Weekly Energy Report 9.15.20

I have been confused about the day, date and time for a while now so it is no surprise I thought it was the 15th. Lol.

Enjoy this week’s energy report – talkin’ about fatigue, the astrology going on including the upcoming New Moon in Virgo and I pulled an oracle card for you guys from a beautiful new deck I just got!

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Weekly Energy Report Sept 7-13

I have been doing these on my Instagram but decided to share them here as well!

I like to give the basic astrology feels for the week as well as tap into any other energy that should be shared and this week have pulled an oracle card to give a message to you!

If you have a favorite nugget or anything was especially helpful, be sure to let me know!

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How to Master 2020 and Beyond

Listen, I am as surprised as you that I, Adrienne, would be writing and talking about how to master anything. But who am I to poo poo what spirit guides me to share? 🙂 Plus, I love this message and think it is of the utmost importance.

I really think you are going to like this message and get a lot out of it.

Save it so you can watch and LISTEN as many times as you need to, but no doubt I will be sharing some version of this message again and again.

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Action brings clarity

We often cannot see the road in front of us without taking a step first.

Or something like that.

I am no poet or proverb expert but it’s what has been happening for me.

I keep asking spirit to show me the way and I don’t necessarily ‘hear’ back but do ‘get’ the strong feeling that spirit is ‘saying’ TAKE A STEP, Adrienne. Just take the damn step!

Or more like, ‘just fucking do it, Adrienne, it will all fall into place.

Well alrighty then spirit.


I recently won a jar of gummy bears at a friend’s baby shower because I guessed the right number in the jar. The exact number. Maybe just luck or maybe – oh hi Spirit. I was very excited to say the least.


Ever since I made a post on my personal Instagram and Facebook, encouraging people to do the thing they have always wanted to do, I have gone and done the thing.

I began creating content way back in 2007 when I started my Youtube channel and even before that with a little blog call ‘Journey to Raw.’

I’ve always had a nudging to go back to content creation and about 4 years ago was making some decisions about what to do next in my life (I had not really been working much, well, except for raising kids and being a part time Uber & delivery driver).

During this time, I was radically unhappy and money was a constant issue and I knew things had to change and it had to start with me.

Then my husband got diagnosed with a terminal illness. He passed away almost 2 years ago after battling ALS for 2 years. He was so brave and we had the most unbelievably difficult, and at the same time beautiful, journey. You can see his/our story here.

There is SO much to say and talk about and I will get to all the things but back to ‘doing the thing.’

A few months ago it seemed like the fog of life had finally lifted. I was feeling more like myself and had done an immense amount of healing and more importantly, integration of that healing.

I felt ready to embark on what was next for me on a lot of levels.

It was time to get back to content creation and sharing all I want to share.

And it truly seemed spirit was more than nudging me to do this.

It has been a wild & weird experience but more on THAT another time!

So I began putting out content just a few weeks ago and it has been so fulfilling, fun and, I am hoping, helpful and inspiring to others!

It truly is a creative outlet for me.

And whether this becomes my life’s work or a hobby, that remains to be seen.

But the more I do it and commit to doing it the more clarity I am getting!

It’s exciting.

And scary too.

Like, what is ACTUALLY happening and WTF is going to happen next?!?!?

I’m not sure but I am going with it.

Side note, it has also been interesting to see how fears manifest and old habits poke their heads out. But I’m dealing with it all as mindfully and as quickly as possible. I WANT to move past blocks and limiting beliefs and behaviors so I can truly step into what it is I am here to do. But wow! It can get intense.


Over the weekend I hit some blocks and was thinking ‘How can I keep this up?’ and ‘How can I create ALL the content I want to create??’ and ‘Shit! What if I run out of content?? And like, tomorrow??’

I rolled with this self-created anxiety and fraud-feeling for a bit and then I worked on quieting my mind. A few meditation, visualizations and asking spirit for help, I felt sooooo much better!

I realized I can just keep this up and ACTION WILL CREATE CLARITY.

And it has. With the added bonus of really being able to step up and into the service part of all this. The more I create content with the goal of helping people, the less it becomes about me. I of course bring my flavor and delivery to the whole show but I am beginning to feel in the space of allowing the message to flow THRU me instead of it coming FROM me. It’s pretty cool. And without the action of doing, I do not believe I would get to this point.

