7 Things To Do When The Demons Appear (plus bonus tip!)

Any time you move forward in your life whether it be personally or in your business there are bound to be snags, glass ceilings and shit that comes up.

This is completely natural and part of your growing process and truthfully, what you signed up for.

But sometimes it can feel much bigger than that.

It can feel like a big ass scary demon or beast is trying to kill you and if not exactly kill you, squash and kill your hopes and dreams. Like seriously. Not just lolz n’ stuff.


It can feel like this MF will not rest until you have given up.

And guess what?

This demon is just us. Our story. Our limiting beliefs.

But man, can that feel not only exhausting but down right scary and defeating.

Why does this happen?

There are a gagillion reasons and things to deal with for sure but let’s just deal with what do actually do when this happens for now. 😀

1. Acknowledge 

It is important to acknowledge this beast.

Hear what it has to say.

Let it kick and scream and be a douche.

Look it in the eye and say ‘Yes, I hear you.’

2. Snuggle that big nasty Mo Fo

Yup, snuggle it UP!

Deep inside that nasty beast is you as a kid all scared and sad.

Wanting to be heard, nurtured and loved.

And because that probably didn’t happen in the way it needed to, a beast was put around it to protect it and save this wound from harm.

So look the best in the eye and say, ‘No, I really hear you. And I understand you. And I love you.’

3. Listen

Spend some time in silence, meditation, prayer and listen to what the beast has to say.

This can be profoundly difficult so do not be afraid or embarrassed to ask for help with this whether it be professionally or from a bestie (but not another beastie lol).

If it is helpful, write stuff down.

Puke it all out.

Write a letter to the beast or whoever you felt was a beast in your life that you need to say some shit to.

Let the beast know it is heard.

Say, ‘I hear you. I REALLY hear you. Thank you for telling me what you have to say.’

4. Don’t be afraid

Sure, a bit easier said than done but once you realize it is not a big, nasty beast after all and that it is just you, your defense mechanism and you pushing through so you can grow and shine as the real, powerful  you that you are, then it is something to work WITH and not against.

5. Work WITH your beast and demons

This beast is your biggest teacher. It will help you more than you can ever know.

If you do not want to stay stuck, work with not against your beast.

Because it will keep showing up until you decide to make it your ally not your enemy.

And once again, a bit easier said than done but to be a bit cliche…


6. Celebrate

When your demons and your ugly beast shows up it means you are wanting more out of your life. You are playing big. You are saying no to what you do not want and saying yes to what you do want.

So if you are dealing with some shit, know that this is exciting, actually because on the other side is the life you are here to lead.

So celebrate and have a little fun with this.


7. Keep movin’ and enjoy the ride! 

Dealing with demons and beasts of our own doing is pretty much what we all signed up for.

It makes us better and stronger and gets us dirty and emotional.

Most of us have believed that this is all bad in one way or another so it can be hard to not only deal with beasts but move past them.

And that’s ok.

I have stayed stuck, confused and paralyzed more times than I can say.

But now, it is the time for me to keep moving. Do all the things I have just written about and keep on with my journey – all while enjoying the ride, with my big, lovable demon beast child right by my side!


One of the things that has helped me the most in staying on track and dealing with my demons is reading the book I wrote for myself twice a day.

It is like I am truly rewriting my story and my truth.

I committed to doing this a few months ago after writing it last February (and the words and affirmations and truths keep evolving so I just keep writing and rewriting!).

It has made a HUGE difference and helping me stay on track with my dreams and my moving forward.

Demon beasts and all!

Thanks for reading and please share with anyone you think would like it!



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