10 Things I Love About Driving for Uber

I became an Uber driver four months ago to help make extra money for our family.

I had no idea what it would be like and if it would even be worth my time and effort.

Well! It’s been great and I think it is an AWESOME way to make money.

Watch below to see the 10 things I love about it!


If you want to sign up to be an Uber driver so you can make extra money, get out of debt and/or fund your dreams, click below on the Uber icon to do so now!

images-4Have any questions?

Ask below or on the youtube video comment section!

Thanks for watching/reading!



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2 thoughts on “10 Things I Love About Driving for Uber”

  1. This is great! I don’t think I live in a busy enough area unless I just went and hung out in Portland to work. Question, can you decline a request? Like if one comes in and they need a ride like an hour away and you just don’t have the time for that round trip, can you decline? And do requests go out to a bunch of drivers at once and whomever responds firsts gets it or how does that work?

    1. When you receive a ride request, you only know the riders name and where you are picking them up, not where they are going. If I know I need to be home at a certain time, I try to finish up about an hour before that to decrease my stress about this very thing! I would not have a problem though telling someone if they were going far and I needed to be home that I was unable to take them b/c I had kids and had to get home. They can just get another driver.
      Most of the time (as far as I know) riders put in their request, it goes out to the closest ‘on-air’ Uber driver and you have 15 seconds to accept or decline the request.
      It can’t hurt to give it a try! Early mornings in your area might be good with people going to the airport or downtown to work. You can put on your Uber any time and see what bites! Or try hanging out in Portland on a Th/Fri or Sat night – like 7-11pm. See how it goes! It might be great, it might not really work out. I have great outings and I have fair outings. I try to look at the whole week’s earnings instead of per ride or per day. Hope that is helpful! Thanks for the great questions!

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