How to Activate Your Superpowers

Exciting idea, isn’t it??

Can you really activate your superpowers?

Do you even have a superpower?

I’m currently figuring out what mine are – or really, just getting used to ‘owning it’ when it comes to them but all I know is that I have been feeling super powerFUL in the past chunk of time (six months? six years? six lifetimes?? honestly, it doesn’t even matter lol).

But I sure do LOVE talking about this topic.

You are super powerful and have superpowers.

Ya, ya do.

Not feeling it?

That’s okay too!

Check out this video all about activating your powers whether you are feelin’ it or not.

During this crazy time in our collective, there is pretty much nothing more important than our personal power IMHO. And standing in it. Even when it’s hard.

Because when and if life gets even crazier, it might just be all you have.

So activate those superpowers!

And comment below on what yours is!!

I would love to hear. We all would. The more we all stand in our power and really own it, the more we all benefit!

I am routing for you!



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