Take Two Tuesday – The Summer Blitz Begins!

Welcome to the first day of the Summer 2014 Blitz. 

All about getting you motivated to do the things you say you want to do but feel you don’t have the time, energy or mental strength to do.

You do have it all! All of it within you.

But often we all feel that if we cannot give it 8000% then why bother.

And so we get nowhere. We do not reach for our goals or our dreams.

Trust me, I know.

That is why today, the very first day, is all about taking two for yourself.

It’s #TakeTwoTuesday









Take TWO MINUTES to do something for yourself. Something you know is good for you but that you put off because you think doing just a few minutes of this is not enough.





Right now (or sometime today) take TWO MINUTES to…

~ go for a walk

~ do some stretching

~ sit quietly and put your hands on your heart and breathe

~ declutter your desk or an area of your house

~ jump rope

~ call a friend

~ write a note – like a hand written note! – to a friend

~ write out a list of things you are grateful for

~ meditate for two minutes (yup, two minutes is enough!)

~ listen to your favorite song or check out a new one that is awesome like this one (listen loud on headphones and your mood will elevate!)

We live in a time where there is an underlying message of MORE IS MORE and that you can never do enough.

Well you can.

Even with your diet. Just add two pieces of fruit to what you are eating this week and you are adding great benefit to yourself. No dieting or extreme stuff, just simple adding good stuff in. Start with two. Two pieces of fruit, two glasses of water, two new recipes with lots of veggies in them. Whatever seems right or easy for you this week. Do it. It is enough.

Moving forward in your life, getting goals in motion, making changes that you know are beneficial.


Two minutes, two things.


I cannot emphasize that enough (have I said it enough?!? :))

So what are you going to do today?

Let us know in the comments here, on Facebook or Instagram.

Share to inspire yourself and others.

I am going to meditate for two minutes today.

I can’t wait to hear yours!



PS Please feel free to share this post on your favorite social media outlet! It is much appreciated xoxo





2 thoughts on “Take Two Tuesday – The Summer Blitz Begins!”

  1. I love that you stress just a little change…You’re right, making a drastic change and committing yourself 100% to something is very intimidating and tends to have a paralyzing effect on me. Small changes, here and there, however, I CAN do and eventually they can add up to big things if we keep at it.

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