December’s Content!

I have much to say, lots of goals and it may seem like I’m all over the place – and lord knows I kind of am – BUT I am working towards a flow, creating as much great content as I can and like I always say, action brings clarity!

And I am already getting so much clarity!

It’s exciting.

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For Day 1 we have:

A Reading for December

For Day 2:

Do you NEED Plant Medicine & Psychedelics for Optimal Spiritual Growth?

Day 3:

#1 Tip for New YouTubers

Day 4:

Self-care inquiry & musings

Day 5:

Mindset Shift!

Day 6:

Weekly Reading for 12/6

Day 7:

Let’s Talk Juicing

Day 8:

Tarot Card Deck Review!

Day 9:

Bread Recipe from Tik Tok!

Day 10:

A Reading for the New Moon in Sagittarius

Day 11:

One Minute Meditation

Day 12:

A message for the 12/12 portal!

Day 13:

A Reading for the Week of December 13th

Day 14:

Lemon Avocado Pudding!

Day 15:

3 Things You Need to Know Right Now!

Day 16:

Don’t Make New Year’s Resolutions, Do this instead!

Please note, video had a copy write issue although did not on Tik Tok so I had to remove it.

Day 17:

A Reading for December 15-31

Day 18:

Multi-level Marketing, Multiple Income Streams, Essential Oils & More!

Day 19: no video! scandalous!!

Day 20:

A Reading for the Week of December 20th

Day 21:

The Empress Bath – an amazing way to connect with your Divine Feminine

Day 22:

Today, a blog post not a video!

Day 23:

Help! My Vedic Astrology Chart Has Given Me An Identity Crisis!

Day 24 & 25:

Me & Baby Jesus are just chillin’

And then chilled some more but then..

Day 30:

Collective reading, all signs

I will keep adding videos here so it will be like a library to come to!

Thanks as always for being here!

And please like and subscribe to my YouTube channel when you are there, that would be very appreciated!

Much love,


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