Angel Card Readings

For the past year, I have been working on increasing my intuitive and psychic abilities. I have been doing so on my own as well as working privately and in a group with an amazing teacher. It’s a big part of what’s next for me.

I am excited to announce that I will be now giving Angel Card Readings in person, over the phone, or via Skype.

I am excited to help YOU get unstuck and get clarity so you too can move on to what’s next!

In 2008 I received certification in Angel Card Reading and used it often for myself and others when I had a private acupuncture practice. In 2010 I closed my practice, had baby #2, and big shifts and changes occurred. I am now drawn back to the cards and using my abilities to help others in this way.

I would love to hear from you so click here for more info and to schedule your appointment!




Scheduling, Fall in New England, New Kayne (Mercy!!), and Who are you?


I’m a gal with hopes and dreams and goals…as most of us are.

But I often feel I don’t have the time to dedicate myself to them.

Yes, I am the mom of two young children and have a husband with a wacky schedule so there are times that it is completely true that I do not have tons of time.

But the complete truth is that I do not make the time.

And I want to so I have been thinking a lot about scheduling not only time for myself but time each day to work on my goals, hopes, and dreams.

I have been inspired by the following articles that promote scheduling as the key to rockin’ some shit outta your life.

And based on the second article, someone else came up with this schedule to help you live your dreams. I have been dabbling in some of it but have not committed fully, thinking I’m going to tweak it a bit to fit me a little more, but it’s pretty cool in general.

What about you? Have you used a schedule to help you move forward with your goals/dreams/etc?

Do tell in the comments below.


Fall in New England

I grew up here and know that this is where I am supposed to be. I have travelled to many, many other parts of the world and the US, and I was always chompin at the bit to get back here. But sometimes during the summer when it’s HHH (hazy, hot, and humid) or in the winter when there is four feet of snow on the ground I think ‘WTF am I doing living here?!? I should be in Southern California!’

But when fall is at it’s best and it is dry, cool, and beautiful, I am beyond at one with my surroundings!

I LOVE fall in New England.

The leaves are changing and the yellows and oranges are EPIC this year!

These pictures don’t do it justice but you get the point.


New Kayne West

I love me some Kayne.

I think he is a genius.

I am loving his new song.


Love the video too.

Here it is, (with explicit-ish lyrics, fyi).



Who are you?

The other day I was writing an over-sharing blog post all about my seven bazillion different personalities and how I have no idea how to integrate them all into my life. It’s not any kinda bipolar craziness (at least I don’t think so…LOL) but I do struggle especially during the past few years amidst my mid-life evolution (flat outΒ refuse to call it a mid-life crisis!). But it’s basically like I have no idea who I am.

But an interesting thing occurred when I was writing that post (it’s still in the draft folder). As I was describing each of these parts of my personality and I was connecting with the energy of each one, one of them brought me to tears as I wrote about it….wrote about…myself. It was a pretty big a-ha moment as I figure the one that brings me to tears is probably the one that is my biggest teacher, my biggest struggle, and the key to who I truly am (at my core) and that is the path that I am to take. I will not abandon any of the others – no way no how – but I am now focused on how to grow and learn from this one part of me that seems (surprisingly!) to stand out more from the others.

I will share more in time (of course!!) but I am curious about you and if you feel you know who you are or if you struggle or if you have many, many parts of your personality that you deal with (or don’t deal with!).

Lemme know in the comments below!






Basil Poultice Helps Heal Horrible Bug Bite Reaction (with gross pictures) and The Daily Love

Basil Poultice Helps Heal Bug Bite Reaction

Bugs love me.

They always have.

But I have never loved them.

Blowing up like a balloon (at least locally) every time I get a bite.

Good, good times.

Last month, I got 7-10 bites on my ankle. Possibly from the one lone male bed bug I fear is living in our couch. But it was summer so who knows. And again, bugs love me.

These bites itched BAD. And one night about 10 days after I first got them, I itched the living crap out of it in a half-sleep induced itching frenzy.

The itching frenzy caused quite the reaction. It was not pretty.

Here’s proof:

And remember, this was almost TWO WEEKS from the day I got the bites.

Good gravy, I love to suffer πŸ˜‰

I began to apply various fairly natural remedies to this heinous situation and everything just seemed to make it worse.

