Hot Mess Monday – A Celebration

Today on the Summer Blitz we are celebrating.

Celebrating all of you – all of ourselves.


Hot mess and all.

I have the most ridonkulous eye allergy thing going on, I shouldn’t even leave the house. I look like I have been hittin’ the bong for three weeks straight. So lovely.

I can’t seem to….

get enough sleep

eat the right things

eat LESS

say things before thinking

laugh less loud

swear less

be less bitchy

throw myself out there with a real, adult, smart plan

be a together mom

be less extroverted

be less ME

because holy f-balls, I am a hot mess!!

And the more I think about all this, even though I am totally able to have a good laugh at myself, it pulls me down, it doesn’t help me move forward, it doesn’t help me move towards my dreams – and even they’re a hot mess.

People who move forward with the things they want, they’re super together and NOT a hot mess right?? Those people are not like me, are they?? They are perfect. So I should just shut up and not bother.

But I want to do great things!!!

So what am I going to do?

Keep focusing on all of this?

Keep thinking about and badgering myself about what a hot mess I am, like I have been doing since the 4th grade?

Not no more.

It’s time we celebrate ALL of ourselves.

all of it folks.




So today is Hot Mess Monday. Hashtag that shit up #HotMessMonday









Today was GOING to be #MindsetMonday – and it will be in the coming Mondays (I’m going to alternate these two) at some point because mindset is crazy important and I have been reprogramming mine and it is working out pretty good!


Today I aligned much more with hot mess than mindset.

So I was not going to fight that.

Be more with what is, ya??


Do we need to sit around and talk all dang day about what a hot mess we are, well maybe but for the most part, this is about acknowledging and moving ON!


Do you think you need to wait until you are thinner, smarter, older, younger (can’t wait for that can ya??), less messy, a better mom/sister/daughter/wife to do the things you want to do?

Do you think you need to have it all together and be more perfect before you can head in the direction, put your toe in the direction, turn to head in the direction of your hopes and dreams?

This is what we do.

No more I say!

Embrace it all.

All of you.


So join in this celebration of all things YOU, all things all of US.

Comment, like, share, tell the world (and especially me because I wanna hear from you!! The more we gather together about this the better it is!! Inspire others!!) about celebrating all of us – all of the WHOLE person, HOT MESS AND ALL  – that we are.

Whether you drank too much wine last night and F it is supposed to be Monday and you are SUPPOSED to start the week off rested and perfect.

Whether you went to 9 BBQs and ate your face off and you are SUPPOSED to start your diet and high intensity workout today but you just want a coffee and a bagel and to rest.

Whether you cried yourself to self because you feel unworthy and confused and just really fucking sad.

Whether you got in a big fight with someone close to you and you do not know how you are going to remedy it or even IF you want to remedy it.

This is a big messy life you know, a hot mess life, if you will. Most of us DID NOT sign up for a smooth ride. So stop fighin’ it and celebrate it all.

Are you with me??

I hope so.

Yours in all her hot messness,

Adrienne Embry Martin


P.S. Ironically, a famous author JUST wrote about this and I have come across it twice since thinking about Hot Mess Monday and what I was going to write. I felt discouraged, she wrote about it so beautifully. I thought about forgetting it all and throwing in the towel on #HotMessMonday. I let this derail me a bit – I am NEVER going to be able to write and put things into words like that and people are going to think I stole her thoughts!! I’m a fraud!! But no, my hot mess thoughts are not going to derail me. I am moving forward, telling my story, doing things my own, hot messy, ways. Her post is really good and obviously this is a message we all need to hear. So I’m even going to link it right here. We need to hear more of this, from more people, in all kinds of ways. So I’m sharin’ the goods. 🙂


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