3 Ways to Become Your Own Psychic Advisor

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1. Trust

I cannot stress this enough.

You must begin to trust yourself.

Your intuition.

Those little tugs, nudges and often times not-so-subtle signs.



Maybe you can’t always act on them (or think you can, as you probably can, but maybe you’re scared or not sure or not ready – and that’s totally cool but acknowledge this and make a mental or real physical note of this because it’s important to remember – ‘OH YEAH, MY INTUITION TOLD ME THIS WAS TRUE/GOING TO HAPPEN/ETC).

2. Practice

Listen, Rome wasn’t built in a day and all that other cliche (but true) stuffs.

You must practice trusting your intuition, your gut, yourself.

So do this, for the next few days, when you are semi-relaxed & just doing casual stuff, make a lil pact with yourself that you will listen to & abide by The Dude – you, that is 😀

When you ‘hear*’ – run this errand first! don’t go this particular way! call _______! take a fucking nap! stay home tonight! go out tonight! turn right! parking spot on next street over! You get the gist.

Do those things.

Practice hearing them and then actually DOING them.

Try it.

Could be life-changing!

3. Meditate (or the like)

Chill your brain & mind out as often as possible.

Take up a meditation practice.

Walk in nature without distraction.

Practice shifting your thoughts when they drift to crazy town (or negative town or whatever town your thoughts are going to that you don’t want them to go to).

This will help allow your intuition to come through even stronger.




*we all ‘hear’ things differently. i ‘hear’ a scream of sorts but it’s more of a really strong feeling that has a voice even though i don’t always hear ‘words.’ you may get a pang in your stomach, a vision or actually hear words. it’s pretty cool.

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