How to release DMT naturally

I’m back!

It has been a minute…and then some.

My goal is to create helpful & motivational (and occasionally entertaining) content that inspires you to step into your power, purpose and light. We need you! The world needs more people doing what they love, healing themselves and shining bright.

Onto today’s topic!

DMT is a chemical compound in the brain.

Often times released when we do psychedelics.


It can actually be accessed & released naturally as well IMO.

Check out my video below and hear a little bit about my journey to this place where I am accessing the feeling of DMT release NATURALLY on a pretty regular basis and how you can too!

Frankly, it feels like a miracle!


I cannot believe I forgot to add this tip in:


OMG breathwork is a very very VERY powerful tool that can help you get into a higher consciousness, higher vibe state. Check out all things Wim Hof for more on that.

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