[Small Biz Marketing Blog] Stop Automated Social Media Marketing!

With marketing tools like Hootsuite, businesses of all kinds have begun to put out messages on Twitter and Facebook ahead of time.

This, at first glance, seems like a GREAT idea and marketing tool.

Market while you sleep! Have a continued presence on social media while you work! Don’t have time to tweet? Plan out your tweets for the week and BAM! ‘communicate’ with your audience every day.

In the wake of the horrific events of last Friday, I feel strongly that automatic marketing on social media needs to end.

As I took to Facebook and Twitter to connect with friends and the world during this heartbreaking time, it was AWFUL to see pre-scheduled tweets from businesses of all kinds. ‘Get my new, free ebook!’ ‘Here is my latest blog in case you missed it.’ ‘Thought-provoking quote from Indian yogi or some spiritual leader that had nothing to do with the events of the day.’ It was pretty gross to see and I actually felt sorry for those whose planned marketing was occurring during this time.

Here is another example of the problem with a pre-scheduled marketing campaign on Twitter gone very wrong…read about that here. It is very sad.

So what to do?

If you are a small business, do your facebooking and tweeting yourself.

Don’t have time?

Hire a virtual assistant to do it for you and be sure they are mindful of the events of the day when they are promoting you on social media.

Like the shortcut that Hootsuite (and the like) allows you because you actually do not like to do internet marketing?

THEN DON’T DO IT. Seriously, just don’t.

And think you can’t do social media marketing for your business your way or without making yourself nuts?

Here are some examples to consider:

~ I have a friend/client who just started a small business of their own. They did not have a personal Facebook account and pretty much detested all things social media. BUT they knew it was an important aspect of their business and a great way to connect with their audience and as well, make and nurture business contacts. They started slow. And within time, and with some prompting my me, began to put aside a tiny bit of time each week to take to social media in a mindful way, their way. And they have enjoyed doing some tweeting and Facebooking outside of this time with photographs of outings within the context of their business and promoting good feeling and good cheer. This has proved to be a success for them because they took their time, they have seen what works and do only what they feel comfortable with. They have been able to truly connect with people in a personal way and they are very happy with the results.

~ Russell Simmons. This man, this mogul man if you will, is one busy, busy human. But he realized early the power of social media and he takes to Twitter every day, often many times a day. This works for him in the context of his work and he relays messages that are important to him. He is mindful and present with his social media-ing and it comes across as very genuine. Self-serving? Maybe but he does an amazing job. Follow him on Twitter and see: @UncleRUSH

~ Danielle LaPorte. This wife, mama, and business woman has created a business for herself that is ALL HER. While I do not know her personally, I have ‘followed’ her for a few years now. I know she does have a virtual assistant who helps with some things but it is obvious she does the majority of her social media-ing herself. Here are somethings she does that obviously work great for her:

: she has turned off the comments on her blog

: she rarely responds to any tweets or facebook responses (mostly because none of her messages ask for responses, but she continually gets cheering and support from her audience)

: her facebook messages/tweets are mindful, timely, and thoughtful

: she has grown a large audience who LOVES everything she says because she is all heart

Follow her to see! @daniellelaporte

I have encountered people who feel they have to do social media for their business a certain way. Or feel that it is WAY too time consuming.

The above examples hopefully let you know that you CAN do it your way. Your customers, your audience, your future clients and followers want to hear from YOU. They WILL see what you say even if you are not on social media 24 hours a day. They do not want to see automated messages from you. It is not genuine. If you are concerned they are missing stuff, send out a weekly newsletter with Facebook or Twitter highlights from the week.

So turn off your automatic marketing on Facebook and Twitter (auto-email marketing is fine, just be sure to be mindful about it) and turn inward to let your true self come out and shine. You will get more followers that way. More real followers who want to hear what you have to say, from your heart to theirs. And over time, this translates into business.

I hope this is helpful.

Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments below!



Affirmations – Awesome or not so much?

I’m a big fan of personal growth stuff but have stepped away a little bit because well, too much can be, well, TOO MUCH.

It began to make me feel like I was trying to convince myself I was something I wasn’t. And that got annoying and was just not working for me.


I do know that the mind is something that needs to be minded.

I have swam in the pool of negative thought for way too long and truly resonated with the idea of training your brain to think positively.

Books like ‘The Power of Intention’ by Wayne Dyer made a big impact on me and still do.

But I think the whole affirmation movement got a little too corny and b.s.-y for me.


I recently watched this sermon given by Joel Osteen (via Oprah’s website) and loved it.



I just read this from Danielle Laporte and loved it too – especially the beginning quote from Pema Chodron. I was so so happy to read that someone else felt as I did and that you didn’t have to buy into the idea of affirmations as a way to ‘fake it til you make it.’


So somewhere in between, I create my own ‘affirmations’ that feel right for me and that are words and phrases that I can lean into and begin to make my own and feel like me.

Ones like:

I have lots of fun.

I have lots of freedom in my life.

I am heading in the direction of some serious awesome shit.

The ‘job’ I will do will be of great benefit to many and allow the above three affirmations to come to life.

I am a freakin’ ROCK STAR!! Well, more like…I am a stay-at-home-mom who likes to sing in the car. 🙂

What about you?

What do you think?

Affirmations – yay or nay?

Thanks for letting me know!



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