What if I am completely unlikable?

This is one of the things that holds me back.

What if I am completely unlikable?


I had a little chuckle about this this morning. I have some pretty unlikable qualities. And I found that funny because I’m not sure what that means and don’t we all have ‘unlikable’ qualities? Aren’t we all ‘just human?’ But this thought of being unlikable trips me up quite a bit. 

But should that stop me from moving forward, shining bright, playing big & wanting to be successful?

Many of the most successful people are humans who have ‘unlikable’ qualities. But what is more true is that they have people that love them and people that do not. And they probably give zero fucks about it too. And even if, because they are human, they give a lil fuck here or there they don’t let it stop them from their goals, dreams, success. They’re too busy making shit happen!

If we are to be truly ourselves and play big, strive for success, shine bright & give less (or even zero) fucks, here is the truth…not everone is going to like us. There will be those who love us and those who do not. There is no way we can please everyone. No. Way.

If someone doesn’t like you, why is this important? I ask myself this a lot.

Do you like yourself? Isn’t that what is most important? I have spent most of my life far far FAR too distracted by what people think of me. Or actually, what I THINK, they might be thinking. It’s exhausting.

I’m not yet in the ‘I give zero fucks’ crowd, but I am getting there. Because I see that these type of patterns are holding me back and that is NOT working any more.

Caring for ourselves is the most important thing we can do. Many of us were not programmed to think or act this way because, HELLO, it is selfish & you should put others before yourself, ya know.

Um, no.

Setting healthy boundaries that honor YOU and your needs are what can allow for a very wonderful & productive life. But many will see this as selfish and self-centered and HELLO, what about THEMMMMMMMM???!?!?!?!?!?

Um, no.

Or um, maybe later.

Like, much later. ;D

People are going to think what they are going to think. No matter what you do. You may even, like me, have qualities that are ‘unlikable.’ Guess what? It’s OK! And what exactly is an ‘unlikable’ quality? It is probably different for every single person. And it is probably more about someone’s opinion than any kind of actual truth. 

I think it just matters what we think of ourselves.

And we all deserve to be 100% ourselves, not hiding whatever ‘horrible & unlikable’ qualities we are trying to hide (or think we are trying to hide!).

We all deserve to shine bright like a diamond, play & serve to our biggest capacity, claim loud & proud…


So go, go forth and be you, give less fucks, be ‘unlikable’ (you probably are pretty likable anyway) and do what you are here to do…

Be 100% you.



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