Are you running on empty?

Can you read that title without sining it a la Jackson Browne?

My apologies if you did & you’re not a fan like me but with that title, it’s hard not to start signing that song!!

But as usual, I digress.

Lately I’ve noticed my tank is never full.

I’m running on empty much more often than not.


In my defense, it is winter in New England, and whilst it’s not our worst winter ever, there still is lack of sunshine, decreased activity & more time indoors.

All which do nothing for my tank filling, mood, spirits.

Many times, it seems to catch up to you all at once, right?

I hadn’t been feeling bad at all until about 3 weeks ago.

Probably just as the Vitamin D reserves depleted!

But I also know I’ve not been doing things that fill my tank.

I haven’t been to my beloved acupuncturist lately.

I haven’t been getting up early to meditate & prep my mindset for the day as much as I’d like.

I’ve been eating too much comfort foods & not being active enough.

I haven’t been having much fun lately.

And on top of it all, I’ve been pushing myself pretty hard.

No wonder my tank feels empty.

Time to refill!

Refilling the tank is an oncoming process.

You don’t just fill & your good for life.

It’s practice, just like everything else.

You’ve got to keep filling.

Without stressing yourself out about it.

Often when our tank’s on empty all we can do is feel bad about it.

Ideally, we catch it on it’s way down & fill accordingly.

But life gets away from us all & it happens.


I’m there right now!

So I’ve begun to watch what I eat a little better (no drama involved, just being more mindful).

I’ve been getting more rest & I’m ready to commence my morning routine.

Now I just gotta call & make that acupuncture appointment & schedule in some fun!


What about you?

What are you doing to fill your tank & keep it as full as possible?

It’s not always easy, but something we must do.

Be easy on yourself with all of this kind of stuff. Beating yourself up just sucks the gas right out of your tank – body, mind & spirit.



Looking for a way to fill the tank?

A super easy & very powerful way to do so?

Join my FREE 7-day Meditation & Mindset Boot Camp Challenge starting Monday, February 29th!

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