Idea #373: Get Moms Jobs

I have a million ideas.

And what good are they sitting up in this crazy head of mine?!?!

So I’ve decided to begin sharing them.

They’re not all that great, some better than others.


Maybe someone will take one (please do!).

Maybe someone will want to start a biz with me or have me be on the board of the biz (now THAT sounds great!).

Maybe it will encourage others to write down and/or share their own ideas and they will come up with something great (YAY!).

I got the idea of ideas from James Altucher. He’s amazing. Read everything he writes. You’re welcome. 😀

Here are two articles from him about ideas & why ideas are the shizzz (even the shizzy ones).

Ok, here’s Idea #373 (I just made that number up, it might be that number though, I have no idea).

wear capes!


So, this is not some radical idea.

Not at all.

But maybe my idea about how this might be done, is.


Say you are a mom. Maybe like me, you thought you’d just go right back to work after baby and that it all would be easy. But you soon realized that you actually DIDN’T want to go back to work, you wanted to be home with this new baby!!

But what if you need money. You didn’t plan on the details, you just assumed, BOOM: baby. work. no big deal.

OR maybe you knew you’d stay home but you need some extra money.

OR maybe you’re not interested in a career, maybe later but not now, but some extra money would be nice.

Whatever the reason is, who cares.

You’re a mom. You need some cash.

But with this one very important caveat.

Flexible work.

That is not super taxing.

With pay that is not insulting.

Not realistic?


Last summer my little brother (he’s 19) worked for my father’s law firm. He scanned documents that needed to be scanned, from what I understand it was older documents that needed to go from paper to computer. He said this was endless work that had no time real frame.

It got me thinking, there must be 1000s of small to medium sized companies that have mindless paperwork that needs to get done. And the type of paperwork or project that while, it would be nice if it got done in a timely manner, it didn’t have to.

Enter – Moms.


Small or medium company. Has 10-20 hours per week of this type of work. Hires local mom. With the complete agreement that if her kids are sick, she’s not coming in. She picks the best hours for her (while they are in school or around husband/partners’ schedule) and BOOM: Mom has work & extra money. Company has that annoying project done (or at least on it’s way to getting done).

And hey, maybe a company is small and has a low key vibe & she can bring her tiny baby in a wrap or however she carries baby to said job! And can nurse whenever she needs to!


One of the most important things – pay moms well (all people should be paid well).

At least $15/hour. No less.

Give her a 1099.

Make it easy & worthwhile.

Everyone’s happy.

Be sure communication is clear and positive.

This is a relationship based on the understanding that this mom is here to help, work hard & do a great job but not at the expense of her family. If she needs to stay home, she can.

And if it’s not working out for some reason, everyone moves on.


So what’s needed?

A website (or even APP!) where companies post their low-key jobs/projects.

Moms find website and maybe best job for her sitch, ever.

There would have to be some sort of local representative in each area for the website to make sure the jobs posted are legit & safe. Hey, there’s a great mom job right there!

The website could have a place for rating the companies.

There could be a private message board where moms could share their experiences, advice & any leads on similar types of jobs.

At some point, when this got going and it was successful, maybe companies could pay $25 for the listing. And some of this money could go to a fund to help moms who got sick or families in need.

I think it’s a great idea.

There are a bunch of websites that are mom-job centric but I think there needs to be a niche that is a place where moms (or even dads! jeez, don’t want to alienate the dads but let’s start with moms first, k?) can get flexible jobs where no one is pretending that they can work 20-40 hours and not put their family first. This is about ease, flexibility, freedom & people taking care of their families while helping out companies in need.

There are all kinds of options for moms regarding jobs and maybe this website could have an ‘idea’ section where moms suggest all types of jobs that can be had i.e. take in a kid! drive for uber (that’s what I sometimes do and it works out great because of the immense amount of flexibility)! start your own creative business online! clean houses (& bring baby?!?)! walk dogs! pet sit!

Goodness there are so many options but I know moms don’t always feel that there are.

Too many moms & families are working too hard & they are not able to put themselves or their family first.

Maybe this would be a good start.

This idea sure could be tweaked and finessed.

Whaddaya think?

Let me know.

I love ideas.




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