I’m back. I think.

No, I am back.

For sure.


I’m gonna blog again and come back online.

I think.


I have been itching to blog (and blog and blog and blog) because, well, I am extroverted and love to share (or overshare as my husband likes to comment).

I tried to start another blog with a spiritual name but all the good ones are taking and ironically the one I had a long time ago, but I deleted so I cannot get it started back up under that name.

This is all so very fascinating, isn’t it?!?!

Anyhoo, I have this site, with my name, so I might as well ‘own it’ as the say.

I probably wanted to hide behind the snazzy spiritual name and not really come out as me, but alas, the universe had other things in mind.

As is always does.

So I’m back as me.

Tagline may stay or change (with my mood lol).

But the gist is that I will be blogging about my journey to be more peaceful, present, loving, and really being my true self. All while having fun and not taking it all too seriously.

Sounds like a tall order but it truly has not been (at least not most days :)) and I look forward to sharing my journey and some stories that will hopefully entertain and provoke thought and discussion.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing your comments, thoughts, experiences and your journey as well.