Where is my pot…of gold?

I don’t smoke pot anymore – well, I might but I get so darn paranoid it is not really all that fun – so I’m not looking for that but I spend a lot of time thinking about pots of gold.









Big pots of shiny gold!!

But they are not there.

Where’s my success?

My money?

Where are all the peeps lovin’ my shit?

Last night I was at work.

I work part-time for a friend at their awesome and very successful burrito joint.

I was portioning cups of salsa.

I was ruminating in my mind about my Summer Blitz and WTF when is it all gonna come together for F sake!?!?!

Two weeks in. Very classic Adrienne of me!

Then like a giant lightbulb smacking me in the head, I had a HUGE realization and  literally bent over laughing at myself. I’m sure the dishwasher was all, ‘What’s up with this chica loca??’

This is what occurred to me:

First of all NO ONE has any idea what has been going on in my head for the past few years so how can they know what I am thinking? How can people know that I have been ‘working hard’ – albeit just in my mind – on all these things, that HELLO, are totally epic. 🙂

SECONDLY, I have gone and tried so many things that I cannot imagine that I have gained people’s trust all that much. This is going to take some time.



So duh…THIRDLY, no one is truly an overnight success. There is a tipping point. 98% of the time there is hard work. Real hard work. No just in-your-head hard work. Then there is a tipping point.

AND FINALLY, what really dawned on me was that I am building a foundation.

And not only does that take time but that takes roots, trust, some tears, work, some more time, some mistakes, and then more of the same.

So there I was, portioning salsas and having a chuckle at myself as the dishwasher looked at me strangely (as most of my co-workers do).

Then I thought about the good stuff.

The commitment I have made to move forward.

The commitment to the Summer Blitz.

The first class of The Expansion Academy which starts Tuesday.

My securing of a spot to do weekly Oneness Blessings which I have wanted to do for over a year.

My stepping into working again with energy and doing a house clearing this week which was really amazing.

My willingness to FINALLY throw out a wide net and talk about ALL the things I want to talk about and all the ways I want to help and be of service. Knowing my niche and path and true calling will find me no matter how foolish I make myself look and or how foolish I may feel.

I got it.

Marie Forleo did a great video this week with a great quote.

“Better to start small and sucky than to stay stucky.”

How perfect.

So on this Entrepreneurial Spirit Saturday, I encourage you, if you have something brewing inside you that you want to get out or if you have kinda started something but not really – consider, and I mean REALLY CONSIDER…






Getting a solid mindset (more on that Monday!!)


Build that foundation!

But just start.

Your pot of gold awaits.












4 thoughts on “Where is my pot…of gold?”

  1. It’s so true about working hard in your head with planning and brainstorming, but then not actually doing much work outside of your head. I do that all the time! Glad to know I’m not the only one who does that. 🙂

    1. it is nice to know we are not alone! i have been so exhausted from all the ‘work’ in my head, i knew i had to get out of my head and into action mode. often, with action comes clarity and this is partially why i am doing all this. thanks for being here amy!!

  2. I hear ya! Truer words have never been said. I’m nowhere near where I want to be, but at least I’m getting more comfortable learning how to just start before I’m “ready”.

    1. it can be very uncomfortable because i think we are programmed to believe everything has to be perfect, we have to be perfect and then we compare ourselves to the ‘perfect’ folks who are way ahead of us. but we have to keep on track, stay focused and keep at it!

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