What do you do on Sundays?

Last Sunday was Soul Care Sunday and like Thankful Thursday, felt a little forced. And there is no point to forced, that is NOT what the Summer Blitz is all about.

So Sundays…

Personally, I am really trying to figure out how to set up my week and have a day (or at least part of day) dedicated to do so which feels hard a lot of the time!

So tell us, inspire us and let us know on your Sunday….

Do you relax?

Chill with Lionel Richie?








Feel free to listen to my favorite version of this song by Faith No More.

Is Sunday your day to set up for the week?

Is it a spiritual and/or religious day deeply routed in tradition and family?

A work day?

Meet friends for a boozy brunch and then sleep all afternoon?

I am curious, so let me know! And I’m sure others are as well.

I have fantasies of a more spiritual and tradition based day, as well as a low key day with family and ALSO a day that gets the week set up (food, plans, goals and intentions set).

A day that I take care of myself and my family and build a tradition of some kind that includes a spiritually based event of some kinds.

It feels like that is never going to happen (any of it).

I don’t even know how to start one, well, except to just start one :D. I know I should just chip away at the little parts and just begin.

But it seems challenging, as we now live in a time where there is tons going on on Sundays – birthday parties, kid’s ball games and both my husband and I often work.

It feels like you have to really make an effort to make Sundays special.

So tell me your traditions and what your Sundays look like (or what you ‘Sunday’ looks like whatever day of the week that is).






2 thoughts on “What do you do on Sundays?”

  1. A boozy brunch and sleeping all afternoon sounds absolutely wonderful, but instead I often find myself just getting ready for the week by finishing up chores that didn’t get done by Saturday night. Not very spiritual, at all. I do try to take it slow in the mornings, though, and listen to the birds while doing a little positive energy meditation. I guess it’s a start.

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