Do you need a brand? Name change? Life blow up?


Quick blog post here!

Recently, I was struggling with how I could move forward with my latest venture as Adrienne Martin.


Well, ‘Adrienne Martin’ feels like more of a wife (widow), mom, suburban dwelling, Cafe Martin running, friend, neighbor. She doesn’t necessarily feel like a spirit channeling, leader-of-those-seeking-to-do-things-differently-in-life-and-business and wacky witchy chick.

Could Adrienne Martin be both?

Well OF COURSE she could.

But something just didn’t feel right.


A good friend brought up branding.

And I immediately thought – STAGE NAME!

‘Wilde’ is actually the name of my incorporation. ‘Wilde Enterprises, Inc.’ is what I created over a year ago to be my legal and official business umbrella, no matter what I do. So ‘Wilde’ has been on my radar for a while now.

So, I thought, why not be Adrienne Wilde and keep Adrienne Martin as my personal self?

I liked this idea…A LOT.

And I knew it was ‘right’ because it felt good in my body.

I instantly felt lighter, better, FREER…and…


Adrienne Wilde can be a bit more…well…wild!

And please know, I know like I know like I know, I can do whatever the F I want, as Adrienne Martin, Adrienne Wilde, Adrienne Embry (maiden name), Adrienne Aggressive-Boston Driver-Italian-Scorpio-Ex-Acupuncturist-Raw Food Chef-Uber Driver-Conspiracy Theorist.

I mean honestly, I can be & do whatever I want.

So can you.

But what FEELS right?

What feels good good GOOD in your body, mind and soul?

You may or may not need to create a brand name, a stage name or any of this.

But feeling good in whatever you are doing in your life sure as heck is important!

AND (btw)!

What also feels good is that in no way have I blown up my life.

Like not at all.

This is no mid-life crisis.

I know because I’ve had a dozen (and not even in mid-life!).

I have worked hard to get to this amazing place of flow.

And flowing I am.

Detached from outcome with all of this (which also feels to me like a good sign & flow).

So, YOU may or may not have to blow up your life to move forward.

But sometimes ya just gotta.

It totally COULD be part of the flow.

Whatever it is, trust your process, you will get to where you need to be!

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Much love & stay wilde ūüėČ





Blocked & scared and doing it anyway

Today when I tapped into what message I should share it was all about getting the F out of your own way.

We are literally blocking our gifts, light and ways we can help raise the collective conscious!

Ya so no pressure.


I am having this exact experience so no surprise this is the message to share.

In today’s video, I have some tips and some encouragement for all of us!

And if all else fails, be sure to drink more water and take more naps!

Hydration and rest CANNOT be overrated!

Much love & blockage clearing,


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New Moon in Leo

The New Moon in Leo, in Leo season with Mercury in Leo – it’s a lot of fire!

But it’s exciting.

This energy, as are the times, is calling us to step up in to our power.

Speak our truth.

Live our purpose.

Step into more leadership (in both big and small ways).

Open our hearts.

Live more loudly.


Like a lion!

But like I always say, sometimes you just want to take a nap.

Like a lion!

Do that too.

If you are not really feeling this energy, you can certainly access it.

Get in the sun.

Get in your heart.

Feel gratitude.

Look at where you CAN be more like a roary lion.

Here’s today’s video for more.

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How to begin to trust your intuition

What’s funny is that yesterday I shot a completely different video on a completely different topic to post today.

My intuition told me not to bother but I shot it anyway just in case.

My ‘gut’ was right!

The video was not good! I was EXTRA rambly, the dog barked the whole time.

It was a shit show.

This morning’s video flowed so well and so easily.

Goodness it’s not perfect but so so much better!

I am not striving for perfection.

I am just working on creating great content and that is going to take time and practice!

So practice I will.

Thanks for being here!

Do you trust your gut?

It can be challenging to sometimes!

In today’s video I talk about some easy ways to begin to practice – because like with anything, to get good at it, it takes practice!

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Don’t forget to trust yourself!!!



5 ways to let go of fear

Now of course there are 1000s of ways to let go of fear but these are the ways that came through yesterday!

I was doing things around the house yesterday and all of a sudden did not feel good.

So I laid down and instantly got the message I needed and was guided to share.

What I didn’t realize until later was that I felt 1000 times better after receiving and sharing the message!

Spirit is cool like that sometimes. Be sure to listen when you can to your own inner guide, intuition, nudges from spirit! If you don’t, they often get very loud!

Check out the video below for the longer version of the 5 ways to let go of fear and be sure to comment on any others you think are helpful!

During these crazy and trying times or when you start to get on your path, in your purpose or just begin to live your truth it can be scary! Lots of stuff can come up and IS coming up! Shifting from this energy to a higher vibrational state ALL WHILE OWNING, ACKNOWLEDGING AND BEING WITH WHAT IS is what’s up.

