Beauty Barrage

Not every day is planned during the Summer Blitz that I am doing until the end of August.


Some days have themes that I am sticking with but others are open. That’s how I roll. Not too many rule and regulations or confinement.

Hard to thrive for me in those conditions!

So today is Thursday, July 31st!

Thursdays are an open day and I did not really have a plan for today.

I was going to talk about early registration for the fall class of the Expansion Academy but there are still a few things to add that I did not want to miss out on including. But some info is here if you are interested!

I was going to do a list of something or talk about why I am doing all I am doing and what my big dream is. But I am not ready to reveal that all quite yet. I have learned that while talking and sharing your dreams is important and can create opportunity and flow, it can also sometimes be too much energy to set free and then you get other peoples opinions, thoughts and energy into what you are trying to create and that is not always the best thing in the beginning, no matter how well intended.


Walking this morning to the coffee shop with my littlest and there are gorgeous flowers everywhere. It is a beautiful summer day here in Boston, MA.

And even though I am a bit tired and cranky from staying up late watching Sharknado 2 The Second One and having a few cocktails, I am beyond grateful at all the beauty around.

i did not take this today but it is one of my favorite beauty pictures ever!










So I thought today would be a wonderful idea to barrage our social media with the beauty all around us!!

We’ll call it the #beautybarrage for #justthursday on the #summerblitz!

Tag away on your social media and flood it with beauty!



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