37 Ways to Enhance Your Personal & Spiritual Growth Without Ever Leaving Your Bed

Call me lazy or call me ingenious but I love me some ‘work’ without having to leave my bed.

Whether you love all of these, a bunch of em or just take one nugget and run with it, I have done my ‘work’ and you guessed it, mostly from my bed.

I’m excited to share these with you!

I downloaded this idea during a 1 hour meditation.

Full disclosure, I was not in bed.

I WAS next to it. But if I had laid down that day to meditate I would’ve fallen fast asleep.

And I think because I was so tired, I was doing the shittiest job meditating. I was neurotically ruminating about one thing. I felt so defeated! I’m trying so hard to evolve (spoiler alert: too hard!) and I was so angry at myself BUT I stuck with it. Around the 50 minute mark this whole list came shooting down to me. Once the meditation was over I hoped on my computer and poured out this whole list.

So here it is!

I want you to know that YES YOU SURE CAN evolve, grow and thrive without ever leaving your bed.

**Please note, if you are truly struggling and feel you need professional help, get some. Sometimes we need help! No need to white knuckle it and unnecessarily suffer and struggle. This list is meant to inspire you and give you great ideas to take and make your own, not to solve all your problems. It is also meant to let you know that you can give yourself a fucking break and that you don’t have to push so hard at things in your life. You CAN actually just lay there and do nothing.


