It’s (just) Thursday!

As you know, the Summer Blitz is hashtag heavy.

Every day has a theme and a hashtag.

I do this to create context and searchability for the #SummerBlitz.

I am also playing with ideas and seeing what feels right and what resonates all around.

Last week was #ThankfulThursday and I cannot lie, it felt a bit forced.

I am super down with gratitude and incorporating it into EVERYTHING.

So I don’t think it needs a day. It needs a THEME! So you will see it everywhere on all I do.

Then I thought of #TakeChargeThursday, ya know, a make shit happen kinda thing but that felt a bit forced to.

And finally I almost went with #TellTheTruthThursday because let’s be honest…

sometimes we do NOT feel grateful

sometimes we do NOT want to take charge

and sometimes we wish to hell hashtags had never been created because they are annoying


So today is Thursday.

Just Thursday.

Rock it out.

Enjoy it.

Or don’t.

Appreciate stuff.

Or don’t.

Have a…








Or don’t.

The Summer Blitz is all about getting you started, motivated, excited to do all the things you want to do, all the things you SAY you want to do.

But in an honest, truthful way.

Light on the bs.

So tell me about your #Thursday – the good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly, the awesomeness, the suckiness. And be sure to throw in the hashtag #SummerBlitz so I know you are with us!!

Tell me in the comments here, on Facebook or Instagram.

Let’s have a THURSDAY!!!!!!!!



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