What I Made Last Week Driving for Uber

I have been driving for Uber for about five months now.

It has been going better than I could have ever expected!

I am going to be posting blogs and videos about my experience but I thought I’d get a quick post out about last week.

Ok, here are some important things to note…

:: I DO NOT drive during the busiest times mostly because I’d rather be sleeping. People who drive during the busy and more ‘surging’ time periods make more.

:: My schedule changes every week as I work around my husband’s ever-changing schedule so I almost never work the same times

:: I live right outside Boston, MA, so this is a busy area in general

Last week I logged 23 hours ‘online’ which means my Uber app was on for those amount of hours. I would say 3 of those hours were times where I was waiting for a ride, driving without a rider towards a busy area or taking a break.

AFTER Uber took their 20%, my take home was $480.01. This includes being reimbursed for tolls. Please take into consideration that I put in approximately $60 worth of gas (I am going to try and track this better but I fill up my tank to keep it at least half full at all times so I am ready for longer drives if necessary). Also, I need to pay taxes on this because as an Uber driver you are a contractor and will receive a 1099. Please talk to a trusted and certified tax professional and ask about paying quarterly taxes as well as what you can write off such as mileage, car upkeep & cell phone.

The way I think of it is this…

$480 minus gas and some money put away for taxes will wind up being approximately $380.

$380/20hours = $19/hour

Let’s be a bit more conservative and say it is about $16-17/hour.

For me and my current situation, being between careers, having small children & having a husband with an erratic schedule, I CANNOT get an interim job, say as a cashier or office person or something of the like for that amount of money WITHOUT PAYING A BABYSITTER. If I did, and I have, my hourly pay goes down to practically nothing. Babysitting, should you have the patience, pays great! And I am MORE than happy to pay a sitter if I am doing something that is contributing to my future career.


The flexibility I have with Uber is pretty much ‘money in the bank’ as I like to say. I can turn the app on (OR OFF!) at any time. I am unbelievably grateful at this time for this opportunity.

And truthfully, I really like it. Riders are so nice. They appreciate great service (which is ridiculously easy to give). I got some AWESOME feedback last week:


Uber is great. Want to get out of debt? Work a few hours a week, say 10, and chip away at that annoying monthly bill! Want to save up for a trip or fund some entrepreneurial dreams like me? A few hundred dollars a week can make a HUGE difference! Want the flexibility to work when you want and how much you want? Uber can’t be beat.

And as a woman driver, I feel safe and I have never been harassed or bothered – this has been my experience and I can only speak for myself.

You can drive only during the day if you did not want to drive at night.

You could just work one night a week at a busy or a not busy time.

You get to pick, you get to be in control.

And that feels good!

Want to give it a try?

Click on the Uber icon below to sign up via my referral link!


Watch my video The 10 Things I Love About Driving for Uber here.

Ask any questions in the comment section below!

I am doing a weekly Periscope #UberTalkTuesdays, talking about my experience driving for Uber & answering your questions! Download the app and search Adrienne @aemartintweets (my Twitter handle).

Honestly, it cannot hurt to give it a try. It might be the perfect thing for you right now as it is for me!

Thanks for reading and please, ask any questions below.


PS Everyone always asks what I drive and I drive a 2010 Honda CRV

PS (again) The week before I made $680 driving about 30 hours

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