37 Ways to Enhance Your Personal & Spiritual Growth Without Ever Leaving Bed

  1. Actually do nothing. Um, hello. In our world we are rewarded for being busy. It’s cray cray in my opinion. Sometimes actually doing absolutely nothing is the just about the most woke shit you can do.
  2. Oh and hey, how about SLEEPING! Honestly, rest does not get the props it should! Honor yourself by resting as much as possible. Get those zzz at night and nap if you can & want to! TAKE ALL THE NAPS! Or just lie there. Stare at the wall. Do some of the things on this list!
  3. Breath & breathing – your breath is one of your most powerful healing tools! While you’re chillin’ in bed or before bed at night or first thing when you wake, breath. Slow, mindful breaths. There are many, many breathing techniques and feel free to research some. But no need to get to technical or worry if you are doing it wrong. Just breath. Slowly. Focus on your breath. Really inhale and exhale deeply and as mindfully as possible. It’s so relaxing and quite powerful.
  4. Binaural Beats – listen to these bad boys and your brain waves benefit in huge, huge ways. They can help lower stress & increase mood, creativity & focus. There are tons on YouTube. Different hertz levels for all kinds of healing. It don’t matter. Just pick one. Put on headphones. Listen. Benefit.
  5. Audible and other apps for reading – I love listening to books on Audible! Easy, relaxing and it makes me feel smart & like I am working on myself. Boom.
  6. Actual reading – of course you can ACTUALLY read but personally I do not have the attention span for that LOL. But what are you reading? Is it inspirational? Uplifting? Funny? Read that shit.
  7. YouTube – I have gotten so much out of YouTube videos the past year, it’s pretty incredible. I accidentally sometimes go down rabbit holes that are not so positive or uplifting. It happens. I’m a Scorpio FFS. It’s like a moth to a flame LOL. But most of the time I am specifically watching inspiring & uplifting & educational shit right from bed. Winning.
  8. Meditation – ahhhhh. Mediation. Close your eyes or focus on one point on the ceiling. Then breath like I talked about above. Boom. You are meditating. Your mind will wander. You will think about 1000000 things. So what. You have to practice. Let your mind go crazy. In time it may go less crazy. Just commit to breathing and focusing on something (one thing). Again, there are so many videos, books, etc about this so feel free to research but don’t feel like this has to be perfect! Chill the fuck out yo. Namaste.
  9. Journal – this is one of my favorite things to do in bed. I like ‘scripting.’ Writing out what I want to bring into my life. Whatever it is, journalling is a powerful practice. Use it to cleanse your mind of excess crap.
  10. Gratitude – write out 10 gratitudes every day in your journal. Think about things you are grateful for. Shout out all things you love. All right from bed. Watch your world transform!
  11. Phone calls – I spent much of the 90s hungover and every time I woke up I would call all my friends and tell & listen to all the stories. Sounds ridonkulous but it was truly one of my favorite things to do ever, I miss it! It was so nourishing for my soul. As are all chats with soul connections! Call them.
  12. Sex – gorgeous, mindful, powerful sex. Whether just you or with another or others, this can be a huge & life-changing practice. Bringing your full attention, breath & intention to any act of pleasure can bring you to a state of euphoria like no other. You get a powerful chemical release from this! Utilize this free and amazing tool! With tools or without 😉
  13. Visualize – lay there. Picture exactly what you want. Exactly how you would like life to be. Feel every detail of this. Picture yourself doing those things as if it is happening and happens all the time. Feel the feelings, the excitement, the joy of doing all the things you love and desire. This incredibly powerful practice literally shifts your subconscious and can create things in your life that you imagined exactly or even more!! While you do this listen to music that moves you. Life. Changing. And you didn’t even get out of your bed!!
  14. Bring 12 & 13 together. I learned this from Kim Anami (I highly recommend her work). Meditate, Masturbate, Create. Or some variation of bringing consciousness, breath, pleasure & intention together. Then go do something creative, do a work project or just go about your day. Sex magik for the win! Here is an Instagram post she did expounding on this.
  15. Take a trip! Day dream about traveling in Italy or creating a wildly successful business, that’d be cool. BUT! You could also enjoy a lil plant medicine of choice! Take to the bed, put some music on headphones and REALLY go somewhere. Doing this with intention, presence and gratitude is a huge opportunity for growth. Please be mindful on amounts (less is more) and also, for the record, I am just talking about tea. Yes. Herbs. Plant medicine herbal tea. That’s of course what I mean.
  16. Emotional release – a lot of what is on this list can bring about a big emotional release! That’s great! And sometimes we want to actually TRY to do this. We can be super bundled up emotionally and once in a while, a big fat cry is just what the doctor ordered. Lay there, get the tears going and feel better. Promise. Journal and/or moving your body after this is such a great thing to do too.
  17. Chant – we can have a lot stuck in our throats energetically, emotionally etc. Chanting can work that shit out and also activate our vagus nerve which has multiple benefits such as decreasing stress and increasing immunity!
  18. Speak – get what’s in your head OUT. Speak some things that need to be spoken in the safety and comfort of your bed! Sometimes just hearing these things helps you process them and then decide if, in fact, they do need to be communicated. Speak your truth, your feelings, your hopes and dreams. Hear yourself saying all the things. Powerful!
  19. Shout – annnnnnd sometimes we just need to scream. Let it out. It will feel good. Scream into the pillow then punch it if needed. Let it all go!! You might want to clear your space after that with some space clearing herbs or clean your bedroom with the windows open.
  20. Light stretching – you can actually pull up a YouTube video that tells you how to stretch in bed. Do this every morning! It’s really nice to do. THEN you may move to the floor or yoga mat, but no pressure. Just some nice, light stretching is good for the soul.
  21. Send love & healing– ever in bed and just ruminating about all the things? Ya, it’s ridiculous. But it happens. We be human & shit. You can shift the rumination in all the ways listed but a great one is to energetically send love & healing out to the world. Or to specific people (as long as it doesn’t feel like a boundary violation). Be light with it, get in your heart, see light pouring out from it into your room, home, neighborhood, town, country, the whole world. Feels good!! You often will forget what you were ruminating about!
