The greatest gift driving for Uber has given me

Here I am being silly with my Surge Pricing Queen Crown on. No, I don't wear it with riders in the car!
Here I am being silly with my Surge Pricing Queen Crown on. No, I don’t wear it with riders in the car!

I have been driving for Uber in Boston for six months.


For three reasons.

  1. I need a job that gives me a ridiculous amount of flexibility.
  2. I need to help our family with the finances.
  3. I need to work while I figure out what is next for me in my career.

Enter Uber, the most perfect job for me that not only fits my personality but those three needs like a glove!

What I did not expect are the amazing & surprising side effects that have occurred for me as well!

There are two pretty straightforward ones – I get to get out of the house and interact with adults which is wonderful. Love my kids and that I get to be home with them but good gravy, Mama’s got to get out!! Also, I get to contribute to our family’s bank account and that has helped my sense of self-worth. So those are pretty cool. Dig ’em.

But what else has happened while I drive around, while I talk to people, while I think about what is next for me, is that I try to focus on what I want. What to do I want my days look like? Feel like? What on Gods green earth do I want to do with myself???

Truth is I am not 100% sure. I have a ton of ideas (yup, I write them all down), I have a ton of interests (but would any of them make a good career??) and I know I could make anything really ‘work.’

But I want much more than just a job. Or just a career that I am making ‘work.’

So as I have been driving around, pondering, feeling so very grateful for Uber and the opportunity to drive whenever I want and make money, I realized one thing.


Tons of freedom.

Freedom of time & schedule.

Freedom to be creative.

Freedom to meet and talk with people.

Freedom to be me. 100% in my life AND CAREER.

Freedom to travel.

Freedom to MAKE EPIC SHIT HAPPEN (should I want to).

Freedom to make my family a priority (hard to believe that would be a ‘freedom’).

I just wanna feel free.

And OMG, driving for Uber has given me a taste of what that freedom feels like. I love driving in the car. Windows down, music blasting. Then I pick someone up. We chat (or don’t). I have had some amazing & inspiring conversations with some wonderful people. That is something I love doing. PLUS, I work whenever I want. THAT feels amazing.


The biggest gift driving for Uber has given me?

It has allowed me to connect with the sense of freedom I want in my life. Condition-free freedom. That is what I want. And if I had not been driving for Uber and connecting with how important that is for me in my life and for my future career, I know I would be searching for WAY longer than I might be. Or I might pick something just to pick something and not have the clarity that this time has given me to figure out how imperative FREEDOM is to & for me.


Feels good!

Clarity, freedom, flexibility, it all feels so good!

Thank you Uber!

I am so grateful for all of this!

Want to drive for Uber?

Click here to sign up via my referral link.

Maybe it will create some clarity (and money!) for you too!

Have more questions about driving for Uber? Ask away or click on my Drive for Uber page with more blogs & videos where I share my experiences.

Thanks for reading!



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