Fitness Friday: I went to Mass this morning

Today is Fitness Friday!

The emphasis today is on fitness but not the fitness we always think of – body fitness.

And of course, without a doubt, that is important.

But what about mind fitness? We address that usually on Mindset Mondays 😀

Soul fitness? Spirit fitness?

How can we make sure our spirits and souls are fit as well.?

This is a hugely individual thing. It means different things to different people and what ones ‘fitness’ is around this varies hugely as well.

And I am here to encourage you to up your soul fitness – your way.

Here is a bit of my journey…

I live near a big, beautiful Catholic church.

photo (1)

I actually grew up here too so spent most of my life driving passed it.

For the past few years I have wanted to go inside.

I was baptized when I was a baby and would go to church with my Italian Grandmothers on occasion when I was little but that was about it for my religious experience.

About ten years ago, I wanted to grow my spirituality and find a place to do so.

Not that one needs a place. Our Divine is everywhere. Some folks feel spirituality in nature, at home, during yoga class, etc.

But I thought it would be great to find a place to go to every week to connect spiritually and that maybe it could become a ritual that even my kids could participate in.

So over the past ten years I have been doing a bit of searching.

Been to a few different kind of churches.

None really spoke to me all that much.

I walked by my local Catholic church the other day and saw that they had a morning mass.

‘I’ll try it!’ I thought.

So this morning I got up early and went to Mass.

I was brought to tears as I sat down, a clear sign that I was connecting with my spirituality. It is really beautiful in there as well. The stained glass alone is enough to bring one to tears.

The priest began.

Sin talk right off the bat which was a big turn off.

And my mind began to ‘wrong’ this.

But then I decided to listen and make my own interpretations.

I thought about the sins against self. How hard we are on ourselves. How heinously we can talk to ourselves. It’s a wonder how we can survive sometimes.

That is a sin for sure.

Then there was a nice talk about Jesus. I dig this guy Jesus and I was happy to hear a story about him.

It was a pretty basic Mass and about a half hour.

I am sure once and awhile I will go back because it felt like a nice way to start the day, connecting to my Divine in a beautiful place that is just a few minutes bike or walk from my home. But it is not the place I connect with the most.

I have found that somewhere else in something called Oneness.

A few years ago, during my searching for more spirituality, I found Oneness. A movement out of India. A friend was hosting a Oneness event and I was excited to check it out.

The minute I sat down I knew I had found my place. I fought back tears for the first half hour. I think my spirit knew life was never going to be the same and it hasn’t been.

I began to attend as many Oneness Events as I could.

But with none close to me, it was hard to do all the time.

I decided to host my own.

Selfishly mostly, so I could create this connection weekly for myself but also so I could share this experience with others.

So every Monday I am going to be hosting a Oneness Blessing.

If you live in the Boston area (or live a little farther and don’t mind traveling a bit) please come!

It is a non-denominational event which really helps you connect further with yourself, the world around you and your own personal Divine.

We begin with guided meditation and then the blessing where most of the Oneness Blessers present give each person a blessing.

It is relaxing, peaceful and such a great way to up your soul fitness.

Please join us!

Every Monday night starting August 4th.

Watertown Healing Center

22 Mount Auburn St.

Watertown Square, MA


Whatever you journey is, whatever you decide to do with your spiritual journey is just that YOURS. Make it your own, enjoy it and know that whether you decide to got to Mass, a Oneness Blessing, the beach or meditate in the woods, your Divine is everywhere and wanting to connect with you – without rules or regulations. Just connection, plain and simple. Wherever you are you CAN connect. Just try, just ask, just trust. 

Happy Fitness Friday!

If you have any spiritual journey experiences you want to share, please do!

Or any ways you think are a great way to connect, I’d love to hear them.

And if you liked this blog post, please share it with others.





2 thoughts on “Fitness Friday: I went to Mass this morning”

  1. I was raised Catholic, too, and went to church with my grandmother. I went through a whole “religious” quest quite a few years ago and tried out a number of churches, all established, organized ones. None felt as comfortable (for lack of a better word) as the Catholic one even though I disagreed with so much of the doctrine, and so I returned to my roots. Now I make my own little mishmash of spiritual nourishment that includes traditional forms of worship with my own handpicked selection of Eastern philosophies, meditation and other blessings from the universe. It works for me.

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