5 Benefits to Just Getting Started (Entrepreneurial Spirit Saturday)

Let’s say you have a dream.

Big goals.

You want more for your life and your business.

You have a gnawing at you that you can’t shake.

You want to do SOMETHING.

But you don’t know exactly what.

Or you don’t know what it looks like or how exactly to get there.

Your goals seem too big.

The mountain is too high to climb, it seems.

So you don’t do anything.

Time passes.

But there is always that thought in the back of your mind…what if I had just gotten started? Where would I be??

We live in a world that LOVES the idea of perfection.

We focus on the people who have gotten ‘there,’ see that as the end-all-be-all and feel that HOW IN THE WORLD COULD I EVER GET THERE?!?!?

AND there is also focus on the failures, those who have tried and failed. And that is seen as some sort of horror show, embarrassment, loserville.

It makes it all harder, this all-or-nothing mentality.

This winner/loser paradigm.

A few months ago, I decided to just get started.

Move forward on all the things that were in my head and that I wanted to do.

At that time, I did not know what my ‘getting started’ would look like but I knew at some point I would just do it and get started.

After writing down what I wanted and some intentions and goals, I figured out a way to begin.

So I did.

The Summer Blitz was created.

The Expansion Academy was started.

And I will tell you this, these have had big benefits already and I’m just getting started!

Here are just some:

1. You begin to find your voice

Whether you are blogging, making videos, public speaking, writing, seeing patients or just wanting to grow your business, any forward movement usually forces you to clarify your point and raise your voice (not in a hostile way but in an authoritative, confident way). And you cannot do this until you try. Your voice will never be truly heard if you do not get started.

2. People find you

If you do not get started, no one can find you. Whether you want to create a tribe of followers, more clients, more patients, more money or more creativity you have to get started so people can find you.

3. Opportunity flows

It seems that once you get started in a forward movement, more opportunity comes your way. Since you are committing to getting out there and moving forward with your dreams, the Universe hears you and things begin flow in miraculous ways.

4. You cut the fat (literally and figuratively) 

As you begin to move forward you get more clarity on the things you want and most importantly THE THINGS YOU DO NOT WANT. The extra fat gets trimmed from your dreams and goals because you are realizing what works for you (and your audience) and you move forward with that and not the stuff that does not work.

And also!!! When you are in the flow of your dreams, in the flow of expansion and possibility, you are excited, busy and a lot of the time having fun. I notice that I am less likely to need comfort foods or drown my sorrows in a few glasses of chardonnay. While I am not dropping pounds left and right, my weight has lowered for sure and I am feeling great. I’d say that’s a HUGE benefit.

5. Money

There is never any guarantee that money flows to you just because you have gotten started. But what is true is that when you are in this flow – creating, moving forward, helping, healing, getting in your grove – if this is truly what is to be, the money flows.

In just these past few weeks, I have increased my followers and mailing list, gotten clarity, opportunity has knocked and I feel really great – body, mind and soul. Since the money I plan to make from my business is not part of the picture yet, the money is not there BUT…

I am committed to what I am doing and not only am I having fun, I am moving forward with my goals and my dreams and that feels amazing.

So how about you?

Are you going to get started?

Move forward?

Just fucking do it?









I hope so!!!

If you are feeling stuck, trust me, I’ve been there and it’s okay.

Just get a journal and start writing. Your hopes, dreams, goals, intentions and frustrations (and when those frustrations go away, rip those pages out!!). This will help you, I promise. That is how I started by just writing it all down.

Share it all in the comments below or on Facebook – tell us if you are getting started, you’ve gotten started or your a bit stuck in frustrationville.

Let’s all cheer each other on!



Mercury Retrograde in 2014 – What to know, What to do, What NOT to do

Mercury Retrograde just ended for the last time this year and PHEEEEEEEEEW!

What a relief!!

But does anyone really even know what Mercury Retrograde is or means?

so pretty and so petite and so unassuming…

I certainly don’t but what I DO know is that it is kind of a giant cosmic F-U.

OK, that is a bit dramatic.

From my understanding (or lack thereof) it is a time where things can go a bit haywire because of what planet Mercury is doing or not doing or seems to be doing or something. 🙂

Plans get messed up. Projects go wrong. Lots of miscommunications. People get cwanky!!!

Sounds like a whole gang of fear mongering, don’t it?!?!

We have to live our lives, right?

