ll try it!’ I thought.

So this morning I got up early and went to Mass.

I was brought to tears as I sat down, a clear sign that I was connecting with my spirituality. It is really beautiful in there as well. The stained glass alone is enough to bring one to tears.

The priest began.

Sin talk right off the bat which was a big turn off.

And my mind began to ‘wrong’ this.

But then I decided to listen and make my own interpretations.

I thought about the sins against self. How hard we are on ourselves. How heinously we can talk to ourselves. It’s a wonder how we can survive sometimes.

That is a sin for sure.

Then there was a nice talk about Jesus. I dig this guy Jesus and I was happy to hear a story about him.

It was a pretty basic Mass and about a half hour.

I am sure once and awhile I will go back because it felt like a nice way to start the day, connecting to my Divine in a beautiful place that is just a few minutes bike or walk from my home. But it is not the place I connect with the most.

I have found that somewhere else in something called Oneness.

A few years ago, during my searching for more spirituality, I found Oneness. A movement out of India. A friend was hosting a Oneness event and I was excited to check it out.

The minute I sat down I knew I had found my place. I fought back tears for the first half hour. I think my spirit knew life was never going to be the same and it hasn’t been.

I began to attend as many Oneness Events as I could.

But with none close to me, it was hard to do all the time.

I decided to host my own.

Selfishly mostly, so I could create this connection weekly for myself but also so I could share this experience with others.

So every Monday I am going to be hosting a Oneness Blessing.

If you live in the Boston area (or live a little farther and don’t mind traveling a bit) please come!

It is a non-denominational event which really helps you connect further with yourself, the world around you and your own personal Divine.

We begin with guided meditation and then the blessing where most of the Oneness Blessers present give each person a blessing.

It is relaxing, peaceful and such a great way to up your soul fitness.

Please join us!

Every Monday night starting August 4th.

Watertown Healing Center

22 Mount Auburn St.

Watertown Square, MA


Whatever you journey is, whatever you decide to do with your spiritual journey is just that YOURS. Make it your own, enjoy it and know that whether you decide to got to Mass, a Oneness Blessing, the beach or meditate in the woods, your Divine is everywhere and wanting to connect with you – without rules or regulations. Just connection, plain and simple. Wherever you are you CAN connect. Just try, just ask, just trust. 

Happy Fitness Friday!

If you have any spiritual journey experiences you want to share, please do!

Or any ways you think are a great way to connect, I’d love to hear them.

And if you liked this blog post, please share it with others.





Two Recipe Tuesday

Last week I wrote a post on 7 Ways to Take Two for Yourself, check it out here.

This week I wanted to mix it up a little and give you some great summer recipes as the Summer Blitz IS after all, Fitness, Food and Fun for Body, Mind and Soul.

Many moons back, I wrote a book about food. I loved it but have moved on from telling folks what and how to eat. I fully stand behind the idea of eating more fruits and veggies – that just makes sense. But how, when and why is just not important.

But yummy food sure is!

Here are a two recipes I think you will love.

Quinoa Salad

quinoa salad







This is one of my favorite things to make and eat! Really delicious and loaded with nutrition. I bring this for potlucks a lot and people love it. It is reminiscent of tabouleh.

2 cups uncooked quinoa

4 cups water

1 large cucumber (remove peel if not organic), chopped

1 red or orange bell pepper, chopped

1/2 large red onion, chopped

2 small-medium cloves garlic or one large clove

1 cup chopped Italian flat leaf parsley

juice of 2 large lemons

4 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

1 teaspoon sea salt (or more to taste)

Bring 4 cups of water to a boil. Add in the 2 cups of quinoa and bring back up to a boil. Lower the heat to low, place lid on top and cook quinoa until all water is absorbed and quinoa is cooked through, approximately 15 minutes.

