Take Two Tuesday (and a survey!)


Today is Take Two Tuesday during the Summer Blitz.

All about reminding you to take two minutes for yourself to do something you want to do.

AND to remind you that two minutes is ENOUGH!

Perfect to get started doing something and make it a habit.

Exercise, yoga, meditation, prayer, organizing – get started with doing two minutes!! Soon you will create enough momentum to do five, ten, twenty or more.

But don’t even think about that. Just start with TWO.

It is enough.

You are enough.

Here is last week’s post for more inspiration.

I had planned for this week to be Talkin’ Essential Oil Tuesday but that got derailed a little bit by life as things do.







BUT I am super interested in them and I am thinking of doing it as a little side project but I’m not sure yet.

I created a very short survey so if you would take a few moments to take it I would greatly appreciate it!

Just click here to take this short 6-7 question survey:


Thank you!!

Be sure to take two for yourself today.

Let me know in the comments below or on Facebook what you are planning to do or have done.

OR take a picture of your Take Two and post it on Instagram! Be sure to tag me (adriennemartinxo) and #taketwotuesday and #summerblitz!

I’d LOVE to see them!



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