I even went to the emergency room when I swear the whole thing was throbbing and about to come to life and reach up and slap me in the face! It is completely unlike me to head to the doctor for anything so this was nuts all around. The ER doc was super nice and even touched this thing with his bare hands. He said it was nothing but a local reaction. The ER nurse said in all her 27 years she had never seen anything like it. But no one could esplain WTF was going on.

Then I spoke with my mother, a nurse, and alternative medicine enthusiast. She said sweet basil oil is an amazing thing to use when you’ve been bitten (by a bug). It removes the venom quickly and efficiently. I was game as nothing was working. She even said someone she Β knew once used pesto to heal a bad bug bite reaction and it worked. Cool!

The local Whole Foods did not have any sweet basil essential oil and I was very sad. BUT they did have a ton of basil so I thought, why not, I’ll make a lil ‘pesto’ of just basil and see if it’ll work.

Within minutes of the first application of my basil ‘poultice,’ as I learned it is called, I could feel it soothing the area.

I did this application of basil for three days for one hour or more each time.

I then acquired some sweet basil essential oil and applied that to the area as well.

Here’s what it looked like after all that:

Sure still nasty, but about 1000 times better than the first picture which was about 5 days before this one.

Then a few days later the skin began to peel off and healing was complete:

I believe if I had the basil oil handy when I first got the bites, this would have never escalated (as well as if I had never itched it to death like a crazy person spreading the venom all over the area).

Even though summer is over here in New England, I’ve got my basil oil handy.

Because this will NEVER happen again.


The Daily Love

If you have not heard of Mastin Kipp and The Daily Love, well, now you have.

I love what he shares and talks about in his daily blogs and emails.

I have followed lots of spiritual folks and for the most part dig what they say but I begin to lose connection with them when it is always so shiny ALL THE TIME. I love that Mastin talks about the dark side of things too. As well as brings in all kinds of folks to write on his site. I don’t resonate with everything but in general…

it’s good, good stuff!

Check it out.

The Daily Love.

Hope you are having a great week!



Quick and Easy Beef Stew

I was under the weather yesterday so could not get to the fridge full of groceries from Thursday. I had planned to make a whole gang of homemade food but couldn’t bear to do it, that’s how crappy I felt. Feeling better today, I made banana nut muffins (based on my banana bread recipe) and some beef stew (yes that’s correct, I said beef stew). It is simmering now so I wanted to be sure and sit down and get the recipe out.

Adrienne’s Quick and Easy Beef Stew


1 lb stew beef

1 large sweet potato (or two medium regular potatoes), chopped

2 small yellow onions, chopped

3-4 carrots, chopped

2-3 stalks (or stems??) celery, chopped

1/2 jar of tomato sauce

1-3 cups water

2 garlic cloves, chopped

2 bay leaves

2 teaspoons sea salt

1 teaspoon ground pepper

1 T olive oil

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

1/2 teaspoon crushed red pepper or cayenne

1. Add olive oil to a large soup/stew pot and brown beef, browning at least two sides of each beef ‘cube.’ No need to cook beef all the way, it will finish cooking later. Just get a nice brown coat on two sides.

2. Remove beef from pan and place on a plate.

3. Saute garlic and onion in the pan you just cooked the beef in (do not clean out pan) and do so for a few minutes.

4. Add carrots, celery, and potatoes. Stir and continue cooking these together for a few more minutes.

5. Add tomato sauce, water, all spices, and beef to the pot and stir to incorporate it all together.

6. Bring to a boil and simmer for 30 minutes or until potatoes are cooked through. You may simmer for a few hours and this will really enhance the flavor.


: I did not have any bay leaves so I am hanging an almost-all-done-half-used bunch of italian flat leaf parsley off the side of the pot while it simmers and then I will discard the parsley, it will add great flavor and some really good nutrients too (Vit C, iron, Vit K). You could also make a bouquet garni of any herbs you would like. This is the fancy and correct way to do it, mine of hanging some herbs off the side, is the lazy, fairly ghetto way to do it πŸ™‚

: I am going to be having this over some sauteed kale later tonight for dinner. You could also eliminate the potatoes and mash some instead and serve the stew over the mashed sweet or regular potatoes, yum!

: The cinnamon and cayenne/crushed red pepper are completely optional but add a really nice flavor and kick.

: Most ingredients used were organic and the beef was free of hormones, antibiotics as well as pasture raised (I try to get as high a quality of meat when I do consume it, which is fairly infrequent – if I’m gonna do it, it’s gonna be good! I also try to get it from local farmers when I can as well).

: The amounts of water you will add will vary depending on how thick you want your stew. Start by adding just one cup of water and go from there.

