8 Ways to Begin 2016 (you may be surprised!)


2015 is over. 

I am grateful – it was a good year in so many ways but it was the end of a 3 year cluster#$%& in many ways as well. 



Welcoming in 2016 with open arms, an open heart and planning for lots fun & exciting stuffs!! 


Here are 8 ways you might begin 2016, not your typical ones probably! 

8 Ways to Begin 2016

1. Tell resolutions to take a hike!
    :: Resolutions are so very last decade. 
    :: Don’t should all over yourself. 
    :: Your spirit wants so much more! 

2. Sleep in, relax, make some tea and honor the spirit of winter!
     :: Hibernation is where it’s at (especially, if like me you live in New England)
     :: Soups, stews, tea & snuggling on the couch is where it’s at.
     :: Can I get a hells yeah?!?!

3. Get some journals and new pens and write! 
    :: Everyday write what you are grateful for. 
    :: Everyday write some ideas down.
    :: Everyday write affirmations. 
    :: Write your goals, your dreams.
    :: Write out your gripes, write out a lil bitch sesh but then rip 
       it out and throw it away! It feels good.

4.  Pencil in all the fun things you want to do this year.  
     :: Make a list or actually schedule it in the calendar!!

5.  Make 2016 the year of no drama.
     :: Proclaim that you will complain less (if at all)!
     :: Only tell a story of something that bothered you once! 
     :: Don’t post any drama or depression posts on social media. 
     :: Watch your thoughts, your words, what you watch, what you listen to – make it a priority to surround yourself with as much positivity as possible!
     :: Start today!! 

6.  Begin to think I CAN!
     :: YOU CAN!! Because YOU CAN!!
     :: Why not start beginning to believe you can have, do and be 
        anything you want! 

7. Do this ritual to start the year
    :: Light some candles
    :: Write out all your goals & wishes for the year
    :: Say a prayer or ask your own personal Divine for their care and  guidance with these wishes
    :: Go outside and safely light these wishes and goals on fire sending them out to the Universe to be taken care of! 
    :: Go back inside and say another prayer giving thanks to those who guide you, protect you and take care of all of your needs

8. Join us for The Miracle Mindset Program! 
      :: We begin Monday, January 4th
      :: Learn to meditate 
      :: Learn to focus on all you want
      :: Master a short but very powerful daily routine (no shoulds!)
      :: Benefit from an amazing group that is coming together
      :: Click here for more info and to sign up

Have any you want to add?

Share them with us in the comments below! 

Whatever you do, I hope 2016 brings you lots of fun, love & adventure. 



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