In a large bowl add chopped cucumber, bell pepper, onion, garlic, lemon juice, olive oil and salt. Once quinoa is cooked and cooled a bit, place quinoa on top of veggies and mix thoroughly. Taste. Add more lemon, olive oil or salt if needed. Toss in parsley. Let cool further in fridge for at least one hour. Serve cold as side dish, main dish or on top of a salad.

Zucchini with Pesto 

This is a great recipe for summer especially if you are growing zucchini and herbs and are not sure what to do with all of it.

This is served raw but if you let the pesto sit with the zucchini long enough, you may never know that!

This is so delicious and makes a filling, satisfying lunch or dinner and will make your vegan, veg and meat loving friends all very happy! 😀

Another gagillion moons ago, I made an instructional video showing you how to make this, so watch it to see how easy it is to make.


3 large zucchini or yellow squash

1 small head Italian flat leaf parsley

1 cup basil

1 cup pine nuts

1 large clove garlic

splash extra virgin olive oil

1 teaspoon sea salt or more to taste

1/4 cup water

Place all ingredients in a food processor and blend until well incorporated. Taste and add more salt if needed or water to make it less chunky if desired.

In a large bowl, use a veggie peeler to make long strips of the zucchini or squash. If you have a mandolin (great tool to have!), this will easily make ‘noodles’ for you. Make all three zucchini or squash into your noodle shape of choice.

Add pesto to bowl with noodles in it and combine well until each noodle is covered.

Serves 2 as a main dish or makes 4 side dishes. Serve with side of tomatoes (as seen in video) or a salad. Save any leftovers for your next meal. This will taste even better the next day! Use extra pesto to toss with pasta or grain of choice. Also makes a delicious spread on romaine leaves or in nori wraps (with tomato, sprouts and onion!).


5 Benefits to Just Getting Started (Entrepreneurial Spirit Saturday)

Let’s say you have a dream.

Big goals.

You want more for your life and your business.

You have a gnawing at you that you can’t shake.

You want to do SOMETHING.

But you don’t know exactly what.

Or you don’t know what it looks like or how exactly to get there.

Your goals seem too big.

The mountain is too high to climb, it seems.

So you don’t do anything.

Time passes.

But there is always that thought in the back of your mind…what if I had just gotten started? Where would I be??

We live in a world that LOVES the idea of perfection.

We focus on the people who have gotten ‘there,’ see that as the end-all-be-all and feel that HOW IN THE WORLD COULD I EVER GET THERE?!?!?

AND there is also focus on the failures, those who have tried and failed. And that is seen as some sort of horror show, embarrassment, loserville.

It makes it all harder, this all-or-nothing mentality.

This winner/loser paradigm.

A few months ago, I decided to just get started.

Move forward on all the things that were in my head and that I wanted to do.

At that time, I did not know what my ‘getting started’ would look like but I knew at some point I would just do it and get started.

After writing down what I wanted and some intentions and goals, I figured out a way to begin.

So I did.

The Summer Blitz was created.

The Expansion Academy was started.

And I will tell you this, these have had big benefits already and I’m just getting started!

Here are just some:

1. You begin to find your voice

Whether you are blogging, making videos, public speaking, writing, seeing patients or just wanting to grow your business, any forward movement usually forces you to clarify your point and raise your voice (not in a hostile way but in an authoritative, confident way). And you cannot do this until you try. Your voice will never be truly heard if you do not get started.

2. People find you

If you do not get started, no one can find you. Whether you want to create a tribe of followers, more clients, more patients, more money or more creativity you have to get started so people can find you.

3. Opportunity flows

It seems that once you get started in a forward movement, more opportunity comes your way. Since you are committing to getting out there and moving forward with your dreams, the Universe hears you and things begin flow in miraculous ways.

4. You cut the fat (literally and figuratively) 

As you begin to move forward you get more clarity on the things you want and most importantly THE THINGS YOU DO NOT WANT. The extra fat gets trimmed from your dreams and goals because you are realizing what works for you (and your audience) and you move forward with that and not the stuff that does not work.