So I believe that it is best to be prepared – knowledge is power!

That being said, I just wanna say (I’m not fear mongering of course) that for 2014, you might as well put a big X on all of February, June, and October – I am kidding. Ok…well, half kidding.

The actual dates of Mercury Retrograde in 2014 are:

February 6-28

June 7 – July 1

October 4-25

So here is my advice for this kooky cosmic upheaval period of time – for your life and your biz.

1. Do not make any huge plans. 

But like I said, we gotta live, right? So maybe you are going to a wedding, having a wedding, moving, planned a retreat or can’t get out of something you already started.

Do not worry!

Remember knowledge is power.

Be sure to double check everything. Ok, maybe triple check. Why not, you can’t be too careful.

Know you can’t control anything (not that you ever can, hello).

And if stuff goes wrong, Mercury Retrograde is always a perfect thing to blame because, in fact, it probably WAS to blame!!

2. Don’t launch

Excited to get your latest program or project out to the world?


Or hurry on up and get it out there.

Look, I see plenty of folks launching programs during MR.

And I wanna talk to them and know how it went!!

I read recently that one person had a client who always scheduled workshops during MR and they never got filled. She told him NOT to schedule them during MR and whaddya know!  They filled.

To be on the safe side, especially if you are a new business, I would advise for non-MR launching.

3. Don’t buy anything big or sign anything big

This is the one thing I have ALWAYS heard about MR.

DO NOT buy any large electronics, houses, cars, etc.

DO NOT sign any contracts that are crazy binding (well, most contracts are binding but ya know what I mean just none that are so insanely detailed and/or  force you to give up your young if they are not met).

Truth me told, when I write DO NOT in big bold letters, I feel silly because sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do, SO….

4. Do not fret. 

There is nothing to fret about.

This is life.

Things go wrong.

And things go REALLY right too!

BUT if your life feels like one giant shit storm and for real, you cannot figure out why, check the cosmos calendar!

It could be the pesky Mercury Retrograde.

So what’s good about Mercury Retro? These periods of time are PERFECT for planning, reflection, down-time and general ‘house keeping’ in your biz, your life and around the house. So pencil those good things in for sure during those months!!

If you have any great stories (or greatly insane stories) about MR, do tell in the comments below!

Here are some great articles I have read recently about Mercury Retrograde:

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The meatball sub and half bottle of wine

It was around Christmas time last year.

I was out running errands with my two young daughters.

While they were in the backseat singing along to the latest pop song, I was rumination a situation over and OVER in my mind.

One of our errands was to try out some meatballs that I was going to get for Christmas dinner. I wanted to be sure they were yummy, of course, so I stopped at an Italian deli to try theirs. I ordered a meatball sub.

meatball sub

On the way home from getting the meatball sub, my mind kept obsessing about this particular situation.

I stopped to get some wine. I thought a glass would go nice with the meatball sub.

On the way home from the wine stop, my mind really kept going.

To the point of me being in a COMPLETE RAGE over this particular thing.

I pulled into the driveway. Slammed the car into park and told the girls to hurry up and get inside.

I put them in front of the TV. I knew I was struggling and did not want them to see me so upset.

My mind was on FIRE.

I began to clean up in the kitchen. And as my mind raged on, I slammed dishes.

Then I went into the bedroom.  I slammed books to the floor.

To say I was bundled was a complete understatement.

I went back into the kitchen.

While my mind was still STILL ruminating, I inhaled my meatball sub in rage.

I pounded a 1/2 bottle of wine.


Obviously, trying to soothe my soul.

It didn’t work. Heck, I didn’t even get a buzz, my mind burned up all the alcohol with its’ rage.

The mind is very powerful.

I sat there exhausted, horrified, upset, defeated.

How could I let something, something so, in all actuality, small – RUIN ME?

Because my mind was a prison.

And I say WAS because it no longer is.

A few weeks after this, I finally, after a lifetime of being trapped in my mind, surrendered to a myriad of things. Mostly, I surrendered to having no idea what to do anymore but I could not live this way.

Once I surrendered, miracles began to unfold and life began to flow.

It was as astonishing!

I write this today for a few reasons.

One, because I am not perfect. My mind still wants to go back to the hamster wheel, being the victim, ruminating over small things, big things, things that it has no control over, making shit up because it is so fearful of the unknown.

But now I am the observer. I see this happening sometimes and occasionally I even laugh! Thinking, ‘Oh look! This is what has always happened! Silly mind.’

