Why I Didn’t Play Powerball Yesterday

Disclaimer: I did play Saturday but here is why I didn’t play again.


Yesterday I was out driving around making deliveries for a friend’s courier company I sometimes work for.

You couldn’t get away from Powerball talk on the radio!

I didn’t even know there would be another drawing so soon.

I thought, ‘Heck! I should play!!’

Just like on Saturday when I thought ‘It’s worth a shot’ and bought 4 tickets.

When the lottery is that big, why not, right?

As my day went on and I pondered when & where I would buy my tickets, I watched my thoughts.

First & foremost my intuition told me I would not win.

Also, I began to feel anxious about receiving the money. Thoughts about having it, helping people with it, what people would think about it all, what would I do? would I still work on my business? and lots of other stressful thoughts overcame me.

There were not fun, light, OMG-I’m-so-excited-about-potentially-winning-this-money thoughts or feelings like there were on Saturday.

And that’s a big red flag.

For a few reasons, of course.

One is, yup, I’ve got money issues. Lots of fears & anxieties around money.

This is something I have been working on for a few years now as I know my thoughts and beliefs about money are creating my life’s experience. I want to live in an abundant state of being on all levels, including financially so I have been mindful & creating better thoughts & feelings around money (and my life) whenever I can.

Yesterday, not only did my intuition tell me but my thoughts and FEELS told me that yesterday was NOT the time I would be winning Powerball or any lottery of any kind.

So secondly, it’s really important to trust and notice what is going on internally when making any decision or even doing something seemingly innocuous as playing a few Powerball tickets.

If your intuition says no, then it’s probably a no-go.

If your thoughts and your feels are not positively lined up with something, it’s maybe best to wait until they are.

Not to say you can not play with this or push yourself a little OR even switch up those thoughts PRONTO.

But for me, yesterday was kind of a tractor pull all around. It was hard for me to shift my thoughts, I would just notice them & do my best not to get too judgy-pants on myself.

So I knew it was no day to buy a lottery ticket.

So I didn’t.

And I felt just fine about it.

Now those thoughts…well, I work on them all the time.

In fact, when I am watching my thoughts and shifting them, amazing things begin to happen. Not just synchronicities but life just flows amazingly well & there can be magical money flow too, believe it or not!

I love it!

So whenever I can, I say affirmations to myself like,

Money is fun & easy to make!

I am a money & abundance magnet!

Money flows to me easily & frequently.

Those feel good.

And they work!

But not on days like yesterday where I could not get out of my own head. Where I could not squelch the crazy monkey mind.

Back to positive money affirmations today though & that feels good.

How about you?

Did you play?

Did you notice any thoughts or feels that weren’t exactly aligning with a ‘winning energy?’

Do tell in the comments below.




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