The problem with spirituality (and what, maybe, to do about it)


Usually I have a lot of blah blah blah to write about before I get to the point but not today. 

Here is my point (the blah blah blah will come after :D).

The problem with spirituality is this: 

We have spiritual experiences. 

We have physical (and emotional) experiences.

And they are often (extremely often) VASTLY different experiences. 

Or at least they SEEM so vastly different. 

Then we are left feeling less spiritual.

Less ‘convinced’ that there is anything to spirituality, to the Divine, to peace on any level. 

For example, yesterday I went to a Oneness event. 

It was great. 

I felt close to my Divine. 

I felt close to the world around me. 

I felt peaceful and trusting that all is well – even MORE than well – that things were great. 

Then I left this little cocoon of love & peace and went to my car. 

I called my husband. We were not on the same page about much at all and bickered. It was rainy and cold. I felt tired and a bit cranky. I needed to go home and clean the house. I immediately felt NOTHING like I did inside at the spiritual event. 


So this gap between our spiritual experiences and our physical experiences is where the crazy roller coaster of life is.  

What I believe happens is that we fight what is. 

I wanted my husband to be different in that moment. 

I wanted it to not be rainy and cold. 

I wanted to have enough money to pay a house cleaner to clean my house. 

I wanted to not want coffee to boost my mood. 

I wanted to go back into that room where I felt close to my Divine and the world around me. 

Why oh why did the shift happen so fast?!?!?!

What WAS was that my husband is exhausted after a crazy busy month at work and he does not do well in rainy, dookie weather. 

What WAS was that the house needed to be cleaned. 

What WAS was that a little coffee was going to make a world of difference. 

What IS is that the Divine, our spirituality, our peace ARE there in those moments too. 

We have to trust and believe so. 

We have to know that this perceived ‘gap’ between our spiritual experiences, our peace and our physical every day experiences is not really a gap. There is no gap. There is just our minds, our selves that want things to be different. THINK things should be different. We are so often in struggle with what is – which then just pulls us away from peace and our Divine and our spirituality. 

There is also this –

My amazing friend, Selina Maitreya, said this to me once when I was describing this very thing to her (over five years ago – this has been a common theme for me – this gap – since 2007)

“Adrienne, our spiritual experiences are very light. But our bodies are dense. So it can take time for the spiritual experiences to seep into our physical bodies and make a home there.”

I am paraphrasing a bit, so I am hoping Selina will comment somewhere to tidy that up. And if you want more Selina (and you should!!) she does a weekly teleclass that is not to be missed. Click here for more info. 

So that is part of it – knowing our physical, dense and VERY human experiences can feel so different from our spiritual experiences. I think just knowing that can put things in perspective. 

And here are some other things I think can help (I don’t have it all figured out but wanted to share anyway :D).

1. Trust 

~ just blindly fucking trust, that is all.

2. Patience

~ life DOES unfold just as it should so we need to trust and then be patient – this is hard for us humans, no?

3. Notice the ‘fight’

~ are you constantly fighting what is? just notice and see what happens. do not fight the fight, spend more time ‘being’ – yup, another doozy for us humans.

4. Connect, connect, connect

~ spend some time connecting with your own personal Divine, spend some time in nature, spend some time in quiet. 

5. Know and believe

~ know that we ARE having spiritual experiences every day, all day. there is not actually a gap, it is pretty much a perceived gap. believe that there is so much wonder and true awesomeness in our every day experiences. 

6. Enjoy the ride!

~ it is a guaranteed FACT that life is going to give us ALL kinds of interesting experiences. the more we fight what is, the way more  fucking harder it all is to get through the day. strap in and throw your hands in the air and yell ‘WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!’

7. Have your experiences

~ just have them. cry, yell, laugh, punch something. get upset, get frustrated, be sad. we are humans, this is what happens. and that is ok and all good. truly having experiences, processing them and letting it go is how we feel better in general and closer to our spirituality.

What about you?

Do you feel or notice this gap?

Have any other suggestions for ‘closing’ it a bit more?

I’d love to hear!!

Leave a comment or head over to my Facebook page to leave a comment there on this post. 



PS So yesterday, after a fair bit of fighting what was, my day actually went well. I had a little coffee. My husband took our girl’s to a friend’s birthday party and I cranked up the disco, listening to this song and this song 100 times while I cleaned the bathroom. All was well. 


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