The biggest lesson I have learned in the past year


this is me having no idea
this is me having no idea









That’s it.

And by ‘not knowing what is best’ I do not mean not knowing whether or not things like letting my children play on the highway or doing heroin or showing up naked for work are best or not.

I am not talking about that kind of stuff.

Even thought I have not always had the most common sense (I was a bit of a wild one in the younger days doing shit I hope and PRAY my daughters do not do), I do now, as an adult, have a bit more sense.


In spending most of my life trying to figure out what to do and often moving forward ‘thinking’ I know that this particular thing MUST be the best thing to do, I have come to realize I have NO IDEA what I am doing.




And by that I mean, doing with myself, my life, my purpose, my career. That kind of stuff (which if you have been reading lately, you know is a bit of a theme).

But do any of us know what is best?

I do not know!


I have to admit, it is quite freeing realizing you do not know what is best.

Because then you have nothing else to do but go with the flow.

I heard a great quote recently that said,

‘Arrange the pieces that come your way.’


We do not always have to go after the pieces like a crazy person and holding onto outcome for dear life.

Sure we can move forward, try stuff, make a commitment and totes go for it.

But maybe doing it with more of a peaceful knowing that hey! it may not work out or it may not be best BUT it will get us to whatever it is we need to know/do/have….

Well that is pretty cool, huh?

One of the best ways this lesson played out for me is with food.

I TOTALLY thought I knew what was best.


I do not.

What a relief!

And thank goodness because I have begun to enjoy food and life a whole lot more without all the restrictions and KNOWING of what is best and what is not.

And now?

What has shifted and what am I telling myself now?

You will just have to wait.

There will be a Part II.

And how about you?

What do you think?

Do you know what is best?

Do you THINK you know what is best?

Is this an interesting and freeing thing to ponder?

Tell us!!

Comment in the comment section below or over on my Facebook page.



Adrienne ‘I have no idea what is best’ Martin

i have absolutely NO idea what i am doing here

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