Here are the 5 ways in a quick, short summary:

  1. Own where you are in victim mode and fear and woe is a self-fulfilling prophecy
  2. Radical self-care
  3. Gratitude
  4. Own where there is actual REAL fear and work to shift that
  5. Have fun, change up your energy (get out of your head)

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Spiritual Awakening, Activation & the Collective Conscious

Today’s video and blog is brought to you by some of the experiences in my life which have really woken me up.

So am I woke?

Goodness no.

But I have been awakened by many a life experience!

And feel that there is the possibility of an activation process that has occurred and IS occurring for all of us (more on that another time).

We are in a wild time and I hope today’s video helps you in some way, whether it is just entertainment, some inspiration or just you seeing that if I, a 50 yo woman, can get out there and do a project she is passionate about, so can you!

It’s so important that more of us are living in our purpose and passionately (more on that in the video).

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How to release DMT naturally

I’m back!

It has been a minute…and then some.

My goal is to create helpful & motivational (and occasionally entertaining) content that inspires you to step into your power, purpose and light. We need you! The world needs more people doing what they love, healing themselves and shining bright.

Onto today’s topic!

DMT is a chemical compound in the brain.

Often times released when we do psychedelics.


It can actually be accessed & released naturally as well IMO.

Check out my video below and hear a little bit about my journey to this place where I am accessing the feeling of DMT release NATURALLY on a pretty regular basis and how you can too!

Frankly, it feels like a miracle!


I cannot believe I forgot to add this tip in:


OMG breathwork is a very very VERY powerful tool that can help you get into a higher consciousness, higher vibe state. Check out all things Wim Hof for more on that.

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No Bake Coconut Lemon Bars


These did not turn out like I wanted.

But they are still good!

Read the recipe, exactly as I did it and then be sure to read the notes to see where you can make changes you feel are necessary for your taste.

If you are looking for a lil snack and to get those MCFAs in, these are real good.

But if you are looking for a treat, these need more sugar and moisture, for example, the cacao butter with it’s high melting temp, makes them harder then I would like.

MCFAs are amazing in general, click here for 20 benefits of coconut oil and medium chain fatty acids (which coconut oil is rich in). We are looking to add these to our diet so I am always looking for ways to get the coconut oil in without adding it to cooking all the time, which I think makes everything taste coconut oily. Icky, IMHO. So jamming it into some treats is what I’d rather do.

Give ’em a try and be sure to let me know what you think and how it goes!

Adrock’s Coconut Lemon Bars

1 cup coconut oil, melted

1 cup cacao butter, melted

juice of 2 lemons or 1 T organic lemon zest or 20 drops lemon essential oil

pinch sea salt

1 cup shredded coconut

3/4 cup coconut flour

1/4 cup agave or honey (or use stevia to taste)

Melt cacao butter & coconut oil on very low heat. Turn heat off just before everything is melted and let the rest melt off heat. Once it is all melted, add in sweetener of choice, lemon & sea salt. Whisk gently making sure to combine all ingredients.

In a 9X9 glass baking dish place the coconut flour and shredded coconut and mix with a fork.

Now add the melted mixture to the coconut mixture in the 9X9 dish. Mix everything together with a fork. Taste. Add more ingredients (i.e. lemon or sweetener) to your taste.

Place in freezer and allow to freezer for at least one hour.

Take out of freezer and make sure mixture is frozen solid.

Cut into 1″ squares and store in the refrigerator.



Mine turned out hard and not lemony enough, therefore I would do a less cacao butter to coconut oil ratio.

I would eliminate the coconut flour (husband said it made it a bit gritty) or just add less, I thought it would make a great binder.

A few days after I made these, we took a few out for a snack and one stayed in our warm car for about an hour. Ah! This was the moist bar I was looking for! Palm hits face. A more room temp bar is going to be more like a lemon bar you might eat at a cafe. Not exactly of course but just softer and easier to eat! I like them out of the fridge but this was a great lil find by accident!

With recipes like this, you are never going to know the perfect ratio of ingredients until you experiment. Especially with your own individual taste. More or less lemon? Only you know! You may like these a little hard or you may prefer them softer. Whatever your preference, be sure to let us know how they turn out!

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Spelt Flour Brownies

I like to mix up ingredients and not always use the same things when I cook, especially bake.

I had recently bought some sprouted spelt flour and coconut sugar.

Craving brownies last night, I realized I had all the ingredients for some ‘healthy wellness’ brownies and gave it a try.

‘Healthy wellness’ is what my oldest daughter has called everything I make like this since she was 6.

Me: Hey! I made brownies!!

Her: Oh what are they healthy wellness brownies?? Ewww

LOL. Good times.


Well these healthy wellness brownies turned out pretty good!

They are not super sweet (which is both good and bad :D) and they are very moist (hello, lots of butter).

My advice to you is to give this recipe a try and play around with the ingredients. Adding and subtracting things to your taste & degree of ‘healthy wellness’ desire.

