Long Distance Love Bombs






Yesterday morning I got to talk with Jeremy the founder of Long Distance Love Bombs.

 If you do not know about LDLB, you should!

He and LDLB are one of my favorite follows on social media.









This post on Rebelle Society was my first introduction to Jeremy and his writing.

I was an instant fan!

A Fuck It Bucket!?!?!


I began following him on Facebook and Instagram (sounds a bit stalker-y, no?? LOL) and was continually inspired by his writing.

I contacted Jeremy to see if he would be interested in an interview and he said yes!

Have a listen to our interview (please begin at minute 4:00 as I had some technical difficulties aka massive flakiness and couldn’t figure out how to get started! Jeremy was so kind and patient as well as great to talk to).






Find Jeremy and Long Distance Love Bombs all over the internet at these places:




Find him on Etsy here:


Please share this interview and how to find Jeremy/LDLB with anyone you think would like it.

Thank you!



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