And also!!! When you are in the flow of your dreams, in the flow of expansion and possibility, you are excited, busy and a lot of the time having fun. I notice that I am less likely to need comfort foods or drown my sorrows in a few glasses of chardonnay. While I am not dropping pounds left and right, my weight has lowered for sure and I am feeling great. I’d say that’s a HUGE benefit.

5. Money

There is never any guarantee that money flows to you just because you have gotten started. But what is true is that when you are in this flow – creating, moving forward, helping, healing, getting in your grove – if this is truly what is to be, the money flows.

In just these past few weeks, I have increased my followers and mailing list, gotten clarity, opportunity has knocked and I feel really great – body, mind and soul. Since the money I plan to make from my business is not part of the picture yet, the money is not there BUT…

I am committed to what I am doing and not only am I having fun, I am moving forward with my goals and my dreams and that feels amazing.

So how about you?

Are you going to get started?

Move forward?

Just fucking do it?









I hope so!!!

If you are feeling stuck, trust me, I’ve been there and it’s okay.

Just get a journal and start writing. Your hopes, dreams, goals, intentions and frustrations (and when those frustrations go away, rip those pages out!!). This will help you, I promise. That is how I started by just writing it all down.

Share it all in the comments below or on Facebook – tell us if you are getting started, you’ve gotten started or your a bit stuck in frustrationville.

Let’s all cheer each other on!



7 Ways to Take Two Minutes for Yourself

It can be hard to take time for yourself but we must.

Especially us ladies who work, take care of the home and/or take care of others.

So try to take as much time for yourself as you can.

Even if it’s just two minutes!

And that a few minutes goes a long way!!

It is sometimes hard for us to take any time at all for ourselves and then, if you are like me at all, and feel that if it can’t be an hour or more, well then what is the point.

I am working on changing this mindset of all-or-nothing because it is not getting me anywhere.

I KNOW two minutes makes a difference and I have been working on some of these for a while now in my own life.

Here are 7 ways you can begin to take two for you!

1. Take Two in the car – work edition

I am working part time and every time I go to work I try to get there a few minutes early so I can sit in my car and breathe, pray and set an intention for a good shift.









This is great especially for those of us who are running from chaos at home to a busy job, etc. Take those two minutes!

2. Take two in the car – home edition

Are you heading straight home from work and walking into others needs and wants and a gagillion things to do? Many of us are.

On your way home, pick a beautiful spot to pull over.

Look at the beauty, really absorb it.

Breathe, pray, intend – whatever feels right.

Then head home.

It’ll probably still be crazy there but at least you can remember those few minutes of peace – and they may even translate over to the home, you never know!!

3. Grounding

Take off those shoes and get those feet on the ground!

This is known as ‘grounding’ or just being a human with your feet on the ground. 😀

But truthfully, it is a powerful tool in helping you feel calmer and more ‘grounded’ energetically as it is working to neutralize our electrons. This is especially important these days with all our cell phone and computer use.

So take two, no shoe.









4. Happy Day Journal

I have a journal next to my bed and every night I write all the good things that happened during the day.









It is nice to go to bed with good thoughts in your head!

So get something nice, make sure a pen is always there and write for a few minutes all the good stuff in your day and your life.

5. Write a note

Sending a hand written note is not only the nicest thing to do, it is the nicest thing to receive!!

Buy yourself some stationary that you love and every week, send someone a note.

Thank them for being your friend, being there for you or just say hi, you are awesome.

This will of course take more than two minutes, but once you have the stationary and the plan, the actual note writing won’t take that long at all.

You can even write an anonymous one and leave it somewhere random like the library or at a park. This idea comes from Hannah who started

6. Tell



Tell them,


Then do it.

7. Ask

Don’t have any idea how you can ever have one single tiny moment to yourself?

