Orange Goji Chocolate

oh yes.

that is right.




and homemade to boot!


I have been trying to lower my sugar intake while providing myself with yummy snacks that satisfy. I find there are not a ton of options & if I do find something I like, I need some variety so I’m not eating only one thing all the time!

I used to make this chocolate quite a bit in the raw food days. I used agave (and a lot of it!). I don’t use agave any more but you certainly can substitute it in this recipe, just don’t go so heavy handed like I did back in the day. I don’t think agave is bad in small amounts, I just now believe it is not the wonder food it was once touted to be!

I recently noticed that one of our local whole foods had all these ingredients but if you can’t find them, is a great resource.

Orange Goji Chocolate

1/2 lb (8 oz) cacao butter

2 cups cashews

1/2 cup honey

1/2 cup – 1 cup goji berries

1/2 cup cacao nibs

2 t. orange zest

pinch sea salt

  1. Melt cacao butter using a double boiler method
  2. Put cashews in a food processor & blend until a fine powder
  3. Add half the amount of gojis & pulse with cashews until they are broken down a bit
  4. Add melted cacao butter to a 5X5 glass pan (or find adorbs chocolate molds!)
  5. Add in rest of ingredients & combine well with spoon, fork or spatula so all ingredients are combined & cover the entire pan.
  6. Chill for at least one hour.
  7. Pry chocolate slab out carefully with a butter knife, it should come out easy.
  8. Cut into chunks.
  9. Eat.
Love this block o’ goodness!
Store in fridge for easy grab & go!

Extra notes:

~ try to use organic orange zest as most conventional oranges/citrus are sprayed with pesticides

~ add cacao powder for a real chocolate punch (you may want to add a little bit more honey)

~ try adding your favorite mix-ins, have fun with it!

I hope you enjoy this!

It’s really easy & I believe something you can feel good about eating.

Let me know if you try ti!



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