The Happiness Jar

Last year around this time I saw on the internet (as we do) someone posting about a Happiness Jar where you create a jar and all through the year put in notes about things that were amazing & that you are grateful for.

I loved this idea and immediately created one for our family that stayed on our kitchen table all year.










I left out small pieces of paper & pens by the jar so we could write something whatever & whenever we wanted.

It got pretty filled up and we made a plan that on New Year’s Eve, the four of us (myself, my husband and our 2 daughters) would have a nice dinner and read through the jar.

We toasted to all the wonderful things we read about and toasted to the upcoming year.









It was a wonderful ritual to create even if it provoked some eye rolling during the year – my ideas are not always enthusiastically received 😀 –  and it did create the good feels and even a few ‘let’s do this agains!’

Do you have any similar rituals for you and/or your family?

If not, are you going to give it a try?

Will YOUR family roll their eyes at you?!?!

Do tell in the comments below.

Happy New Year and cheers to much happiness in 2016!



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