So as of right now my content creation will flow like this:

Blog – for sharing my personal journey right here and Youtube vid posts

Email list – for Spirit Speaks (weekly channeled message) and ‘in case you missed it’

TikTok – short, fun, blasts of creation conveying messages & a little about me and my journey, this feels like a place I can let my freak flag fly a little bit and get creative and practice my delivery

Instagram– longer form info and shares esp. in stories

YouTube – TBD (I’m still playing with the best way to deliver my message here)

One of the reasons I share all of this is because I really hope to inspire you to ‘DO THE THING’ and see that it does not have to be perfect, you can start before you are ready (or really, think you are ready because you ARE ready) and action WILL create clarity.

These will also serve as a timeline for when and if I support others in their journey.

I have LOTS of ideas, good lord, LOTS!

So thank you for reading and being here, I really appreciate it and be sure to say hi here or on any of the other platforms we are connected!






Inner Child Healing and Visualization Practice

This has been a tough one for me but once I got past myself (lol) I have come to really enjoy this and have found it unbelievably helpful!

In today’s video I talk about how to begin to heal your inner child and a short visualization practice you can try!

Please feel free to comment below with any of your experiences, suggestions or feedback.



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Spirit Speaks – your weekly message!


I am excited to bring you ‘Spirit Speaks,’ a weekly message just for you.

Spirit speaks through all of us, that is for sure.

And lord knows, I know, we are not always listening.

But give it a try, just sit quietly and see what comes up. Lots of busy mind stuff probably will at first but then, once things quiet down (and this may take time & practice), listen and take in any messages. Ask questions! Play around with this. It is a really fascinating, powerful and transformative tool you can utilize!

This week I have pulled some oracle cards to help me send you a message.


I am obsessed with this deck from Threads of Fate. They are so beautiful and have a strong, powerful energy (IMHO).

Okay, down to biz.

Here is this week’s message:

It sure can feel like the freakin’ wild west these days and we can feel ungrounded, lost and down right scared. Get more in that Outlaw energy. Where can you be more of a badass and channel that power? No need to be haphazard or foolish around your Outlaw badassery – ground that energy, own your power and get curious about what’s going on. AND! Be sure to get a good sense of your surroundings in general. Like you just rolled into a deserted town on your motorcycle and you must get a lay of the land. Look around. What needs to get done first? What do you need to be in awareness of? 

And where can you trust the Universe? Where can you let it all go and how can you trust in YOURSELF to trust the Universe? This is challenging right now but we are being asked to dig deep and know our power. There are answers, help and universal signs EVERYWHERE. True story. 

And hello, BOUNDARIES. As you embark on your badass outlaw, universe and self trusting journey, you ain’t nothin’ without some boundaries. And this might piss some people off. But like an outlaw, you give zero fucks what anyone thinks. Your boundaries are literally like money in the bank. Start getting with them. Practice them. Try ’em out where it feels safe. You ARE safe. You may not feel it but with these messages from these paragraphs – you will! 

And from the bottom of the deck we have PARADOX.

Telling us that YUP life is one big WTF sometimes. So goddamn paradoxical that it can make our head spin. But guess what? That is never ever going to change. The only thing that can change is you getting comfortable with this fact. Things change! People do and say crazy shit! All that matters is where you are at. Think of your life and the universal energy around you as the ocean and you are floating along. You MUST adapt to survive. Sometimes you are floating along and things could not be any more perfect if they tried and other times it is storm after fucking storm and you are crying and angry and thinking whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Then things shift. They always do. Then they shift again. That is the paradox. Get comfy with that please. And own your badass outlaw, trust in the Universe and get some goddamn boundaries. 

Okay then!

Thank you spirit, that was pretty amazing.

I hope you enjoyed it!

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Much love,


How to Activate Your Superpowers

Exciting idea, isn’t it??

Can you really activate your superpowers?

Do you even have a superpower?