When you lay your head down on your pillow tonight, ask your Divine to help you find a way. Ask them to put this two minute possibility in front of you so you are sure to see it.

We live in a time of ‘never enough.’

There is never enough time.

And the time you give is never enough.

We can never be enough.

At least this is a common thread through our society.

We’ve got to make the commitment to KNOWING it is always enough, two minutes is enough, what you do is enough, you are enough and ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!



How to create a limitless mindset

Today is Mindset Monday!

The Summer Blitz is rolling along STRONG!

I feel like we are just getting started.

Thank you for being here!!

Very early this morning I made a video on how to create a mindset for yourself to expand all the possibilities in your life.

What I did not mention in the video is that the first step is to:


Commit to your hopes and dreams.

Commit to the flow of possibility, freedom, love and miracles.

There are a few other steps and we will be talking about those in the weeks to come.

Enjoy today’s video and find out the one thing that has made a HUGE difference in my mindset and how I set forth to create this.

Are you going to write your book?

Let me know in the comments below or on Facebook or post a pic of your book that you are going to start on Instagram with the tags #MindsetMonday #SummerBlitz #AdrienneMartin

You deserve a mindset that is more aligned with your true self. Who you really are and full of possibility!




Workout Wednesday – WOW! What???

I don’t know if you know this or not but the Summer Blitz is just getting started!!

Let’s talk working out.

Or would you rather eat a dirt sandwich??

Sometimes I pretty much would.

‘Working out’ can seem like such a monster!! A bitch. A big mountain to climb.

AND maybe you are not interested in an hour of CrossFit or can’t even wrap your mind around it NO MATTER HOW GREAT IT IS OR HOW GREAT THE BENEFITS!

OR maybe you do not have the time for an hour of yoga every day (or you can’t see HOW you can actually make the time).

Also, we often think that if we cannot do something for hours on end every day, well then, what is the point.

So then we do not do anything at all.

And there is no point to that!

Believe it or not I have created a workout.


It’s been in my head for over two years. It has a name (trademark pending! :)) and it’s pretty awesome.

It is going to redefine what working out is all about.

It is truly what the Summer Blitz is all about…










In the coming weeks, I will be sharing with you this gem through videos on Workout Wednesdays and Fitness Fridays.

And yup, I am throwing it all out there, and I am not the fittest person in the world.

But I would like to be – body, mind and soul AND have it not take heaps and heaps AND HEAPS of time.

Are ya with me??

I hope so!!

We are going to start a REBELUTION!

So for today, move your body in any way you can.

For a few minutes, whatever you can do





it is enough!

just get started!

And be sure to following along every day, every week during the Summer Blitz!

Because I  know you want to get started with so many things, you want to make all your hopes and dreams come true – body, mind and soul!


I will be here on the blog every day all summer – so you can follow the blog (there’s a button to click somewhere!) or sign up for email updates every Friday here, follow on Instagram or on Facebook!

Thanks for being here, for joining, for blitzing along, for your likes, comments and shares. It is so greatly appreciated!!

Lots of love and rebelutionary kisses!



Entrepreneurial Spirit Saturday – Or why I am doing the Summer Blitz

Every day has a theme during the Summer Blitz.

Some will be the same, some will change.

It is all a work-in-progress.

But Saturdays will be Entrepreneurial Spirit Saturdays for sure.


Because I know there is a little (or maybe big!) entrepreneur inside us all.

And I want to bring that out!!

So many of us have a story that needs to be told, a project or product they want to give birth to. Inspiring and helpful stuff they want to share with the world!

So let’s do it!!

Get started – even if you are not sure how.

Do something every day – whether it is 5 minutes or 50, even when it is hard.

Follow those dreams – no matter how crazy.

I hope that the Summer Blitz helps you go for any and all your dreams, to get started with any project – body, mind, soul or entrepreneurial (which are all of those!!).

If you are in the Boston area and want to join me this summer for the very first (and free! with small suggested donation) Expansion Academy class, let me know!

