How to begin to trust your intuition

What’s funny is that yesterday I shot a completely different video on a completely different topic to post today.

My intuition told me not to bother but I shot it anyway just in case.

My ‘gut’ was right!

The video was not good! I was EXTRA rambly, the dog barked the whole time.

It was a shit show.

This morning’s video flowed so well and so easily.

Goodness it’s not perfect but so so much better!

I am not striving for perfection.

I am just working on creating great content and that is going to take time and practice!

So practice I will.

Thanks for being here!

Do you trust your gut?

It can be challenging to sometimes!

In today’s video I talk about some easy ways to begin to practice – because like with anything, to get good at it, it takes practice!

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Don’t forget to trust yourself!!!



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