Fitness Friday – Three Smoothie Recipes!


I’m Australian, ya know.

I am not but did spend some time there and it was EPIC.

So occasionally I like to say G-day and mate and no worries and stuff like that. 😀

Today is FITNESS FRIDAY as it will stay and it is all about fitness, food and fun for body, mind and soul.

I am ALL about spending more time adding in good stuff INTO my diet and not spending torturous hours thinking about taking things OUT of my diet (and never actually doing it, just being tortured about it – good times).

That is why I lurve smoothies.

Quick, easy, economical and packed with nutrients.

Here is my basic smoothie. Our family has it all the time.

Martin Family Green Smoothie

Add to your blender:

2 ripe bananas

6-8 oz* frozen mango

6-8 oz* frozen pineapple

3 cups water (or enough to cover or go slightly over fruit in blender)

Blend until smooth

*6-8 oz is approximately 1/2 16 oz bag frozen fruit

Then add greens of choice

2 big handfuls spinach

1/2 head italian flat leaf parsley (my fave)

1/2 medium head kale – leaves only

small head of romaine lettuce

or any greens you have on hand

Blend again until smooth

Then serve and enjoy!










I have these before breakfast and then take another 16oz with me for a snack later.

Or you can eat breakfast and then take two 16 oz with you to have as your mid morning snack and afternoon snack.

photo (1)








(the smoothie on the right is a fruit smoothie – banana, mango and a little blueberry. i sometimes give a plain fruit smoothie to my daughter’s as a snack)

Perfect and yummy and seriously giving you loads of nutrition that you may not have time to get to during the day.

I like easy!

And these are super easy.

I have two other ideas for smoothies and here they are.

If you want to add an extra punch to the smoothie above, throw in a ripe avocado (taken out of its skin of course!). Avocados are PACKED with nutrition and the fat in them is so great for us AND helps us absorb the nutrients in the smoothie better as well. You can add a spoon of coconut oil or your favorite healthy fat of choice. Then these (with the fat in them) can be a great meal replacement if you’d like.

The other smoothie isn’t for everyone but it is one of my favorite smoothies of all time!

Raw milk Smoothie

2 cups raw local milk

1 short cup of wild berries – blueberry, mulberry, raspberries etc

1 teaspoon raw cacao powder (raw chocolate powder – this is optional)

small handful of wild greens – dandelion, purslane, lambsquarter (these are probably growing in your backyard! be sure not to use them though if you spray pesticides on anything in your yard)

Blend and enjoy! Share some with a friend. This is SO yummy!!

Think about ADDING healthy yummy food to your diet. Don’t worry so much about taking stuff out. The more good stuff you add in, in time, the more you will keep adding, edging out the stuff that is on the unhealthy side.

Have a great fitness Friday!!



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