SUMMER 2014 BLITZ – Fitness, Food and Fun for Body, Mind and Soul! (or saying f-u to fear and doubt)

Are you ready to move forward in your life on all levels?

To stop letting fear, self-doubt and ‘this is too big of a mountain to climb’  thoughts from holding you back?


Say YES to giving all those thoughts the finger. A big F-U to them I say!!


Maybe you are a bit like me, too often swimming in the pool of self-doubt and fear.

Spending a lot of time watching and following others who are succeeding and rocking it out.

Are you over it?

If so, let’s move forward this summer – blitz style.

The Summer Blitz is here to inspire you to live life your way, boldly and take charge of the now and the future – body, mind and soul.









So let’s…

Have fun – body, mind and soul.

Get fit – body, mind and soul.

Fill ourselves with amazing food and ‘food’ – body, mind and soul.

We need to take care of all the aspects of ourselves – the physical, the emotional, the spiritual and all our hopes and dreams.

THIS is what the Blitz is all about.

We can all do this – be wildly successful in life, no matter what.

I’m thinking we can all use a little (or a lot) of inspiration.

Stop letting fear and self-doubt hold you back. There are things you are putting off, things you don’t think you have the time to do, things you think  are just for other people and some uncertainty on how to do it all.

Here’s the thing – everyone feels the same way, it’s just that some don’t let it all get in their way.

I’m going to lead the way during July and August.



**and please know that any like, comment or share of my blog posts and ESPECIALLY my Facebook posts helps me gain more visibility and grow my audience so even a little ‘like’ is SOOOOOO appreciated!! THANK YOU!**

I hope you join me for inspiration and fun this summer.

With hashtags of course – because they are not dead yet!! and, truthfully, provide a great framework and context to work in social media with – like…


#HotMessMonday (it’s gonna be good)


#TruthfulThursday and #ThankfulThursday




and much more!

There will be daily postings on the blog here, my Instagram (adriennemartinxo) and my Facebook page. So join us!

You can also sign up for email updates as I will be doing a weekly recap on Fridays with a blog and/or video. Sign up here.

You CAN be successful in your life NO MATTER WHAT.

No matter where you are starting from.

No matter where you want to go.

No matter where you have been.

Your body, mind and soul are calling to you and want you to move forward with all the things you say and feel you want to do.

And none of it has to be hard or time consuming.

There WILL be times to push and work hard or to get thru a barrier but with the tools and support provided this summer…


So please do join me and I look forward to bringing you


I hope this inspires you to move forward with something RIGHT NOW.

Plus, btw, it is a freaking FABULOUS time astrologically and energetically to do just about anything so take full advantage of this!! July has crazy good energy associated with it, especially the last two weeks and then in August you will be able to ride that amazing feel-good wave of abundance all month!





I also have another thing going on this summer and a new service I have added to the energy work I do. Check them out!

The Expansion Academy

~ Expand the possibilities in your life and your business – now. Like right now.

~ Two six week classes (the very first ones ever!) starts the week of July 14 – see blog post below for more details

Energy work and spirituality

~ I have added House Clearings and Blessings to my services, click here for more info

~ I am hopefully going to be doing Oneness Blessings on a weekly or bi-weekly basis here in the Boston, MA area. I am super excited about this.




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