I’m currently figuring out what mine are – or really, just getting used to ‘owning it’ when it comes to them but all I know is that I have been feeling super powerFUL in the past chunk of time (six months? six years? six lifetimes?? honestly, it doesn’t even matter lol).

But I sure do LOVE talking about this topic.

You are super powerful and have superpowers.

Ya, ya do.

Not feeling it?

That’s okay too!

Check out this video all about activating your powers whether you are feelin’ it or not.

During this crazy time in our collective, there is pretty much nothing more important than our personal power IMHO. And standing in it. Even when it’s hard.

Because when and if life gets even crazier, it might just be all you have.

So activate those superpowers!

And comment below on what yours is!!

I would love to hear. We all would. The more we all stand in our power and really own it, the more we all benefit!

I am routing for you!



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Do you need a brand? Name change? Life blow up?


Quick blog post here!

Recently, I was struggling with how I could move forward with my latest venture as Adrienne Martin.


Well, ‘Adrienne Martin’ feels like more of a wife (widow), mom, suburban dwelling, Cafe Martin running, friend, neighbor. She doesn’t necessarily feel like a spirit channeling, leader-of-those-seeking-to-do-things-differently-in-life-and-business and wacky witchy chick.

Could Adrienne Martin be both?

Well OF COURSE she could.

But something just didn’t feel right.


A good friend brought up branding.

And I immediately thought – STAGE NAME!

‘Wilde’ is actually the name of my incorporation. ‘Wilde Enterprises, Inc.’ is what I created over a year ago to be my legal and official business umbrella, no matter what I do. So ‘Wilde’ has been on my radar for a while now.

So, I thought, why not be Adrienne Wilde and keep Adrienne Martin as my personal self?

I liked this idea…A LOT.

And I knew it was ‘right’ because it felt good in my body.

I instantly felt lighter, better, FREER…and…


Adrienne Wilde can be a bit more…well…wild!

And please know, I know like I know like I know, I can do whatever the F I want, as Adrienne Martin, Adrienne Wilde, Adrienne Embry (maiden name), Adrienne Aggressive-Boston Driver-Italian-Scorpio-Ex-Acupuncturist-Raw Food Chef-Uber Driver-Conspiracy Theorist.

I mean honestly, I can be & do whatever I want.

So can you.

But what FEELS right?

What feels good good GOOD in your body, mind and soul?

You may or may not need to create a brand name, a stage name or any of this.

But feeling good in whatever you are doing in your life sure as heck is important!

AND (btw)!

What also feels good is that in no way have I blown up my life.

Like not at all.

This is no mid-life crisis.

I know because I’ve had a dozen (and not even in mid-life!).

I have worked hard to get to this amazing place of flow.

And flowing I am.

Detached from outcome with all of this (which also feels to me like a good sign & flow).

So, YOU may or may not have to blow up your life to move forward.

But sometimes ya just gotta.

It totally COULD be part of the flow.

Whatever it is, trust your process, you will get to where you need to be!

And if you want to join me and other #wildeones, please please do!

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Any questions? comments? shares?

Please do below!

I would love to hear what you have going on!

Much love & stay wilde 😉





Blocked & scared and doing it anyway

Today when I tapped into what message I should share it was all about getting the F out of your own way.

We are literally blocking our gifts, light and ways we can help raise the collective conscious!

Ya so no pressure.


I am having this exact experience so no surprise this is the message to share.

In today’s video, I have some tips and some encouragement for all of us!

And if all else fails, be sure to drink more water and take more naps!

Hydration and rest CANNOT be overrated!

Much love & blockage clearing,


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We are doing life and business differently.

New Moon in Leo

The New Moon in Leo, in Leo season with Mercury in Leo – it’s a lot of fire!

But it’s exciting.

This energy, as are the times, is calling us to step up in to our power.

Speak our truth.

Live our purpose.

Step into more leadership (in both big and small ways).

Open our hearts.

Live more loudly.


Like a lion!

But like I always say, sometimes you just want to take a nap.

Like a lion!

Do that too.

If you are not really feeling this energy, you can certainly access it.

Get in the sun.

Get in your heart.

Feel gratitude.

Look at where you CAN be more like a roary lion.

Here’s today’s video for more.

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Tik Tok – adriennewilde_

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