Get Your Gratitude On


It has become a bit of a spiritual buzzword.

As if you can just ‘feel grateful’ and all your problems will go away and everything will be perfect.

This is not exactly how it goes.

BUT when you move to a place where you tap into feeling – and looking at – what is good in your life, in your surroundings, instead of constantly focusing on the negative and all that is wrong, bad and negative, shifts do occur.

Shifts that can bring in MORE of the good things you want!

When we focus on the negative, it often picks up momentum making things bigger and more awful then they are.

Yes, sometimes things ARE craptastic and that is the truth. Nothing wrong with feeling that, experiencing that and picking up the phone to talk about that.

But have weeks, months and years gone by and you are still talking about THAT?

This is often what happens, our mind gets on a hamster wheel and keeps spinning and spinning and spinning and things seem worse and more dramatic as time goes by.

Some big things happen in our lives that are stressful, sad, awful and uncomfortable. But we are often letting the little things take over too. Focusing on them WAY too much.

Shifting your mind at those times, the times you are sitting in traffic when you are already late, the times your coworker does the same ridiculously annoying thing AGAIN, the times the barista at your coffee shop makes your coffee wrong, the times your spouse forgets…everything, the times where all these things happen in the same day…all week. Shifting to what feels good at these moments that we don’t have much control over is what to do. For example, when you are sitting in traffic – isn’t it great that you can catch up on some calls? Listen to your favorite music? Have a few moments to yourself? It’s just a small shift but a much better one than sitting there yelling about the G-D traffic!!!

We can easily get carried away and feel aggravated. Then we read the paper, watch the news, read Facebook and it is filled with all things negative and stressful.

Where’s the good stuff???

Well it is your job to focus on the good stuff, as often as possible, in the most truthful way possible. No need to be a perfect Polly Anna if that does not feel right.

So during the Summer Blitz, Thursdays will be Thankful Thursdays.

Join in and let us know what you are appreciative of, what you are loving up, what you feel really good about.

I will be posting pictures on my Instagram (adriennemartinxo) and Facebook page all day to inspire you to get your gratitude on. Post your own pics too with the hashtags #thankfulthursday and #summerblitz and let’s attack social media with positivity and good feels!









Thanks for joining in!

I am super grateful for that and that you are here!!











One thought on “Get Your Gratitude On”

  1. So, a couple of years ago I learned from a horse trainer that if you are grateful when you are riding that it takes away all the fear. She said it’s impossible to be grateful and feel fear at the same time. I had stopped riding as much as I wanted because my horse would shy and jump around on the trail with me, making it dangerous and not fun for me, so I was avoiding riding. After practicing gratitude for the chance to be riding a horse while on him, I suddenly relaxed and what a surprise, my horse relaxed, too, and I was able to handle him much more effectively. As a result my confidence rose and riding became fun again. I never imagined that something so freakin’ simple could due so powerful.

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