Do you NEED to meditate?

gabs meditating

So, do you NEED to meditate?


Yes you do.



I’m not that big of a jackass that I think or act in big, bold all-or-nothing statements like that.

But here’s the truth.

It IS really good for you.

And science says so. Or at least there are many scientific studies that confirm meditation creates changes in the brain, reduces stress & can even help reduce overall inflammation in the body which has been linked to many health issues.

Check out this NY Times article and this one about how an inflammation marker in the body is lower in those who meditate and this one about more positive brain changes from meditation. And watch this vid for a quick info sesh on how meditation helps:

In all of the classes I teach, many share their love of meditating and say how it has helped them be calmer & more focused. We work on mindset too so that adds to the benefits.

But what about NOT meditating?

Dude, that is totally cool too.

I recently watched this amazing video of an artist painting with celery as a paintbrush and though to myself, ‘I bet that is super meditative.’

I think any super-focused activity brings us to a more peaceful place. These days we are often doing 5 things at once or absorbing lots of stimulus, simultaneously! 😀 It’s just too much and no wonder we tend to be anxious & sleep-deprived.

I spoke with a pediatric surgeon once as I was Ubering him to a party (off-hours, so don’t worry!). I said to him, ‘Wow that must be so stressful.’ And he said yes, to a degree but that when he was in surgery he was so hyper-focused that it was actually relaxing. ‘Ahhh,’ I said, ‘Almost like a meditation.’ He agreed and said ‘Hmmm, I never thought of it like that but yes, it is like a meditation.’

If you have no sights on shifting your state, meaning, if you are feeling coolio about how you feel & what’s happening in your life, meditation may not be for you.

Maybe meditation is just not your jam but maybe you’d like to try some relaxing focused activity, you know, like pediatric surgery. But in the meantime, while you get your degree, maybe try something like Mandala coloring or painting or walking in nature with no distractions like your phone or an overly chatty friend (like me, don’t invite me if you want a relaxing time in nature #verychatty).

Do what works for you.

Isn’t that the point of everything?

Do what works & is best for YOU.




If you’re interested in meditation, want to give it a try in an easy, simple way (AND you can stay in your PJs) and keep your mindset more positive, give my 7 Day Meditation & Mindset Boot Camp a try! It’s free & it’s on demand/automated so you can do it anywhere, anytime! If you miss a day or two, no problem, all the videos are right there for you to do whenever is convenient. Or you can follow right along as the emails come & prompt you to do the daily work! Try it! I think you’ll love it & the results! Sign up here & get started!

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