21-day No-Complaint Experiment – you in?

I have already complained today.

I have a nasty eye rash and it is certainly complain-worthy.

iz so purdy with my puffy rashy eyes
iz so purdy with my puffy rashy eyes







But when you think about it…FUCK! What isn’t complain-worthy???

The weather.

Your job.

Stoopit Facebook.

People’s stoopit Facebook posts (not mine, of course ;)).


Your rash.

My rash.

An achin’ back!

Your sister.

Your diet.

Your lack of diet.

My pant size.

Oh yeah, I could go on and on.

And the brain/mind/whatever seems to really enjoy this path of bitchin’ and complainin’.


I have no idea. I should ask a neuro-psych person, shouldn’t I!! If you know one, pass this on to them and ask them to esplain this in the comments!! (thanks!!)


I have been noticing my complaining mind and whaddaya know, I came across this post from Tim Ferris.

A 21-day no-complain experiment!!

I’m in!

But can I really do it?

Hmmmm…..not sure….

Since I read the post by Tim, I have really been noticing my thoughts.

Holy shit balls I complain a lot.

Most often just in my mind, rambling thoughts of this that or the other that is giving me a rash (literally and figuratively).

On the other hand, I feel extremely grateful and excited about life in general.

So what is the deal with the complaining???

Well, first, we are only human.

I truly believe there needs to be a time and place to bitch and get things off your mind so you can move on.


Are you doing this all the time? Looking to find the ear of anyone that will hear your plight of woe?

Yup. This is what some of us do.

I want more for myself and my life. 

So this speaks to me and I thought it would be fun to gather some folks so we can do it together.

I will be checking in every few days on my Facebook page for accountability and see what’s come up for everyone.

I like Tim’s explanation of complaining and ways to do it and not do it:

“I defined “complaining” for myself as follows: describing an event or person negatively without indicating next steps to fix the problem. I later added the usual 4-letter words and other common profanity as complaint qualifiers, which forced me to reword, thus forcing awareness and more precise thinking.”

Click here to read more and get good examples of what to do and what not to do.

I am going to put a ring on my right hand (I never wear one there so it will be a good reminder). The article suggests wearing a bracelet and switching it AND starting the 21-days all over each time you complain (or inform someone else of their complaining!). You can decide what you want to do with all that. I am just going to be aware and do my best for the next 21 days and see what happens!

In my lil game/experiment, we will track for 21 days and see how we do. I believe what is most important is the NOTICING of the complaining. And how we feel when we do and how we feel when we do not.

Let’s allow for one bitching sesh a day (hey that is a lot!). Sometimes we need to dump. So you are ‘allowed’ to bitch/dump to one person a day with the stipulation that you say ‘I need to dump here but do not let me ramble on.’ Say what you gotta say and then move. on. (i wanted to write: MOVE. THE. FUCK. ON. but i didn’t. oh, wait…)

Notice if you feel you want to complain over and over again in the day about the thing you are complaining about. Notice when you feel you ‘need’ to complain and dump to that person. Are you feeling you need to be heard? Be right? Be a victim? A martyr? Just hear yourself talk? Notice your shit! Notice yourself and how you feel! It is all okay, we are only human but much of this type of stuff is HOLDING US BACK FROM BEING THE SHINY, GOLDEN LIGHT THAT WE ARE HERE TO BE. It is clogging up our thoughts and our energy and it is serving very little purpose.

So I hope this gets ya thinking and doing less complaining and more shining!

If you are in, head on over to my Facebook page and give this post a ‘like’ and feel free to comment and tell us your thoughts on this and what your plan is (bracelet, ring, other). And share this post with friends so they can join in too and be accountable for each other!

I will be checking in for the next 3 weeks (officially Monday March 10th – Monday March 31st) to see how we are all doing and sharing my own experiences.

Signing off into the non-complaining zone!



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