  22. Breathe into each chakra – you can specifically breathe into each chakra to really clean and clear energy! There are lots of ways to do this. Keep it simple.
  23. Channel spirit – the Divine, our higher selves, Spirit often have very enlightening things to share with us! If we would just listen. *Sigh* So listen! Listen. Learn. Grow. Boom.
  24. Write – some youz gots a book in ya. Write it. Right from your bed. One page a day. Why not give it a try?
  25. Gentle body touch – our body needs our love and attention. It will love you back for it. This can be as non-sexual as you want. Or you can make it a lovely sensual experience. Just get in touch with your body more. You can even do this with just your mind! Scan your body mentally (or with your hands just above the skin) and see where there are cranky spots and then either with your mind or with your hands, spend time there. See what comes up! See what you learn! Send yourself and your body lots of love.
  26. Rub your stomach – if you don’t want to go over your whole body or you don’t have time, a good place to start is your stomach. It’s where our intuition lives! And our digestion can sometimes be less than stellar. Grab some coconut oil or lotion and start rubbing from bottom right, across the top and down the left side of the ole tum tum. It will like it.
  27. Ground yourself to the core of the earth – this is a great visualization. Breathe and center your energy. When you are ready, visualize a cord heading out from your root chakra (pelvic floor area) and see this cord heading out down into the earth. All the way to the core of the earth. Envision yourself really connecting to this energy and picture the energy (while the cord is still there) heading right back to you. Now tap into the flow of energy from you to the earth, from the earth to you. When you are ready, say thank you to the earth and to yourself and take that cord back up. Seems simple yet it is a wildly healing, protective and powerful practice!
  28. Put crystals on and/or around you – I am a big big fan of the crystals! I often have them in bed with me. I use them when I meditate or visualize or to tap into a certain energy I am trying to cultivate. They can be protective, healing, soothing and powerfully energetic beings! Get some!
  29. Laugh – laying in bed laughing? The best! Whatever you need to get you to do some laughing is good for the soul. Powerfully healing, relaxing and releases all those good-feeling hormones!
  30. Raise your kundalini – put your attention on your breath and relax, then focus your energy at the base of your spine/root chakra. keep breathing. then slowly tightening your pelvic floor and consciously begin to pull the energy up your spine/chakra system. visualize this energy (you can even think of it as a beautiful white light or any color you want) heading right to the crown of your head and actually bring it there. a few rounds of this might get ya feeling a little high, a lil horny (you may orgasm even!) or a lil or a lot enlightened. Feel free on the last round to release the energy out the top of your head. then be sure to take a few minutes to ground yourself (see #27 or even head outside and put your feet on the actual earth!). This whole thing really gets you in touch with your body, your powerful inner energy and your divine feminine (whether you are male or female!).
  31. Pet your pets – petting the pets gets all the love chemicals going! no pets? go to pet/dog/cat/animal Tik Tok and watch the magic. those are some of the funniest and most heartwarming things I’ve ever seen!
  32. Watch a Mind Movie (or stare at your vision board) – ever watched a Mind Movie? It’s like a moving vision board with affirmations, visualizations usually set to music. I made a fairly basic one around 6 years ago, check it out here to get an idea. They are great to make for yourself (easy to do these days on a computer or phone)! Or of course you can make a good ole vision board! Take some time watching or staring at one of these – helps your mind focus on the positive! yay!
  33. Medigrations! These powerful meditations, created by Laura Graye (my healer for many, many years who quite frankly saved my life!), are intended to help you heal yourself! Laura has created specific ‘medigraytions’ for lots of health conditions including anxiety disorders, immunity issues, digestive issues, eye problems, just to name a few. You really get in your body and work with your body to do some real and powerful healing. Check her website out here, there is a free one to try out or it’s $99/year and you get access to all of them!
  34. Curate the fuck out of your social media feed – Um, hi, you are spending lots of time on your phone, in bed. I know you are. So am I. So why not make sure that what you are feeding yourself is exactly what you want to or more importantly, what is really good for ya! I hear lots of people complain generally about social media or specifically about THEIR social media. Kids, it’s a choice and these days you can unfollow, unfriend, etc in super subtle ways if you are worried about rufflin’ anyone’s feathers. Scroll and un-whatever. Then follow cool ass people, businesses, accounts that inspire and keep you thinking in great ways, not ways that drain or depress you FFS. No excuses on this. Sorry not sorry.
  35. Delete & unsubscribe from 1000s of emails – I am a big believer in having a small inbox! To me, it feels energetically lighter. So while you are chillin’ in bed, start deleting old emails and even better unsubscribe from all those ridonkulous things you are subscribed to because you once got a coupon!
  36. Tapping – Oh how I love the tapping! Shifts energy so so well and easily! You do this cool thing where you tap your fingers on certain acupuncture points while shifting an energy you wish to shift (emotions, pain, etc). Here’s a great YouTube video explaining the basics.
  37. Surrender – frankly, this could be the only thing on this list. It’s really all we can do. We can do all the work. We can do all the research, hoping, praying, all the things on this list. But some part of us just has to surrender. Surrender to what is. What isn’t. What can’t be. What couldn’t be. Read The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer for huge inspiration around this.



What. A. List.

Did you notice something?

They all have in common ways to shift your mindset and therefore your life!


And none have to be hard to do.

So what do you think?

Love them?

Hate them?

What are some of your favorites?

Have any to add?

Do. Tell. Below.


Love ya,


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