10 Ways To Be Your Own Biggest Cheerleader (plus bonus tip!)

i have become my own biggest cheerleader and superhero championing for awesomeness!
i have become my own biggest cheerleader and superhero championing for awesomeness!

Rooting for yourself and being your own biggest cheerleader is not about going it alone or holding the energy of ‘no one supports me so F them I’ll just do it all myself.’

Quite the contrary.

It is about honoring yourself and all you want.

It is about holding the energy of ‘I deserve to feel good and shine bright.’

It is about creating a bubble of positivity and light so that you can be all you and live the life you are here to live.

It can be hard at times to do all of this. You may feel tired, cranky and overwhelmed.

But I am hoping with these tips you will see it is not difficult to make your dreams come true nor is it difficult to keep yourself going, supported and excited every day!


In my course, The Expansion Academy, we have 1 journal and 2 mindset books.

The journal is used for two things. One, for gratitude lists and also for journaling, getting out the gunk and a lil (or a lot) of bitching. Or daydreaming. Or all of the above.

The second journal is a rough draft mindset book where you begin to play with your ideas and dreams. It is all done in a positive, in the present tense way but it is a place where you can see what feels write. For example, maybe you want a million dollars. Write that down. How does that feel? Does it feel exciting and good and a bit of a stretch yet reachable? Or does it feel ridonkulous? Keep playing and adjust to what feels right. Want a raise or a new job? What does that feel like, look like, take to get? Write all of it down and see what resonates the most.

Then, when you have a goal, affirmation, intention that feels all you and attainable yet enough of a stretch, write that in the second mindset book that full of these clear messages to yourself, your subconscious and the BIG U (Universe).

Some of you may not need this rough draft book but I have found it great to have a place where I can hash out my plans, dreams, goals and intentions. Then to transfer the ones with balls and depth that I really resonate with to one clean and clear journal, well, that just feels awesome.

Feel free to add in pictures, slogans like ‘YOU CAN DO IT! YOU GOT THIS! YOU ROCK!’ to both mindset books.

And there you have it, your own little cheering section!


Commit to reading your final mindset book twice a day. I began with once a day and moved up to twice when I really saw results coming.

Plus it is a great way to start the day and feel like there really is someone (you!) cheering you on!

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of reading these mindset books every day.

You are now reprograming your brain and the energetic world around you. In time (sometimes very quickly and sometimes less quick but you will get there!) you will see actual physical proof of these things manifesting.


One you are in the flow of this writing and reading there will come a time where you need revising.

Some things will have manifested (add those to your gratitude list!).

Some things will no longer feel like ‘you’ or you may decide you actually don’t want that goal as it is written.

So rewrite and revise.

Either get a whole new journal or gently fold over or take out those pages that do not resonate.

I advise that you leave in the ones that have come true so that you have a reminder of how powerful this process is and how you are cheerleading yourself to some awesome, AWESOME shit.


Gratitude gets us present and in a feel good place.

So spend lots of time there.

Write down all the great things that happened in your day and that you are grateful for in your life every night before you go to bed.

Have a list on your computer to look at every day when you are feeling less than awesomesauce.

Start an email chain with a friend to share gratitudes and appreciates with on something you are having difficulty with (family, work, self etc).

If you do only one thing from this list, I would suggest it is this.


A cheerleader is no good without some bangin’ beats!

You have seen it when a crowd really gets going once a song comes on.

Even those first few notes can get people on their feet and cheering.

Then, the cheerleader comes out and their job is much easier.

Get a playlist going.

Put some music on.

I love these two songs to get me in the flow of my hopes and dreams and anytime I hear them I am motivated and happy. I have some other more dance-y move-y songs but these get me in my soul so they work (I’m listening right now!). Honestly, just put on a Rihanna play list and you will be all set! 🙂 I love me some Ri Ri. She’s my own personal cheerleader.

(if you have some, please share them below!)


Shake it.

Move it.





Any good cheerleader knows the power of moving their body. Not only to get them pumped up but the crowd too.

So play that music and then move!

It will help you so so so SO much.


Celebrate everything.

Celebrate abso-freakin-lutely everything.

Little things.

Big things.

When you reach a goal, an intention manifests, celebrate that shit!

Write it down too, so you are more inline with how good it all feels.

Feels good!

Can you hear the crowd roar?!?!


Truth is, you can’t do it all alone.

You can do much of it.

And that feels great.

But every team needs a team of support.

Get your team together.

What can you do to make yourself able to reach your goals, dreams, intentions?

Is it to get a housecleaner?

Barter with another mom for some time to yourself?

Get in or start a mastermind group?

Find a coach?

Schedule in some self-care?

There is a myriad of ways to get support for yourself.

If you do not know how you are going to do it (whether it be the reality of no time or money or other) then WRITE IT DOWN.

For example:

I have an amazing housecleaner.

I LOVE having my house so clean!

I get a massage once a month.

Keep writing and reading.

Be open to seeing what is out there and unseen.

Opportunities are all around we just have to be open to seeing them.


Be sure to ask for help & support when you need it from those around you.

No one is a mind reader.

Tell people what you need.

Then thank them for helping you and then ask them how you can help them. Helping others can be just what our body/mind/soul needs to help itself.


Don’t take this journey of cheerleading yourself so seriously or so hard that you feel like a warrior out there all alone.

Don’t be a martyr.

On those days where it feels like you are pushing too much…


Just stop.

Rest & renew.

Review your goals and intentions.

Are you pushing too much?

Expecting too much?

Is it all too much of a reach?

Take a few days to softly and peacefully rest your mind and let your true emotions and callings come out.

Give yourself a break.

You do not need to do it all, be it all, get it all done tomorrow.


That feels better doesn’t it?


Whether it be with nature, spirituality or others, spend some time connecting.

This will be rejuvenating and help you to keep the cheering going.

Nature is my jam and I need it to keep going.

Also, a little quiet time meditating and connecting with my Divine is important to me.

Without these things, my cheering gets very quiet and dull and at times goes away.


So making time for these things is imperative.

What about you?

Share all your little nuggets below!!

And finally…as a bonus tip I offer you these final words…


Ever watch a football game and no matter how shitty the team is doing, the cheerleaders are screaming and yelling GO TEAM GO!

They tap into that place that says – no matter what the reality is, no matter what it looks like in front of us at this very moment, we are cheering like the champions we know we are.

Have faith.

Blind faith.

Be ridiculous about it.

It is your life after all.

Cheer yourself on NO MATTER WHAT.

Create a bubble of positivity and celebration for yourself by reading your mindset book every day, listening to your favorite music, moving your body, asking for help when needed, resting when you need to, and why not put pictures and affirmations everywhere around you to help you stay in this pod. 


Everybody now:


I hope you enjoyed this post and if you did, please share it with those you love on your favorite social medias!

Thank you!




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  1. I wanna hear more about these mindset books! Are they something you buy or empty notebooks that become about mindset? Any chance of a DIY or online guided mindset program-thingy in the future? xx

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