The mind does not know best (here’s what does & how to listen to that instead!)



Our brain is continually trying to figure everything out.

And in our very busy & at times (all times?!?) completely koo-koo lives we are overstimulated & are probably feeling a little crazy town.

Our primal brains are in fight-or-flight mode trying to figure out how to navigate, how to ‘survive,’ all this perceived (or real) stress.

This cuts us off from our hearts, souls and a lot of the time, our intuition.

How do we get out of our heads & into our hearts & souls?

Trust our intuition?

Here are some ways.

Please know only YOU know YOU best.

Take these suggestions & make them your own!

  1. Figure out what is distracting you the most. TV? Mindless social media scrolling? Too much multi-tasking? Begin to reduce whatever is the #1 thing that is causing you to be super distracted and become more mindful about this and adjust as needed.
  2. Make time for self-care. If you are pulled in 5 million directions as many of us are, you must take time to take care of yourself. You will never be able to get out of your head if you are just barely managing to stay afloat. This means you may have to ask for help, make (gentle-ish or less gentle :D) demands on others or sacrifice a few things. Believe me, it is all worth it.
  3. Practice as many mind, body & soul relaxing activities as possible. Walk in nature, 30 minute nap, 30 minute reading sesh, meditation, yoga – any activity where you are as focused on one thing as you can be is what it’s all about.
  4. Schedule fun. True story – we are not having enough fun. Go out & have some. Make the time. Do it.
  5. Practice! It takes practice to get out of your head & into your heart & soul. And trust your intuition? Nearly impossible if you don’t begin to practice. So when you mind is all over the place & you are running around like a chicken with your head cut off, take a moment to breathe & put your hand on your heart & say to yourself ‘Ok, what is best for me right now?’ Maybe it’s a nap. Maybe you just have to finish all your tasks & sit & have some tea. Do those things. Honor yourself as much as possible. ALSO! You know those pangs & nudges that say ‘Take this exit!’ ‘Drive around one more time & you’ll get a spot!’ ‘Call that friend!’ ‘DO NOT do XYZ.’ LISTEN TO THOSE. Start with the littlest one, trust it & see what happens. In time, you will always listen.

We are no longer cave people that need to constantly be in fight-or-flight or truly need to figure out how to survive.

But our bodies are continually getting that message because our brains are trying to navigate through everything and get a continual ‘HOLY SHIT, OMG, PANIC PANIC PANIC’ message.

Slow down when you can.




Have some fun.

Take care of yourself.

Shifts will come.




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