Energy Work Wednesday

The Summer Blitz continues – helping you with all aspects of your life so you can SHINE SHINE SHINE.

Today is #EnergyWorkWednesday

Do you think you have to be stuck with stuck energy, negative energy or just an all around crappy feeling about something?

You do not.

You have the power to change any energy and today we are going to be talking about how to do so.

Let’s start in your home.

How does the energy feel there?

Are you sleeping well (or the most part!)?

Are you happy and comfortable there?

Or is there something off?

There are a million things you can do, here are just a few:

~ add plants and flowers to any room or area you want to bring more ‘life’ to

~ clear clutter!! this cannot be emphasized enough. When you enter your home is there crap everywhere? Clear it! Let energy flow! This goes for any area of your home. Clutter has got to go and here is why…









If you lay this Feng Shui map, called a Ba Gua, over the layout of your home, you will see that different areas of your home have different aspects of your life associated with them.

Put the Career/dark blue area where your front door is and go from there.

What area of your life would you like to improve?

Clear the clutter from that area, clean it up but be sure to add something there, something you love to look at or that is super useful. Don’t leave it empty.

You will notice a change in energy for sure!

~ sage! burning sage can clear lots of negative energy.






Burn sage in your house after unwanted house guests leave, anytime you feel there is something ‘off’ in your home or after you have decluttered to put some good energy in the area.

When burning the sage, say a mantra, like ‘any negative or stuck energy please leave’ and then keep burning the sage (you can wave it around but be sure to hold it still often enough for it to do it’s magic) saying a positive mantra like ‘our home is filled with love and great energy, we are so very happy and healthy here.’

These things really can make a huge difference in your home so give them a try!

And same goes for your office – declutter and while you may not be able to burn sage in your office (it can smell like you have been hitting the bong a few times), you can keep essential oils there – ones you love the smell of – and smell them or spray them to keep the energy good.

Physically, I believe energy can get stuck or be negative and this CAN lead to pain in your body (but not always, please go see a doctor if you are in pain).

Meditating and ASKING your Divine, spirit guides, etc about this pain can be powerful and transformative. When you meditate or just sit quietly, go to the area of pain and see what it has to tell you. I am not joking, our bodies DO speak to us. This may take time to actually ‘hear’ but you will. Listen, be gentle and go in whatever direction you need to do begin healing.








We all have healing hands and the power to hold energy in them.

Take your hands, connect with your Divine or just the collective healing energy of the Universe. See and FEEL an energy come to your hands. Breathe. Now take your hands, put them over your heart or any area of your body that needs attention and healing. Hold them on or above that area. Breathe some more. Know that healing is happening. Ask that it happen. Put your hands in prayer position and give thanks to all that are helping you – seen and unseen.

Boom! You’ve done energy work and cleared and have begun to change some energy.

You can also hold your hands outward after calling this energy in and send it out to anyone who needs it. You can also do this and send good energy to someone you have having trouble with. This can be transformative as well.

Not up for energy healing on your own? There are tons of practitioners you can work with who work with energy and help you heal. Acupuncturist, reiki practitioners, massage therapists and more. Even psychic healers. I have one I work with that I adore more than words can say. And while ‘psychic healer’ doesn’t do her justice, it is kind of the gist of what she does. Find more about Laura Graye here.

I hope these tips help.

Feel free to share any you have as well!

I will be on my Instagram (adriennemartinxo) and Facebook all day talking and reminding you about these great energy tools you can use in your life every day!

The Summer Blitz continues to be sure to join me every day!



One thought on “Energy Work Wednesday”

  1. That map is very handy. I used it to discover that my studio/office space just happens to be in the red zone for fan and reputation. Hmmm. AND it was already painted a beautiful, deep red when I moved in. Hmmm.

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