Do you need a brand? Name change? Life blow up?


Quick blog post here!

Recently, I was struggling with how I could move forward with my latest venture as Adrienne Martin.


Well, ‘Adrienne Martin’ feels like more of a wife (widow), mom, suburban dwelling, Cafe Martin running, friend, neighbor. She doesn’t necessarily feel like a spirit channeling, leader-of-those-seeking-to-do-things-differently-in-life-and-business and wacky witchy chick.

Could Adrienne Martin be both?

Well OF COURSE she could.

But something just didn’t feel right.


A good friend brought up branding.

And I immediately thought – STAGE NAME!

‘Wilde’ is actually the name of my incorporation. ‘Wilde Enterprises, Inc.’ is what I created over a year ago to be my legal and official business umbrella, no matter what I do. So ‘Wilde’ has been on my radar for a while now.

So, I thought, why not be Adrienne Wilde and keep Adrienne Martin as my personal self?

I liked this idea…A LOT.

And I knew it was ‘right’ because it felt good in my body.

I instantly felt lighter, better, FREER…and…


Adrienne Wilde can be a bit more…well…wild!

And please know, I know like I know like I know, I can do whatever the F I want, as Adrienne Martin, Adrienne Wilde, Adrienne Embry (maiden name), Adrienne Aggressive-Boston Driver-Italian-Scorpio-Ex-Acupuncturist-Raw Food Chef-Uber Driver-Conspiracy Theorist.

I mean honestly, I can be & do whatever I want.

So can you.

But what FEELS right?

What feels good good GOOD in your body, mind and soul?

You may or may not need to create a brand name, a stage name or any of this.

But feeling good in whatever you are doing in your life sure as heck is important!

AND (btw)!

What also feels good is that in no way have I blown up my life.

Like not at all.

This is no mid-life crisis.

I know because I’ve had a dozen (and not even in mid-life!).

I have worked hard to get to this amazing place of flow.

And flowing I am.

Detached from outcome with all of this (which also feels to me like a good sign & flow).

So, YOU may or may not have to blow up your life to move forward.

But sometimes ya just gotta.

It totally COULD be part of the flow.

Whatever it is, trust your process, you will get to where you need to be!

And if you want to join me and other #wildeones, please please do!

Here are the many ways that are growing every day!

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TikTok (adriennewilde)

Any questions? comments? shares?

Please do below!

I would love to hear what you have going on!

Much love & stay wilde 😉





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