Mindset Monday: Episode 1 Whatchoo Thinkin’ About??

My new series has begun!

Mindset Monday.

I will be on Periscope Mondays at 10am and then post here on my blog as well as on Youtube.

Be sure never to miss an episode by getting on my email list here.

Today I talk about a choice we have.

We can give energy to our thoughts.

Or we cannot.

What do you do?

Just notice.

Here’s the thing, we are always going to have thoughts.

How many of them to we have to pay attention to? Give our energy to?

How many do we allow to drain us?

Check out today’s episode::

A bit ago, I said NO MORE to giving up my energy to my draining thoughts of drama & negativity.

I’m going to be teaching you EXACTLY how I went from a mindset of fear and anxiety to one of possibility, freedom, love & miracles!

Registration for my Miracle Mindset Program has opened!

The 6-week class begins Monday, January 4th.

This will be the VERY BEST way to start your new year.

Click here for more details and to register. 


Just ask below or email me directly at aemartin4 (at) gmail (dot) com




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