Click here for more info or email me to let me know you want in!

aemartin4 (at) gmail (dot) com

I am super excited to share all I have to share with you AND inspire and support you along the way.

And why am I doing this class and the Summer Blitz?

To ignite my own entrepreneurial spirit.

To get creative!

To inspire others.

To have fun.

To move forward with what I have been toying with for years, fear and self-doubt be DAMNED!!

To commit to something without a real, solid plan.

Yup, I’m like that. A rebellious entrepreneurial spirit!

So join me!!

Here’s today’s big tip and take home message…

Entrepreneurial Spirit Saturday tip:










JUST GET @#$% STARTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don’t know how or why or what or anything but there is a burning (hopefully not medical) deep inside you to do something??

Get a journal. Preferably one you really like looking at (if not decorate that shit UP!!).

Write in it every day. When you wake up, before bed, whenever.

Write any and all ideas.

Write mantras of success.

Write your frustrations.

Write your whys.



This is the first step.

Have fun with it and get out all that is inside you no matter what it looks like (no one is going to read this, judge it or grade it so just blurt/draw/scribble it all OUT!!).

Be sure to follow along the Summer Blitz (#SummerBlitz) and Entrepreneurial Spirit Saturday (#ESS) on…



and right here on the blog.

You can sign up for my weekly updates via email here as well!

Thank you!

And please know, any like, share and comment is SOOOOO greatly appreciated as Facebook monitors how much people see what everyone posts, which is frustrating. So the more likes, shares and comments I get, the more my visibility increases. So feel free to like and especially comment on any post that speaks to you! I’d love to hear from YOU!



Get Your Gratitude On


It has become a bit of a spiritual buzzword.

As if you can just ‘feel grateful’ and all your problems will go away and everything will be perfect.

This is not exactly how it goes.

BUT when you move to a place where you tap into feeling – and looking at – what is good in your life, in your surroundings, instead of constantly focusing on the negative and all that is wrong, bad and negative, shifts do occur.

Shifts that can bring in MORE of the good things you want!

When we focus on the negative, it often picks up momentum making things bigger and more awful then they are.

Yes, sometimes things ARE craptastic and that is the truth. Nothing wrong with feeling that, experiencing that and picking up the phone to talk about that.

But have weeks, months and years gone by and you are still talking about THAT?

This is often what happens, our mind gets on a hamster wheel and keeps spinning and spinning and spinning and things seem worse and more dramatic as time goes by.

Some big things happen in our lives that are stressful, sad, awful and uncomfortable. But we are often letting the little things take over too. Focusing on them WAY too much.

Shifting your mind at those times, the times you are sitting in traffic when you are already late, the times your coworker does the same ridiculously annoying thing AGAIN, the times the barista at your coffee shop makes your coffee wrong, the times your spouse forgets…everything, the times where all these things happen in the same day…all week. Shifting to what feels good at these moments that we don’t have much control over is what to do. For example, when you are sitting in traffic – isn’t it great that you can catch up on some calls? Listen to your favorite music? Have a few moments to yourself? It’s just a small shift but a much better one than sitting there yelling about the G-D traffic!!!

We can easily get carried away and feel aggravated. Then we read the paper, watch the news, read Facebook and it is filled with all things negative and stressful.

Where’s the good stuff???

Well it is your job to focus on the good stuff, as often as possible, in the most truthful way possible. No need to be a perfect Polly Anna if that does not feel right.

So during the Summer Blitz, Thursdays will be Thankful Thursdays.

Join in and let us know what you are appreciative of, what you are loving up, what you feel really good about.

I will be posting pictures on my Instagram (adriennemartinxo) and Facebook page all day to inspire you to get your gratitude on. Post your own pics too with the hashtags #thankfulthursday and #summerblitz and let’s attack social media with positivity and good feels!









Thanks for joining in!

I am super grateful for that and that you are here!!