Rewrite, rework, refine (Mindset Monday)

When I first began writing and reading my Mindset Book last winter, I first used it as an action plan kind of thing and a journal.

Then it got more specific and I began to write intentions and affirmations (ones that felt true to me and enough of a stretch without feeling completely ridonkulous).

Recently, I started a whole new book with some pretty hard core intentions that are super specific.


One has already come true in that book as did some of the things in the original book.

On our journey to what’s next, what’s now and what’s up we need to rewrite, rework and refine.

I actually didn’t know this!

I thought I’d write it and then just keep reading that until it all came true.


But what I realized is that for one, you just have to get started. Start writing stuff down however it comes to you.

You then can feel out each statement and tweak it.

I just realized last week that much of what I am writing down is not super specific and goodness knows, the Universe (or the Big U as I like to call it) LOVES specifics.

Previously, the vague declarations felt just right.

But now, as things have been really flowing, I have more clarity and wanted what I was reading to reprogram my brain to be in more alignment with this next phase. So I got clear!

Your clarity evokes serious Universal energy your way helping you flow in exactly the right direction.

But so many times there is no clarity until we start digging. Start leaning into what we want. Get our hands (and spirit) on how we want to feel.

So get writing.

Get some clarity.

Or just get it all out.

Then trim it down when the time feels right.

Rewrite, rework, refine…and of course REREAD (like all the time, I read my books twice a day).

Do it all this re-ing time or whenever you are inspired to do it.

And watch life unfold.

It actually IS that easy.




Affirmations – Awesome or not so much?

I’m a big fan of personal growth stuff but have stepped away a little bit because well, too much can be, well, TOO MUCH.

It began to make me feel like I was trying to convince myself I was something I wasn’t. And that got annoying and was just not working for me.


I do know that the mind is something that needs to be minded.

I have swam in the pool of negative thought for way too long and truly resonated with the idea of training your brain to think positively.

Books like ‘The Power of Intention’ by Wayne Dyer made a big impact on me and still do.

But I think the whole affirmation movement got a little too corny and b.s.-y for me.


I recently watched this sermon given by Joel Osteen (via Oprah’s website) and loved it.


I just read this from Danielle Laporte and loved it too – especially the beginning quote from Pema Chodron. I was so so happy to read that someone else felt as I did and that you didn’t have to buy into the idea of affirmations as a way to ‘fake it til you make it.’

So somewhere in between, I create my own ‘affirmations’ that feel right for me and that are words and phrases that I can lean into and begin to make my own and feel like me.

Ones like:

I have lots of fun.

I have lots of freedom in my life.

I am heading in the direction of some serious awesome shit.

The ‘job’ I will do will be of great benefit to many and allow the above three affirmations to come to life.

I am a freakin’ ROCK STAR!! Well, more like…I am a stay-at-home-mom who likes to sing in the car. 🙂

What about you?

What do you think?

Affirmations – yay or nay?

Thanks for letting me know!



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