I understand now, more than ever, how my mind likes to work. I am seeing so very clearly the patterns and blocks and some of the ridiculousness (not said in a negative way but seriously, sometimes it is just RIDONKULOUS).

Second, because I want to share with you that I know. I have been there. I, up until quite recently, have struggled quite a bit.

And thirdly, because I want to let you know that the prison that the mind can have us in, the hamster wheel that we can get on (and can’t seem to get off of) can be scary and stressful and defeating and downright fucking ANNOYING.

But I believe from the bottom of my heart that it is not the declaration that ‘this will never happen again!!’ or ‘I can stop this and be better, perfect, not so easily upset etc.’ is the answer. To fight against this or to push this away does no good.

I believe the answer is: SURRENDER. Surrendering to the fact that this is happening.


I surrendered to the fact that my mind was a prison. I surrendered to the fact that I had been doing the SAME thing for 35 years (yup, since I was 8) and I was stuck, seeing the same patterns over and OVER playing out in my life.

I full on gave up.

I did not give up on myself, I gave up the FIGHT against myself.

Can you relate to this?

Can you surrender to anything?

Sometimes we can only surrender to the fact that we CANNOT surrender.

And that is okay. Honestly, it is a start and your soul (where your true self lies) and your divine hear you!

They really do.

Be patient. Keep surrendering.

Please share any comments or anything that resonates with you below.




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Eating ice cream is good for business

What if I were to tell you that eating ice cream has created so much space for me to be who I really am so I can do the work I am here to do.

Would you think I am crazy?

Over the past year I have set my mind free from the prison that it was in.

I set myself and my mind FREE.

I stopped trying to lose weight.

I stopped trying to figure everything out.

I stopped trying to be better and different than I really was.

I began to just ‘be.’

And I began to eat ice cream.

Sometimes I eat a lot of ice cream.

Talenti knows FOR SURE eating ice cream is good for business…theirs!!










And ya know what?

I became more creative.

I began to lose weight.

I began to have a relationship with my Divine.

I began to be more in the flow of life.

The natural flow that is there for all of us.

My business grew and idea after idea flowed to me and from me.

It is not about the ice cream.

It is about you.

What is good for you?


What is your ‘ice cream’?

What can you free yourself from so you can be in the flow?

What can you enjoy more or accept more so your life, and your business, can flow and not be blocked by shoulds and should nots.

Let me know in the comments below.

Where is your freedom and what feels expansive?

Tell me!

That’s an order 🙂



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Focus, people. FOCUS.

Recently I realized that I am a giant spaz.

And that is never going to change.

BUT, I have noticed that part of my ever-so-charming spazziness is because I do not focus on any one thing at one time.

Part of this is low-level ADD. Part of it is the dreaded (and I’m thinking permanent) mama brain. And then a big part of it is my complete and just FABULOUS 😉 lack of focus.

In life, in business, in whatever, I seem to have none of the focus.

And I know that because I do not always get the results I want.

But I do notice that when I focus and clearly focus on one thing at a time, I get results! And usually pretty positive ones.

For most of my life I think I have shunned away from ‘focus’ because I have mistaken it with constraint or something akin to hard-core discipline in which fun has no place.

And at the same time I have watched the things I desire pass on by.

While it is true that I am a SAHM and one of my children is very young (so I’ve given myself a pass for a bit), I still have (cue the music) hopes, dreams, goals, and things I am determined to make happen.

When I realized that I am ALL OVER THE PLACE most of the time, I sat down and thought about what I wanted to focus on.

Family – Business – Health

They were a bit more specific but that’s the gist.

So I am beginning to break my day down into chunks of time where I only focus on one specific thing. If you are a mom, you know that multi-tasking is where it is at, so of course there are times I am doing more than one thing at a time but for the most part, I am breaking things down so I can be more productive and more FOCUSED.

So far (it’s been a week LOL) results are good. I am less flustered and, well, more focused. Therefore I am feeling better in general and getting more done.

It is my hope (!) that at some point I can be in the flow a little bit more and naturally focus and be in the moment without trying or feeling like I have to schedule everything. But I am so out of focus, I need to bring in a lil discipline and planning.

Are you focused or all over the place? Do you think laser-like focus is important or do like being a little more flexible and free?

What do you find works and where do you fail miserably?

Tell me!

Now off to focus on a nap. 🙂