Idea #222 Recycle Centers (everywhere)


I’m sharing ideas. I love ideas and have been thinking why should I keep them all to myself?!?!

So this idea of recycling is not new or innovative.

But I think the process could use a big universal makeover & push to be WAY better.

Here’s my idea.

Every city or town (or county depending on population & size of area) needs to have a recycling center.

Where you can recycle ANYTHING.

And I mean anything, minus your dead cat or car. But said recycle center would know where you could recycle those things because they would know everything about recycling.

Broken toaster?

Old & broken stapler?

Bag of rubber bands?

Window blinds?

And the usual glass, plastic, paper etc.

EVERYTHING – furniture, all appliances, toys, clothes, everything everybody uses.

So each city/town/area would have this large recycling center.

It would create some jobs as it would be open M-F all day & sometimes into the evening & then on Saturdays.

I think there should also be a composting area where you could bring your food scraps & maybe you could ‘earn’ compost for your garden or buy some because the recycle center would make soil with all the compost. Maybe there could be a community garden & elementary kids could come & learn to garden (and recycle). Food from the garden could be sold or brought to the needy.

And there could be a high school program where kids go into the community, teach everyone about the recycling center & help the elderly, handicapped or anyone who needs help getting their stuff to the center. It would be a mandatory course in their 11th or 12th grade year.

Like many recycle centers & dumps there would be a swap or ‘take stuff’ area where you could bring your gently used stuffs you do not want any more.

Seriously, we need to be recycling SO MUCH MORE!

And as well urging (if not FORCING) companies to make more sustainable items & packaging. Why is there packaging that can’t be recycled anyway?!?! Grrrrr.

Our planet needs our help.

They would be a great way for the government to get seriously involved & create community around this important issue.

So sure, there are recycle centers & dumps but we need to give this idea & small practice that is already happening a big shot of steroids. So many places only take certain stuff. Then all this random stuff gets thrown away. So much could be reused, repurposed, recycled or sold for metal scraps, etc.

Who’s gonna do it??

Let me know, I want to be on the board. 🙂

What’s your latest idea or can you make this idea better?

Anyone already doing it?

Let us know!




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