Spirit Speaks – your weekly message!


I am excited to bring you ‘Spirit Speaks,’ a weekly message just for you.

Spirit speaks through all of us, that is for sure.

And lord knows, I know, we are not always listening.

But give it a try, just sit quietly and see what comes up. Lots of busy mind stuff probably will at first but then, once things quiet down (and this may take time & practice), listen and take in any messages. Ask questions! Play around with this. It is a really fascinating, powerful and transformative tool you can utilize!

This week I have pulled some oracle cards to help me send you a message.


I am obsessed with this deck from Threads of Fate. They are so beautiful and have a strong, powerful energy (IMHO).

Okay, down to biz.

Here is this week’s message:

It sure can feel like the freakin’ wild west these days and we can feel ungrounded, lost and down right scared. Get more in that Outlaw energy. Where can you be more of a badass and channel that power? No need to be haphazard or foolish around your Outlaw badassery – ground that energy, own your power and get curious about what’s going on. AND! Be sure to get a good sense of your surroundings in general. Like you just rolled into a deserted town on your motorcycle and you must get a lay of the land. Look around. What needs to get done first? What do you need to be in awareness of? 

And where can you trust the Universe? Where can you let it all go and how can you trust in YOURSELF to trust the Universe? This is challenging right now but we are being asked to dig deep and know our power. There are answers, help and universal signs EVERYWHERE. True story. 

And hello, BOUNDARIES. As you embark on your badass outlaw, universe and self trusting journey, you ain’t nothin’ without some boundaries. And this might piss some people off. But like an outlaw, you give zero fucks what anyone thinks. Your boundaries are literally like money in the bank. Start getting with them. Practice them. Try ’em out where it feels safe. You ARE safe. You may not feel it but with these messages from these paragraphs – you will! 

And from the bottom of the deck we have PARADOX.

Telling us that YUP life is one big WTF sometimes. So goddamn paradoxical that it can make our head spin. But guess what? That is never ever going to change. The only thing that can change is you getting comfortable with this fact. Things change! People do and say crazy shit! All that matters is where you are at. Think of your life and the universal energy around you as the ocean and you are floating along. You MUST adapt to survive. Sometimes you are floating along and things could not be any more perfect if they tried and other times it is storm after fucking storm and you are crying and angry and thinking whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Then things shift. They always do. Then they shift again. That is the paradox. Get comfy with that please. And own your badass outlaw, trust in the Universe and get some goddamn boundaries. 

Okay then!

Thank you spirit, that was pretty amazing.

I hope you enjoyed it!

If you did, please share!

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Thanks for being here!

Much love,


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