: I am pretty sure it is not a conventional beef stew recipe using the tomato sauce, but it is super convenient and a tasty thing to add.

Please let me know if you try it and any substitutions you use!

Thanks and enjoy!



Carrot Cake Muffin Cupcakes

I am on a baking TEAR!

This week’s baking experiment was Carrot Cake Muffin Cupcakes.

They were a very big hit at The Martin Household. Too bad Big Papa John was not here to try them (he was traveling for the final Red Sox’s road trip, so glad that hot mess is over!) but I reassured him they will make an appearance again.

And since I am no baking innovator, I usually start with someone else’s recipe and tweak it from there.

Click here for the original recipe.

Here is my recipe (the majority of the ingredients used were organic):

Carrot Cake Muffin Cupcakes

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Line cupcake sheet with cupcake paper holder thingys.

This recipe will make approximately 12 – 15 muffin cup cakes.

In a bowl or food processor combine these dry ingredients:

1 cup walnuts

1 1/2 cups whole wheat flour

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 tablespoon baking soda

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1/4 teaspoon nutmeg

1/4 teaspoon ground dry ginger (optional)

Once these are combined (I ground up the walnuts first and then added all the ingredients pulsing my food processor a few times) transfer them to a mixing bowl.

In a separate bowl combine:

1 egg, beaten

1/2 cup fresh squeezed orange juice (or bottled orange, apple juice, or milk of choice)

1 cup apple sauce

1/4 cup brown sugar

1/2 cup raisins

1 – 1 1/2 cup grated carrots

Once the wet ingredients are combined, add them to the dry ingredients and mix carefully, by hand, with a spoon.

With a tablespoon or small scooper of some kind, add about two scoops to each cupcake holder. I started with small scoops at first and added as needed.

Bake in oven for approximately 25 minutes, checking at 20 minutes to see if they are done (all oven are different).

Allow your muffins to cool and then frost if desired.

For the frosting I just googled a general buttercream frosting recipe and put in 1/2 the sugar and a lil more vanilla!

Here is what I did with my measurements:

Buttercream Frosting

8 ounces of cream cheese, softened

8 tablespoons butter, softened

2 short teaspoons vanilla extract (I used almost two caps of the vanilla extract, I am assuming this is about 2 teaspoons but probably a bit less therefore the ‘short’ reference)

1 cup powdered sugar

In a food processor, combine cream cheese and butter until well combined. Then add vanilla and sugar.


I put my frosting in a separate container and frosted as needed because, whilst delicious, sometimes we just want an untouched muffin. πŸ™‚ As well as the fact that sometimes you just want a lil frosting…

Enjoy and let me know if you try these! They were so easy and fun to make and, hello, freakin’ delicious!



Oatmeal Cookies, Pitbull in Alaska, One lone male bed bug, Tool, and Whilst

The other day I made oatmeal cookies. I thought it would be a good snack for the girls to have as well as something for our 8 yo to take to school instead of the packaged snack bar she usually takes for her snack.

I used this recipe from Betty Crocker and tweaked the ingredients to make it as healthy as I could.


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.


1 cup ground nuts or 1/2 cup nut butter
2 cups oats
1 cup whole wheat flour
1 t cinnamon
1/2 t nutmeg
1 stick butter melted and slightly cooled
2 eggs beaten
5 heaping T whole fat yogurt
1/2 -1 cup raisins
1/2 t baking soda
2/3 cup sugar
1 t vanilla
1/2 t sea salt

Most ingredients used were organic.

Combine all dry ingredients in a large bowl. Combine wet ingredients in a separate bowl. Add combined wet ingredients including raisins into the dry ingredients and mix together with a spoon being sure not to over mix.

It’ll look something like this:

Using a tablespoon or equivalent, spoon a heaping tablespoon of mixture onto a cookie/baking sheet. Feel free to form them but I am lazy and just slapped them on there. You should yield about 24 small cookies.

Bake cookies for about ten minutes, testing one to see if they are done to your liking. Cool and eat. Yum.

These come out like little muffin cookies so maybe I should’ve called them mookies! They were a big hit with everyone.


I picked up a recent copy of the Boston Phoenix because they have Morrissey on the cover and I am digging their new jazzy format (more magazine less newspaper style). Excited to read a Morrissey interview I dug right in. The interview was okay and I browsed through the rest of the magazine. And I am so happy I did. I have not LOL’d this much at an article or something I’ve read in a long time. David Thorpe’s tale of ‘rapper’ and musician Pitbull’s trip to Kodiak, Alaska is HILARIOUS! Read it here.


