I see triple numbers

Not dead people.

I don’t see dead people.

Although, I do sometimes sense them but that is another blog post for another time.

But I digress.

Do you believe in signs from the Universe?

I kinda do.

I say ‘kinda’ because I am a bit skeptical even though I know, like really know, there are energetic forces all around us that we can tap into at any time.

For example, yesterday I was floating on a pond. It was so peaceful. I stared up at the sky and knew I only had a few moments of peace (I have small kids!) so I thought to myself, ‘Universe, God, whoever, send me a sign. Any kind of sign.’ My thoughts were a bit spazzy and I was not in any kind of trance or meditative space, just breathing and trying to chill for a few moments. As I stared up into the sky, I was thinking about what a spaz I am. Then a dragonfly flew by in the sky. No big deal right? Except dragonflies are one of my ‘spirit animals’ or ‘spirit guides.’ I’ve got one hanging in my car (it’s a necklace, not a real one). I had one guide me in a shamanic journey this year (that’s another story for another time!). So the fact that a dragonfly flew above me was a sign. I am not sure for what but who cares. It’s pretty cool.

I drive a lot. Like a lot because I am a mom, an over-errander & an Uber driver.

When I am out driving, I see triple numbers ALL THE TIME.

Now being out on the road a lot, you really do see triple numbers everywhere.

But I see them. Constantly. Everywhere.

For example,

One day, not driving for Uber, I was getting on the highway. The lane to merge onto the highway ended a lot sooner than I expected and I was going faster than I should have (I know, I know, bad girl). I missed an 18 wheeler by a foot and swerved into another lane, barely missing another car.

Once my nerves settled, I thought to myself, ‘Good gravy. Angels really ARE looking out for me.’

And JUST as I had this thought, I glanced over at a car license plate and it had the numbers 444 on it.

So as I was thinking ‘OMG Angels are watching over me,’ I see 444.

Triple 4’s often represent Angels and a reminder that they are with you & looking over you.

Every time I look at my phone to see the time, I always seem to catch it at a triple number time.
Every time I look at my phone to see the time, I always seem to catch it at a triple number time.














Occasionally, I will be driving and my mind will be racing all over the place and I will see 777 which is my sign for trust and that there are miracles coming into your life. It is always nice to see these numbers and the wisdom & messages they carry.

Ironically (or not) a few days after I took this picture , I picked some folks up here, Hmmmmm……
Seen on a truck in front of me in traffic.
An Uber fare












My favorite website for the meaning of these numbers is http://sacredscribesangelnumbers.blogspot.com/.

You can also google ‘What does 222 mean’ and usually the first site or so to come up is one of hers. It is great info, I even keep them on my phone for quick reference.

So keep a lookout for those numbers. Know that they just might be messages for you, especially if you see them a lot.

A cool thing you can do is calculate your Life Purpose Number here and notice if you see this number a lot. It’s a great sign that you are on your path and doing what you are supposed to be doing.

Do you believe in messages from the Universe? God? Angels? Guides?

I am a believer that anything is possible. And when things like this keep happening, it is hard not to believe!

If you have had any experiences like this do share in the comments below!

Hope you enjoyed this post!



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