Are you your story?







When we were growing up, most of us were told what to do.

The majority of the time, it was for our safety and what our parents or those who were raising us thought was best.

Then there was the stuff we were told about ourselves and life in general.

Things like,

Life is hard

You can never be or do this or that

No one in our family does things like that

The world is an unfair unkind place

Things don’t work out

You are not good enough, smart enough, thin enough, pretty enough, manly enough, strong enough, enough like you brother/sister/cousin

Our little souls internalized this.

And then it became our story.

How we viewed ourselves in the world.

How we acted in the world.

What we expected in our lives and from ourselves and others.

And our lives began to play out that way.

These thoughts became our reality.

If you were lucky, you were either able to move past all this and not become your story or your (programmed) thoughts. Or you were filled with possibility and excitement about yourself and life as you grew up.

But that is not what happened for most of us.

Most of us are just living out our story.

And a bit trapped.

I believe we can change our story.

Become more than our story.

First, it is all about acknowledging that this is true.

It may be hard to deal with or even see.

That’s ok.

We may feel angry and hurt because we were ‘given’ this story.

That’s ok.

Now, as adults we have the power to change the story, forgive ourselves and others for perpetuating the story and MOVE THE FUCK ON.

Over the past few years I have REALLY been in touch with my story and how it is replaying over and over again in my life.

I have been doing my best to take responsibility for my part in this.

I began to write a new story and reprogram my brain.

That has been huge.

Taking really good care of myself in the best way I can really helps me to keep my thoughts and story much more positive.

I trip and fall all the time.

Old patterns, old stories, old crap – it’s still there.

But I am determined, with compassion and patience (as much as I can be of these things!!), to continue my journey in this world with a new story.

I can do anything.

I can be anything.

In fact, I can be wildly successful.

I can be exactly who I am (warts and all) and do the things I want to do and help the people I want to help.

What about you?

Does this resonate with you?

Can you ‘see’ your story and has it been replaying out in your life?

If you are tired of your story and want more for yourself and your life, just ask.

Sit quietly and ask (or pray and ask),

How can I release my story and be more of my true self?

Now sit and listen.

The answer will probably surprise you.

We are often programmed to believe we have to do more, be more and try EVEN harder to move forward or change.

It’s not the truth.

Gentleness, slowing down, being in nature, meditation and prayer are often the only things you need.

Oh, and some pen and paper.

Begin to write down everything.

Purge on paper the old stuff.

Surrender to what is.

Be grateful for what IS around you.

Begin to write a new story with positive affirmations and exciting goals.

Take your time.

Find what you need (which may change as you move forward).

Have a cry.

Find a great healer. (mine is amazing)

Do whatever it is you need to do.

For a long time, part of my journey was just to observe my story.

I watched myself.

Same. Old. Story.

When I got tired and devastatingly sad about what I was watching (my own life and mostly my own thoughts), I began to do exactly what I wrote above. Writing, surrendering to the what is, becoming more grateful for what is and moving forward.

One of my favorite mantras for myself is…

‘My mind is open to seeing all the possibilities around me.’

What is so true is that we do not see all there is to see. We have a very limited view of life, what is possible and ourselves!

Be open to seeing more.

Being more.

Believing in more.

You are not your story.






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