Spelt Flour ‘Healthy Wellness’ Brownies by Adrienne¬†

1 1/4 cup spelt flour

3/4 cup coconut sugar

2 eggs

1 t. vanilla

4 oz chocolate, melted

6 oz butter, melted

1/4 t baking powder

pinch sea salt

walnuts to add to top, optional

  1. Whisk eggs, sugar & vanilla.

2. Combine flour, baking powder & sea salt.

3. Melt butter & chocolate.

Once butter & chocolate are melted and not super hot, add a little bit of this mixture to the eggs & sugar at a time. Once the mixture is ‘tempered’ add in the rest of the butter & chocolate, whisking to combine well. Next, add in the flour mixture, combining it all with a spatula being mindful not to over mix.

Butter a 9 X 9 inch pan and add your brownie mix in. Add walnuts to the top if desired.

Bake at 350 for approximately 20 minutes.

Check middle to see if a knife comes out clean, if not, cook another 5 minutes or so.

Here are some of the ingredients I used:



Give it a try and be sure to let me know how it goes!

Do you plan on changing any ingredients?

I’d love to hear of any¬†‘healthy wellness’ adventure!




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Ideas on Health & Healing

I have been thinking a lot about TRUE health, how to heal & how to give oneself the care one REALLY needs.

Are we taught this?

Oh hells no.

So often we can be put in situations where we HAVE to figure out how to truly care for ourselves & then we can feel like maybe it’s too late….

How do we create health NOW for the present & the future?

It is such an individual thing and so very different for everyone.

You’ve heard the stories of miraculous healings after a horrible diagnosis and you’ve heard the opposite.

I know I don’t want to wait for my health to fail before I decide to really take care of myself.

And I know one thing for sure…

Stress is the killer of hopes & dreams & immunity (and more).

I personally feel that reducing & even eliminating stress is where the majority of true healing can begin.

But how?

We are told (or believe or think or absorb) that we need to GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGO at all cost. For success, for money, for prestige, for our own ego gratification.

But does it work?

Hmmmmmm, sometimes YES. It actually does. Say you have a goal & in order to create that goal, you need to get out of your comfort zone, take a second job, push yourself through those exhausted moments. BUT. If you are so beyond excited for this goal and you feel (and truly know) that this is your path, this does not have to be detrimental to your health. It may even be healthy for you! Considering NOT doing it would ‘hurt’ you more.

But I digressed a bit just to be sure to make the point that this is a different journey for all.

I have been pushing myself quite a bit lately. In a panic. In stress. In fear.

I know intuitively that this does not work for my physical, emotional or spiritual well being. Why do I still do it? Why do any of us still do it?

Probably because it is deeply embedded in our physical, emotional & spiritual bodies.

Can we trust that if we slow down everything will still work out?

I have had clear and very obvious signs & experiences that that slowing down (mentally & physically) truly and really works.

I’ve slowed down. I’ve taken care of myself. I’ve stopped worrying. I’ve mantra-ized things like ‘I am enough’ ‘I do enough’ ‘All is truly well’ until I believe them.

And it works, like, really works!

But then I fall back in to old patterns. They seem to hold stronger than new ones.

It’s sooooooooooooooooo frustrating.

I was in a nursing home recently where I walked by room after room of elderly folk, just laying in beds, and it freaked me out quite a bit.

I do not want that. I want a long, thriving, fun life. Sure, if I need some care or hospice or whatever in those final days, ok, but not 15 years of it. I’m not having it.

And I felt, deeply felt, THEN START NOW.

Start creating the feelings, the energy, the actually experience, of amazing health now.


For me, it is all about (at least partially, and a large part at that) cultivating the feeling I get when I do my favorite thing.

Laying in the grass, looking up at the sky & doing nothing. Or by the water. I probably should be living at the beach!!

I love doing this something crazy. But I often feel guilty for just laying around. Maybe it’s because I’m thinking I should be doing, being, creating more.

Also, deep in side I’m all, ‘can I make money at this?’ Ugh, probably not.

BUT! Can I do something that ‘feels’ like this? Cultivates this feeling of wonder, magic & relaxation? Can I just do this type of thing more often even while I work or do whatever?

You know it.

This is what I loved to do as a child, often laying around with others, laughing, telling stories, sharing thoughts.

And this is what I want to do now.

And whilst, no, I cannot make money at this, I sure can feel healthier doing it & look for things in life that feel like laying in the grass, looking up at the blue sky, doing nothing. It’s such a peaceful feeling.

This is a big part of having a long, healthy life. Doing what you love to do. Doing what you loved to do as a child. Cultivating that exact (or as close as possible) feeling if you can’t actually do that thing ALL the time.

So what do you love doing? What did you love doing as a child?

Do more of that.

Begin your health & amazing life’s journey with that goal in the forefront of your mind.

Tell me (and us) how it goes or what it is or how you’re going to do it or how you ARE doing it?

Inspire us!

There are, of course, plenty of ways to be healthy & destress but this is one that has been on my mind of late (like A LOT). So I wanted to share that today.

Feel free to share others ways to cultivate health, healing & a long, happy life.





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