We may be the proud owner of one lone male bed bug. Since March, I am the innocent recipient of bites, in clusters, every few weeks. Bugs love me so it is not uncommon for me to suffer at the hands of a bug that bites. Whatever it is that is inflicting these bites is ruthless. Biting no one but me (the bites look just like bed bug bites) they swell up and itch like a MF…for weeks. Last spring we even hired a bed bug sniffing dog named Buster (or maybe it was Baxter) to try and crack the case. Results: negative. Cost: expensive. Husband: annoyed and thinking I’m more crazy than he already does. And when I went to the pest control place, the nice owner-man said I could buy a $60 dollar bed bug trapper or save myself the $60 and go buy a bottle of wine and relax because ‘Ma’am you DO NOT have bed bugs.’ When speaking to another bug expert and them telling me it is unlikely that we have them (infestation gets VERY obvious at some point) I asked ‘Could we have one lone male bed bug (they do not multiply like the females do)?, he replied, ‘it IS possible.’ So now, if I spend an extended period of time on the couch, and don’t move too much, especially in the evening hours, I get bites (at least once a month).

Moral of the story:

Maybe I should get my azz off the couch.


I am sure my friend Yum Yucky has a thing or two to say about this! πŸ™‚


I heard this song on the radio today and I was so happy. It just makes my inner hoodie-wearin’-loud-music-listenin’-rebelious teenage boy oh so so SO very happy.


I am obsessed lately with using the word whilst.

And whilst I am kinda annoying myself, I am going to continue to do it.

Have a great weekend everyone (or the three of you who are reading this ;)) and stay indoors because Susan Miller of says this full moon and whole weekend in general is gonna be a bitch!



Decisions, decisions, The Psychic Scientist, James Altucher, and Facebook

For some reason for the past year I cannot make a decision to save my life. Well, I am sure I could if I needed to actually save my life but in general, I am one clueless bitch. Mostly it is the decision on WTF I am doing with my life. Yes, I am a mom and that is what I have being doing for the past few years and that’s all good but I really, really, REALLY want to create, inspire, contribute, and rock the heck outta this life.

But I am not willing to just do anything. Or do something just to do something. Although I keep trying stuff and thinking this or that is IT, I am learning that all is not to be revealed quite yet. So no decisions are being made. None. Well, except this one. I really like writing on this blog but don’t always feel I want it to be just about me. So I am going to share my shit (rambly thoughts, personal growth, recipes, and food related stuffs will be the general gist) as well as other stuff I find cool, interesting, weird, fun, or just worth noting. That is what this blog will be all about for now.

I am currently working with The Psychic Scientist and she is THE BOMB. She is guiding me to find my true self and through that find my purpose and my gifts. I am totally and completely beyond excited to be working with her as I have been, for years, looking for someone to work with. I have wanted to find someone to talk to and help me through some shit but not in the traditional therapy kinda way. Been there done that and it’s just too much blah blah blah for me. So I waited and waited and finally I found the perfect person! Yay!

So that is what’s up these days.

And I’ve been reading lots from James Altucher. I just love his writing and what he’s got to share. Love love love it.

And per my psychic scientist, I am back on Facebook after a six month hiatus. Gotta get back and join the party. Just popped back in before writing this and it looks like I didn’t miss much. But my extroverted personality is happy to be back. And I’ve been on Twitter for a bit because my extroverted personality cannot keep shit to itself, hense this blog as well!

That’s it for today!

Thanks for reading and see you soon.



Focus, people. FOCUS.

Recently I realized that I am a giant spaz.

And that is never going to change.

BUT, I have noticed that part of my ever-so-charming spazziness is because I do not focus on any one thing at one time.

Part of this is low-level ADD. Part of it is the dreaded (and I’m thinking permanent) mama brain. And then a big part of it is my complete and just FABULOUS πŸ˜‰ lack of focus.

In life, in business, in whatever, I seem to have none of the focus.

And I know that because I do not always get the results I want.

But I do notice that when I focus and clearly focus on one thing at a time, I get results! And usually pretty positive ones.

For most of my life I think I have shunned away from ‘focus’ because I have mistaken it with constraint or something akin to hard-core discipline in which fun has no place.

And at the same time I have watched the things I desire pass on by.

While it is true that I am a SAHM and one of my children is very young (so I’ve given myself a pass for a bit), I still have (cue the music) hopes, dreams, goals, and things I am determined to make happen.

When I realized that I am ALL OVER THE PLACE most of the time, I sat down and thought about what I wanted to focus on.

Family – Business – Health

They were a bit more specific but that’s the gist.

So I am beginning to break my day down into chunks of time where I only focus on one specific thing. If you are a mom, you know that multi-tasking is where it is at, so of course there are times I am doing more than one thing at a time but for the most part, I am breaking things down so I can be more productive and more FOCUSED.

So far (it’s been a week LOL) results are good. I am less flustered and, well, more focused. Therefore I am feeling better in general and getting more done.

It is my hope (!) that at some point I can be in the flow a little bit more and naturally focus and be in the moment without trying or feeling like I have to schedule everything. But I am so out of focus, I need to bring in a lil discipline and planning.

Are you focused or all over the place? Do you think laser-like focus is important or do like being a little more flexible and free?

What do you find works and where do you fail miserably?

Tell me!

Now off to focus on a nap. πŸ™‚



Give it away for free

I drove to Castine, Maine from Boston this weekend to go to a wedding of a friend I love supah dupah style.

I was BEYOND appreciative of Google Maps.

I logged on, put in my location and my destination and POOF! Directions to Castine, Maine.


And this place is pretty off the beaten path so I was beyond happy to see, very clearly, how to get there.

Driving up there, I sat in immense gratitude for this FREE service. Wow, I thought, I did not have to buy a map, I did not have to buy a GPS and I did not have to rely on ‘the force’ to get me there.

Google gives a lot away for free. Email, searches, images etc etc. Yes, we could go on and on about how much money they make in ads and blah blah blah but I am not interested in all that. I am just so grateful for all their free services. Facebook is free, Twitter is free, so much great stuff (especially on the ‘net) is FREE!

For the past few years I have loved listening to internet marketing talks and classes (for free, of course). I love Marie Forleo and recently she pointed all of her subscribers to Eben Pagan, a big internet marketer guy. I listened to his free talks for a week! He was then selling his program, of course, but not in an obnoxious way and all of the free talks were GREAT and gave a ton of fabulous information (if you are into that kind of stuff LOL).

In his talks that week, Eben suggested that if you are in business, and especially if you are trying to drive more business to yourself via the internet that you should MOVE YOUR FREE LINE!

That’s right, give more stuff away for free. And not just any stuff, YOUR BEST STUFF.

Then, more folks come your way and while they won’t ALL buy stuff from you or sign up for your stuff, you have increased your audience and now a larger percentage of potential buyers are at your disposal AND they will be thinking of you as a trusted expert (and ideally you are :)).

All this got me to thinking not only about business but about life.

How often do we hold back?

How often to we ‘love’ but with conditions?

Shouldn’t we move our free (love) line?

I think we should.

I am not emotionally fit enough (yet) to do so because I am in fear of being taking advantage of or then always being expected to ‘love.’

I have some work to do but will, on occasion, move my free line. Because I do not want to live in this ‘fear’ – one I have created myself, so I will push myself in the direction I would like to go. I’m tryin’!

How about you?

What are your thoughts on moving your free line in business AND in life?

Let me know! I’d love a discussion on this.


Love πŸ™‚


P.S. Btw, Castine, Maine is amazing and beautiful! I am completely enamored by the Maine Coast right now. So get there if you can! Highly recommend.

A Letter To My House Cleaner

I don’t have a house cleaner but if I did, this is what a letter to them would say:

Dear (Future House Cleaner),

I love you.

I love that you clean my house so that I don’t have to.

Not that cleaning is above me, because it is not. I just hate doing it. I’ll do laundry, make beds, organize shelves, and cook all day long but clean? I’d rather snuggle up to a big, nasty, hairy bug and I HATE BUGS. A. lot.

I cannot thank you enough for coming to my house every week and cleaning our home. Not only do I have more real time but lots more MENTAL time that is not used up thinking about how I should be cleaning.Β 

Here is your big Christmas bonus.

Here is your birthday present.

Here is a card just because.Β 

Here is a big tip added to each weekly cost.

Can I hug you?

I have never been so happy to have someone help me and words cannot express my appreciation and gratitude.


Thank you,

Adrienne and Family

It is my intention that within a year, this is a note I can really write.Β 

I would love love love to have a house cleaner.

Can you tell?

What do you want?Β 

Write a letter in the comments below.